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  1. I don't feel most Corpus weapons would be slow, but throwing knives and bows definitely are to the point +projectile speed is a must have. By the time you would hit a Dargyn or even just a regular ground unit they flip around 5 times and more, changing their directions. Lanka, the projectile speed is just a little slow for a sniper but imo. manageable, could use a small buff to projectile speed but not necessary.
  2. A little offtopic, but in skill based games like WT it's not even necessarily a bad thing. I learned a lot from high lvl players that way back when i was a noob, still having fun f.ex. prophanging low levels, it's part of the learning process and the bonuses elite crews give aren't that big either. Now Warframe co-op is a completely different game where your odds depend much more on the gear you use than your skills. WF pvp is entirely about the exploiting the broken parkour system while spamming full auto meta on small maps, imo. it's completely braindead and not comparable to WT.
  3. The Helminth cyst is basically the Ghastly Gibus of Warframe. You get it on your frame from new frames and you will be marked as a noob while you have it. I don't get why you would want to color it though, it being pink is the most obnoxious and funny at the same time, so it retains its meme value.
  4. Oberon needs a buff... In 'Ancient Magus's Bride'.
  5. Players who use meta exploits with their god rivened weapons while nolifing the game having wet dreams about damage numbers for the 5 minutes they stop playing to apply ice to their eyes.
  6. Sword canes could use normal rapier stances tweaked with some extra cuts and combos for more Slash procs. Why not make it a completely different weapon instead of just a skin?
  7. Maybe Plains and other open world tiles could use a spotting system similar to the Sniper Elite games, with surroundings and shadows taking a part in stealth. Likewise if they can spot your frame's silhouette in the dark, they would still see you so there would be an incentive for a more tactical approach.
  8. 'B-but muh exclusive stuff, there must be pointless restricrions, teaming up and using voicechat with randos to play exactly like without in an easy game that's all about numbers and rng is challenging and those who don't have friends playing Warframe or want to bother recruiting should be nerfed, reeee!'-Don't expect anything more construcive on WF forums op, there's a reason even the devs abandoned it.
  9. How about a sniper mod, like 'frag bullet' or 'shrapnel bullet' or something like that which would turn sniper rifle hits into an AoE similar to an Electric Lanka except with Slash damage, dealing a percentage of the initial damage to the mobs caught in the AoE? As a sniper main, this would fix this problem for me. Currently the spawn rates are broken.
  10. Should be called Honkler, because memes are an important aspect of the Wf community. (or Reb said something along those lines iirc.)
  11. Warframe is like communism. It looks good on paper but after you experience it for a while or know others who experience/d it, you realise it doesn't really work. Also similarly because some people can't have the nice stuff (because they don't want to work for it), no one can have the nice stuff. ...I'm in favor of an endgame btw. if it wasn't obvious, don't make it mandatory, just make it interesting and intensive, add exclusive skins and non-game changing mods (like Peculiar, just without having to use a mod slot)as rewards and as long as it's accessible for those who want to work for them (or even handicap themselves while doing so), it will be fine. Also 'endgame' content should never lose its meaning because of powercreep, it should be both too challenging to be really affected by it and immune to it due to unique game mechanics. (not talking about filler content like sitting on buttons for the win, like in Trials, that's just stupid) Also exclusive weapon sidegrades as rewards wouldn't really hurt either. (you don't see people running around with Braton Vandals f.ex. because it has better statistics, they do it because it looks shiny and better than the other variants, also it used to be rare)
  12. Not going to read everything in the thread, but yes short answer; if you're not looking for anything in particular it's just as good, if you want to increase your chances at finding something valuable, pug or team up, some game modes aren't well designed for solo play either, like Survivals with their LS drain, reactants might also not spawn solo in some game modes or maps.
  13. I've read your title as 'The New War Diarrhea'... Sleeping is overrated and for the weak after all.
  14. If most of your Index enemies wore alloy armor, radiation damage also does some bonus damage modifier against them. Heavy robotics, like Bursas, Razorback, Hyenas and Raptors tend to have alloy armor. Also Corinth does ok damage, you had a minmaxing buffer in your team most likely.
  15. Which frames did they use then? Might have been some broken direct damage dealing frame, like Saryn or Equinox. Also, Toxin or Corrosive modded Torid or other AoE is also likely with a buffer frame, they are often used. Maybe a direct Slash damage-status Tigris or a sniper if it's a single target weapon.
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