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  1. I don't see anything weird in that considering people all around the world in history have committed murder for what they considered beautiful or lovely and a realistic worldview is bound to make you somewhat bitter, if anything not being bitter would be a sign of being a socio/psychopath.
  2. Banshee is the best tank, they can't kill you if they are dead, git gud and don't be skrub. *MLG air horns sound in the distance* Harrow with Lasting Covenant, Limbo. Also Baro got some thicc skin, i'm sure he would have some tanky stats if he was a playable frame.
  3. The whip could use some more base range but it's fun, Venari can be useful and makes the frame a budget Nidus with the regen, otherwise the frame is overall mediocre with the two other abilities and its usefulness compared to other more specialised frames taken into consideration. But it doesn't take that much effort that it wouldn't worth the 10k mastery, you still get relics which will be vaulted at some point.
  4. kgabor

    who is Nora Night?

    No, u!
  5. kgabor

    Mithra (void)

    It's not that bad, sure Energy Shell and Repel are its only really useful abilities (while the flares also have their niche use), but it's the only archwing that can augment your damage and Repel is a good cc ability and panic button in case you get outflanked. Overall it's a good archwing for higher levels if you invest in its prime variant. Vectis and Trinity are really good, it's worth to invest in them, with Link-Bless you keep your energy up using EV and you can't die until mobs scale to ridiculous levels, you can use your excess energy to channel with your melee for extra damage and Abating Link debuffs armor for three targets. Would be worth to get a whip, polearm or Galatine, i use Secura Lecta and Galatine P usually, but a barely modded Atterax can wreck Star chart trash mobs just as well. As for secondary, you will soon farm Lex P passively if you keep doing fissures, there will be better ones later on, like Euphona but it's a solid weapon and it's never vaulted afaik.. But it's not a rush, you can take your time farming primes and regular frames like Harrow or Ivara that can help, it's just better to beat the Star chart so you won't miss out on special alerts and Acolytes or fissures.
  6. kgabor

    Mithra (void)

    Depends, since OP has a limited arsenal right now, unlocking the Star chart means unlocking additional fissure missions which means faster progression long term. Some frames can trivialize these missions regardless anyways so it only depends on how fast OP wants to progress and for how much effort to learn all those frames asap. or not. (but even just base Loki+Atterax should be enough, plus the default base Odonata archwing to finish the Star chart)
  7. kgabor

    Simple must have weapon list

    Definitely get Vectis P/Lanka, Euphona Prime and Rakta Dark Dagger(also Opticor if you play Harrow), all god tier weapons and really fun to use besides being good looking. You will sooner or later passively farm Orthos P anyways, which is good enough for Meme Strike builds, but there are better crit focused weapons for that. (if you can afford a Plague Zaw staff and have the arcanes for it, you got a better Meme Strike weapon which can also stunlock and debuff with Viral procs, perfect for trash mob clearing with a Sonar-Savage Banshee) Tigris P is also considered a good weapon, but imo. the duplex trigger fire mode is annoying and i find snipers better anyways, you can kill much more much faster with your Vectis by the time you reload your Tigris. But like others said, pick what you like, you can make almost any weapon viable. Certain frames can also make niche weapons viable or broken even, frames like Slow Nova, Banshee and Harrow have some interesting synergies with some of the weapons.
  8. kgabor

    Mithra (void)

    So currently what frames do you have? You can build Rhino for survivability, range, strength and some duration and roflStomp literally while in Iron Skin, it's one of the easiest frames. (build some energy pads too) You only have to survive for 5 mins in Mot and Mithra(Interception?) doesn't take too long either, you need some strong cc at the first point from spawn and all you need to do is cap all and check them, if something gets close you can just use Stomp and kill them. Which weapons do you use? Imo. you should start farming for primes in fissures, but the Star chart can be completed even with regular frames and mods and without Orokin R/C or Forma spent.
  9. kgabor

    Banshee's silence

    With a proper cc in form of a longer stun, Banshee could trivialize any content without effort pushing the frame to the broken category. Currently with the duration being minimal it's just short enough to leave the ability skill oriented yet useful when used right either with a melee or ranged weapon. (though more tricky to make it somewhat viable with a ranged weapon, it also extends Banshee's passive into a team wide buff, so noobs around Banshee can't mess up Rescue and Spy missions as easily as without) I would only like Sound Quake to be changed for an exalted sniper and Sonic Boom made an one handed cast, my Banshee does great with around 175-145% range (depending on build)and augments as is. Knowing DE tho, i rather wouldn't want them to touch Banshee at all or we might end up with another useless frame for years.
  10. kgabor

    What happens to the Kubrows that are consigned to Lotus

    Turned to infested chargers to help destabilizing the solar system before the sentient invasion. So probably directly adopted to Lephantis or another hivemind.
  11. kgabor

    Valentine's day

    Lephantis is too thicc.
  12. kgabor

    Happy Valentine's day! (Nezha trap)

    Noice. (Inb4 you get Vaubanned for trapping)
  13. The 'new shiny' can get stale fast if there is nothing interesting about them or if it's simply another powercreeped meta item with nothing but overpoweredness, which is how my Saryn and Mesa landed in the hypothetical dumpster to catch dust. I main Banshee, Harrow and Trinity because i find them the most fun, interesting and rewarding the way i built them while also being some of my best looking frames. If a frame improves your situational awareness, aim or simply makes you think a bit more than mindlessly mashing a few buttons just to figure out a possibly viable synergy, then imo. that frame is better than the others. New shiny items with forgettable random gimmicks won't do for long, especially if their whole concept isn't interesting for me to begin with and we didn't get anything that i find particularly interesting ever since Harrow beyond maybe Limbo's, Destreza's or Rubico's upgrade and those are only upgrades of already existing weapons. (been waiting for them, but still)
  14. kgabor

    End game help

    That's pretty much it for most content, at least for meta slaves. A skilled support can outperform a full team of AoE dps if the person took the time to master all the frame's synergies. It usually doesn't matter though as the game is easy and very forgiving to the meta when it comes to powernerfing the most broken items in the game, but individual skills will always be able to beat raw stats as long as there is a way and the stats aren't skewed to the point it's impossible, which isn't the case here. Granted, Mesa, Saryn, Volt, Equinox and other overtuned press 4. to win frames will at some point get their nerfs at some point, but the skills you gain with other frames will stay with you forever and not falling asleep while playing can be advantageous also. And no one said there is a rule stating you can't outdps/outkill dedicated 'dps' frames with the right synergies and weapon combinations while also carrying with a support (Harrow was designed to do exactly that), it's just that most content in this game is so easy, it doesn't take more than choosing the frame that can trivialize it.
  15. kgabor

    Who is your favorite character in all of warframe

    Monologue God, obviously, aka. Corrupted Vor.