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  1. Imo. the 'purpose' here (for long time players)are the little side content they add from time to time. I f.ex. liked when they added the Shawzins, only problem-they didn't expand on it and it's just there when they could be used to create a synergy with Octavia and give buffs to teammates when used manually so everyone would have a reason to learn to use them. But DE wants this to just be a 'casual game' and nothing deeper than that, so as long as they lack direction in its development, i don't think it's changing. The game is simply not meant to be fun in the long run.
  2. My favorite rock is Barock Ki-Teer. (i didn't say this in order to get him to bring something that isn't trash)
  3. If you want to know in detail, basically what others said; wiki and codex (Helios is useful for completing that, but it doesn't scan everything)so you can minmax for certain enemy types/bossfights. For generalist builds, Viral on high fire rate Status weapons and Radiation for everything else will do fine most often. (unless the weapon in question is trash or the mob has status immunity) At least that's what i use most often. Corrosive has been nerfed, but is still fine as a damage type against Grineer and Infested. Slash is also meta when paired with high status and high damage (Slash procs bypass armor and crit headshots amplify the damage further),the damage type itself is generally useful against enemies without resistances.
  4. Reasons could include: -Trolling -Connection issues -Just a selfish player who missed the Solo matchmaking option -Something entirely different -Idk. someone possessed by Sheogorath's Wabbajack/Cthulhu -Someone from the Ministry of Silly Walks focusing on trying to walk in a silly way instead of being fast and efficient -'They come to this place when they know they aren't pure, but i Vor will teach these trespassers!' -A Speed Volt bumping into walls
  5. Sadly as long as direct player to player trades exist, this behavior will as well. Some people really have no clue how the free market works, some are simply A******s trying to claim a moral high ground in a game of exchange where information is a currency. If they go over the top at it, which they sometimes probably sometimes will you can report them, otherwise it's best to just ignore them and not give them the satisfaction of being bothered by them, nobodies like that are the most hurt when you treat them as such-like thin air. When you're using Trade chat, it's best to expect this every time so you won't be disappointed, treat people like they are bots in some trading sim game and if they are nice to you treat them according to that but stay suspicious. And remember; People come and go in this type of game, demand is unlimited for truly rare items (such as some better rivens)so don't let anyone influence or bully you into lowering your prices unless you see it as sensible, people buying those at high prices are a niche group of players and if your items are really worth their price, they will buy them sooner or later if you bother to keep trading. (will certainly take a while with high value items regardless, unless you underprice them) Yeah, WF-s Riven Market would be probably the best way to go about high price rivens. Personally, my biggest sales on trade chat were from responding to fix price WTB offers but you will rarely see those for a specific riven, everyone seems to use those sites for that.
  6. Revenant, Khora, Mesa for easy mode and easy points. Sonar Banshee for peak efficiency. I guess Winroar Rhino Lannister (see that gold colored Iron Skin? :D), Defy Wukong (Wifikong?), Sleep Equinox, Terminator Nyx and Optavia would also be effective. I don't want to mention Zephyr, because that amount of OP would be too cheesy.
  7. And i got Star Wars vibes from this; podracing, Krayt dragons hunting for Sarlaccs. What if the temple would be part of the open world map? It would look really nice, especially if this (and the one in the Inaros quest)would be remade into a gigantic Necropolis. The sky worshippers could also be maybe reanimated, there could even be some ironic twist in the story that kept their bodies preserved. (this could reference Osiris f.ex.) Several cultures had sky gods; Horus, Zeus, Tengri, and gods related to the sky; Quetzalcoatl (also related to gold, could be referenced for Orokin engineering, Chroma, etc. and as a god associated with vegetation and rains it could also explain the presence of a habitable Oasis-or something about Vome-Fass on Venus) Serpents are also present in all of these cultures's mythology, so hunting these worms/serpents would also be something that could refer to these, DE loves references.
  8. I don't know what you're doing that gets you killed, but every time i bring Mesa to a Steel Path mission the frame tanks everything and Acolytes just melt in seconds. Adaptation, Decaying key (not an exploit, it's a legit tactic), high fire rate Peacemakers. (status build, but it probably doesn't matter much in this case) Mesa is just too broken to die as long as you're not sleeping and is more useful than Inaros. (but i wouldn't advise for using Mesa frequently beside fast Acolyte grinds because the frame promotes bad habits)
  9. I made something similar back when i was still playing Eidolon content but without any survivability mods. You could experiment with Dragon keys, Adaptation, Quick Thinking and abusing the shield recharge with items that give overshields or maybe Rolling Guard now. (but limit it to a single mod slot if you can) Another thing you could maybe do for survivability is either using Volt with Unairu (yes, Volt with Unairu, but only do this if you're in a squad otherwise Zenurik and Madurai are better)for the team invis and stay in operator while your team does the rest or subsume something useful for Volt in place of Discharge. (like Quiver, Eclipse, Null Star, Dispensary, Roar, Defy, etc.)
  10. Nothing specific anymore, you answered your own question, jack of all trades frame. Used to be a really survivable frame at any level with the disarming passive, but that's the past.
  11. Another low-key nerf Banshee thread, but the op-ness of Zephyr continues to go ignored, sad. Zephyr turns the game into an idle clicker for new players and prevents any pro player™ from getting kills.
  12. Especially because there's nothing to justify the restrictions in the first place
  13. It sounds like either Mutalist Cernos, Stug or something else Infested themed with a multishot riven.
  14. If there really has to be an alternative VA, i would only accept that if that was Nic Cage making a vampiric expression and cannibalizing Ordis-Fake Lotus, Otak/Loid, Little Duck, the Vent kids and that guy who puts up those countdown timers in the Relays despite the auto-drain, all in a cinematic quest. He could also torture Baro in order to get him to bring better stuff next time. Reb likes vampires, so this is objectively the most appropriate choice when it comes to voice actors and this behavior would be in character, let's say Lotus was turned into a vampire by Grineer Ghouls with the use of the two types of Kuva which drove her mad, she also lost her ability to turn into her sentient form. This could help to expand on the Naberus lore and maybe give a different perspective on the New War quest and also some lore for Revenant Prime.
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