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  1. It would be nice if Kaszás could be used in missions outside of AW.
  2. The ones i watched occasionally either got kind of bored of the game like me and stopped uploading or just stagnated because Warframe content isn't that deeply diverse after you've played it for a while. The popular WF YT-ers, sometimes checked them for the lolz when they got recommended on YT or when people complained about them on the forum and that's about it. Sometimes i check builds that i usually already have figured out, so i watch Relentless Zen, Leyzar, Ashisogi and some others, rarely. Not much reason to look for Op builds in a game where currently almost everything is Op by default.
  3. A ritual recreating an anime scene with drunk Kela and Miku Octavia. But who wouldn't rather romance the broken-intact spine than a Kuva Lich? But points 1-3 are legit, everything that adds (optional)difficulty is a good addition for this game.
  4. I don't think this would solve anything, beside making a niche mod entirely pointless. Self damage simply needs to make a comeback, or the damage dealt by AOE needs to be readjusted so that they would take a certain frame-weapon combination to be used effectively, or both.
  5. Looks like a frog wearing one of Limbo's alternate helmets. If you thought Ratels weren't trollish enough.
  6. Hw 2 b a nenja in Wurfrem: 1. Bekom a furmer 2. Selekt Usher 3. Ekvip Kama 4. Stulth kill npc-s 5. Realize it's a waste of time and the meta with the small overcrowded maps doesn't even let you do this most of the time and when it does, it's too easy 6. 2 easy, so abvieouesli you're a mustur speis ninja now 7. Enstant dupamin, Grufit
  7. I'm not a fan of exclusive skins in general, but releasing more skins for the platform relevant to the platform like the Nvidia ones sounds good to me. No hurt in that, War Thunder also has an Nvidia decal.
  8. If the frame also had a mechanic, like an ability or a passive to speed up the process of gaining higher combo counts. Ash kind of already does this, with 4.-s augment multiplying the combos and Bladestorm scaling off of combos. (except it doesn't drain your combos)
  9. It will be Grendel Prime. You will have to run Steel path fissure missions with no mods, all Dragon keys, with one hand, eyes closed in a gimp suit while being forced to listen to Justin Bieber's music.
  10. Gara Prime. Also that double Nekro...Prime.
  11. Dr. Dingus is the best one that comes to mind for me atm..
  12. In 2100, the actual Vay Hek will ban Warframe for all the oxygen jokes. Excalibur Prime will be a topic of legends, referred to as an elegant mr fodder from a more civilised age in old nerdic storage devices found by Vor.
  13. It will be released under a different name,; PlayerUnum Battlegrounds.
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