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  1. Might have mixed that up with another low MR test then. Probably the MR 10 one.
  2. Good idea, we should get the option to torture them instead. :3
  3. This test was annoying, i remember being stuck with that for months not even willing to give it another try when i was a noob, but have you tried using Titania? It's still annoying, but less so while flying. Mod Dex Pixia for fire rate, not sure if the Razorwing Blitz augment would work with the orbs, i guess it doesn't, but you could also give that a try. All you need in this test is speed.
  4. Rakta Cernos is just one MR away. Until then Paris Prime with the Bhisaj-Bal augment or Dread should be fine. Harrow also has a sinergy with weapons such as the Daikyu, Opticor and the Nukor as their fire rates/crit rates can be buffed which is what they need the most.
  5. That's a good way to introduce Infested modular weapons from a lore perspective. But i would also like to get an option to feed operators, Lotus, Hay Kiddo, Little *uck, Ordis, Stalker, Zanuka, Skrubstrag Tire (got all the drops long ago, they're useless to me)and some others into Helminth.
  6. Frost can do that with an Avalanche build, augment, high strength, some range, Adaptation.(the ice armor from the augment is affected by Adaptation, so it's even tankier) Trinity can do most of these but can't nuke without a weapon, good for melee though and makes any team invincible by abusing the shieldgating mechanic with the Vampire Leech augment or Blessing. You need Adaptation and three Umbrals for Mesa for top performance and some tankiness, also a good build for Regulators with crits, fire rate and Viral status. Keep one finger on the 3 button for Shatter Shield if you'r
  7. It's good, but it could be better. Ideally you would want to have Viral, Heat, Slash and Toxin on your weapons. Maybe Cold too for cc, not sure about Blast, i have a Blast Ignis Wraith which was decent, but iirc. Blast was nerfed at some point and i didn't use it in a while. Toxin would be the least complicated in Kuva Nukor's case if you need it to be all around good. Or Cold if you want to make it the ultimate cc weapon for high levels. I would mod it for Radiation-Viral and hope putting Primed Heated Charge wouldn't mess up my elementals because of my mod distributi
  8. I don't think either Spore Saryn, Aimbot Mesa, Heath Ledgermain Mirage or Afk Octavia will get the nerfbat anytime soon, but they would deserve it.
  9. The real search results are the memes we make along the way.
  10. This is especially annoying in solo. But being matched with unskilled pugs can also leave you with less reactants than needed.
  11. Didn't those parts drop from invasions? Meanwhile built Vipers are sold by Baro iirc.. I think you need the parts, not the built Vipers.
  12. The Lich who drinks his Kuva shaken, not stirred.
  13. I don't see much reason to use Valkyr over any other frame, honestly. Used to play her a lot in sorties back when i was a complete newb though. For Arbitration farming, i find Frost, Trinity, Mesa, Nidus, Khora and co. to be overall better, or Banshee/Harrow when i want to challenge myself a bit more than two button presses to win, but i still use Valkyr with the Eternal War build from time to time just for fun when i'm not in the mood for something else.
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