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  1. I would rather like if Sound Quake was changed to a better, synergizing ability like an exalted sniper that triggers a short invis on headshots/hitting weakspots similar to Arcane Trickery and Skiajati on finishers. (but for a little more effort) Old Sound Quake with Resonating Quake was good for effortless focus farms, but it was never a fun ability and neither is it fun or really useful right now.
  2. +1 Found this weapon really underwhelming for the price Baro sold it, instantly sold it at max rank and i'm hoping my riven for it will at least worth more than its endo value some time because even it occupying a riven slot is a waste currently.
  3. Avalanche Frost can get most damage easily afaik. with 2 dps frames with bad builds, or no LoS in Mesa's case on small maps. Maybe they were also leveling? Undergeared people often queue up for 'endgame' activities, that's nothing new. But the game is becoming increasingly casualized, so i wouldn't be surprised about anything like that.
  4. A lot of people seem to prefer Corrosive Projection, which seems to overshadow this aura especially because it has the same mod polarity. (plus the nuke everything meta) It's an underrated aura really, i use it for regular gameplay on most of my frames with a Naramon aura polarity, even better on Ivara with stacked radar mods and companion radar mods.
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