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  1. As much as increased difficulty would be a good thing, we all know this would only further reinforce the stupid and already over-represented aoe-melee meta. Buffing their reaction speed alone would be a good idea for a new game mode though.
  2. Cookie Clicker: Remastered -Space Ninja Orokin Gold Edition
  3. Inb4 DE adds a Cultist Simulator-inspired minigame to the game.
  4. Warframe already has quite a lot of bot players, considering the macro use and Mesa being high on the usage stats.
  5. Grendel is a dank meme and knows how to praise the Sun: Inaros is just a normie frame.
  6. Rubico, really? Do you see this in Hydron? I see a lot more aoe spam than i'm comfortable with, still. I have a hard time believing kitguns, gated behind an excessive syndicate grind that is basically a recycled version of PoE and an unfun gem farm would be that widely used, i'm MR26 and still don't have a single one, don't need one either, Lex Prime, Euphona Prime and Akstilettos are great.
  7. It's been suggested before several times. Adding other focus schools some ways to gain energy would help balancing them out. Adding the effects of the Rage/Hunter Adrenaline mods as an innate passive to Unairu. Finishers give energy while using the Naramon school. Energy scaling on damage dealt, kills and headshots with Madurai.(this would be harder to balance out, so the base energy gain should be small, exceptions could be added by adding another system giving better or worse amounts) Vazarin gives energy on support given to allies and enemies held in cc. (the amount depending on the type of cc, amount of heals, support etc.) Something like this would be a good start, no need to go overboard with the amounts of energy given, just leave this as an alternative to the immense amounts of energy Zenurik gives.
  8. The Mandalorian was really good and so was The Clone Wars, both created by Disney but directed by different people from the sequels, the two former are closer to Lucas's vision and The Clone Wars was directed by Dave Filoni, someone who seems like a true fan and actually knows what made Star Wars great.
  9. Venus was changed from its current state by terraforming, the rest is explained in Warframe with something along the lines of 'void magic, lol', it's sci-fi after all.
  10. Pretty sure if DE used these planet names for other planets, they would have added something to them for distinction, like Earth Sol or New Earth similarly to Tau Ceti E/F which contains the name of the solar system they are located. Everything is so similar it just seems unlikely they are different planets and iirc. lore fragments imply they are the same planets, changed over time. (can't find those though, i think they might be in the codex iirc., i'm not much of a lore guru)
  11. The meta just shifts to Arcane Trickery and Ultimatum then and becomes more finisher-focused. Naramon might actually become more relevant than Zenurik as it offers a better damage output than most frames. I guess i will do some testing in Steel Path Mot sometime to see if Mesa/Valkyr/Trinity can survive with multiple layers of damage resistance, abilities, Adaptation and armor from Ultimatum, but shield gating already made it easier to survive even with squishier casters. Mot was already oneshot territory, so not much might have changed beside enemy tankiness.
  12. The planet names might be a clue? Idk.
  13. I guess several people probably predicted it for this year, with some trying to revive the mayan calendar meme. I lost count.
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