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  1. The forum, if you consider that as content. (and that's pretty stale too, with only a few good or fun threads, i could probably check the forums of some of the most ridiculous dead p2w games i ever played and have more fun) Otherwise not really, none i would consider both 'sustainable' and 'for long time players'. (i don't consider timegates and grindwalls upon gearchecks or reskinned old content that's also the above that) You can repeat the same mission over and over if that's your kind of fun, so there is that, i guess. You can also master Harrow and Banshee with difficult to use weapons against a horde of high level enemies or die trying, at least that one thing is still some fun content.
  2. Same reason as yours, except my pc also broke down and i have no motivation to repair it or buy another one.
  3. Primed Broken Ammo Drum is all you need to stand out from the 5 million registered losers and be considered a cool kid.
  4. Bring back Nuclear Gandhi Nyx plox! The old disarms passive was way more useful paired with Psychic Bolts than the new one.
  5. Fissures are inefficient to solo and so are\were many other game modes\farms. (pretty much almost all except sorties and a few other modes with loot given on mission completion) But if you've never been in a seriously, trollishly, horribly slow team before and don't know what i'm talking about, good for you i guess, in those cases it's not worth wasting time and better to just go afk. at extract.
  6. So according to this thread there are people who actually bother to stay in elevators more than they have to, instead of leaving their (i assume)slow teams behind and rushing the extract to go afk and have a better use of their time than possibly waiting for an eternity until a teammate finds all the ayatan stars and loots all crates on the map. I'm seriously bamboozled by this, why would anyone want to willingly go through this torture?
  7. I sometimes do that on Hydron if there's a leecher in the team, basically just waiting to die and the mission to fail. That is if i don't play a troll Nova/Loki that could teleport them out of affinity range instead, which i rarely do.
  8. The moment they get Saryn and use it for the first time, while trying hard not to fall asleep, probably.
  9. Worm sometimes sings during Kuva missions. You mean some kind of character obsessed with something, like the 'Gourmet' from Tokyo Ghoul or more like one of the antagonists in 'Kill La Kill', right?
  10. Hydroid, Banshee, Harrow, maybe even pre-rework Nyx, but the latter was reaching borderline op levels in Survivals, also with survivability through rng dependent disarms with Psychic Bolts spam, rng is hard to balance around, still more balanced than the majority of frames currently. Oberon is also about balanced for Sortie levels.
  11. Someone should make a Plague Inc. scenario out of this. My bet would be on Harrow, people would realise Harrow's kit is so perfect they would have to instantly surrender to praise the crit god.
  12. Depends on which levels you are playing, for how long and against which factions. Speed Nova is only optimal for short 'bite sized' runs. You can replace Rhino with Chroma if your teammates aren't moving around much. Maybe a lootframe for 4.? If you need it. Hydroid is good for defense and armor strip if there is an AoE killing cc'd enemies and a Sonar to highlight if there's any left. Trinity, Harrow, Banshee are good choices for team support all around for most content.
  13. What if my favorite thing about Warframe is that it makes me more negative? The thread title makes no sense.
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