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  1. Dr. Dingus is the best one that comes to mind for me atm..
  2. In 2100, the actual Vay Hek will ban Warframe for all the oxygen jokes. Excalibur Prime will be a topic of legends, referred to as an elegant mr fodder from a more civilised age in old nerdic storage devices found by Vor.
  3. It will be released under a different name,; PlayerUnum Battlegrounds.
  4. Where other men blindly follow the loot, remember, nothing except Grendel is sure to drop. Where other men are limited by the meta, remember, everything can be cheesed. Our work is to grind some nerfed loot. We are assumed to be Neets.
  5. That sounds like some of the...bounties on the open world tiles. They usually start out with an intel gathering mission and end with an assassination. They are not very complex though, but some of the ones on Venus are actually something that includes stealth and other elements of what you would expect to resemble an 'intel gathering' or 'spyiing' mission as opposed to just sitting on timers like a mobile game, like the majority of these types of the Earth bounties. (they were the original first bounties though, so that is something to be expected)
  6. Dying to Saryn nuke farts must be a really horrible, embarassing and unoriginal way to die.
  7. It's ok, but you should have stolen their memes instead and blackmail them for chocolate if they want to see them again. That would have been a more fun way to go about it.
  8. It's short for 'Join in progress'. Sry for the late reply, i don't check the forum every day these days.
  9. Good idea, but why stop here when this could be just one of the options for custom matches? 4 player spawn rates for all modes, JIP in endless, etc..
  10. You can still deal absurd damage with it hitting Sonar weakspots. (last i checked, that was a while ago) It has those weird misfires for a while now where shots just don't do anything, kind of how 'sparks' happen in War Thunder, this is purely caused by a bug in Arca Plasmors's case though and not by a feature or lag.
  11. Seeing how this thread went, i'd say Nekros.
  12. 15 Endo. It's my favorite rotation reward that always brings a big smile on my face every time i get it. -Said no one ever.
  13. It's foreshadowing. Expect Ancient Pedestals and other decorations to take over as Nightwave rank up rewards, because too many people complained they reach the highest rank too quick.
  14. I think it should normalise at around 2 or 3 dispo after a while. Yeah, it's safe to say these rivens will probably never sell for a decent price, i'll just keep mine , i like Tenora anyways.
  15. Either of the others. Personally i find Primed Fury to be more useful (you don't have to rely on Berserker in case you're using weapons with low crit stats), but Primed Shred can also be useful on weapons with no innate punchthrough.
  16. Shields barely absorb any damage, which is part of why shield gating was implemented. That's how they made shields useful. Armor and health is the only effective combination of stats to use for facetanking, but even that falls off at higher levels. Shields would have next to no use at about Sortie tiers (Sortie 3)of gameplay and above. You can notice this if you play frames like Harrow in a higher level Sortie, you will have to rely more on your shieldgating and invulnerability phases by using Covenant than your shields.
  17. Basically just an invulnerability period after your shields are depleted. It lasts for about a second or two and functions similarly to the Rolling Guard mod. It resets after your shields are restored, less shields are restored faster, obviously and the mods that speed up shield regen helps too afaik., but i haven't tried those. Decaying Dragon keys can help to reduce shields also.
  18. It also kind of softcaps you when you're watching deadend rant threads which can usually go in circles for hundreds of pages. No rep to be given to either side in given argument, no point in checking it after reaching the limit. Unless you reply to it, which is potentially even more of a waste of time if you actually care about checking the replies and possibly waste even more time by getting into long pointless arguing. It's like the 'You have been playing for over an hour' message spam, except it actually works, unless walls of text are your kind of fun. Less involvement
  19. I would like the gun from Portal. The Morningstar whip from the Castlevania anime, could be even better as a dual whip as Wf doesn't have any currently.
  20. Shields are pretty pointless in general. The less you have, the better (except for Chroma)as it resets the invulnerability timer faster for shieldgating. And health without armor is pointless as well, you either build a frame to be able to take hits or you don't, in Wf there's no inbetween, considering the oneshots at higher levels. One mod space is rarely enough to make it work, unless it's something with a built in dr, like Mesa or infinite energy on top of shieldgating, like Limbo which can get by with a single Quick Thinking mod. Or just an invis frame built for duratio
  21. You're better off with an Umbral Vitality-Umbral Fiber-Adaptation combo. If you need it for Chroma, it might be useful, but there are better mods to be used on Chroma overall than stacking another EHP mod on top of the others. Plus Rakta Dark Dagger and EV Trinity with the Vampire Leech augment can give Chroma overshields which should be just as good for the buffs afaik..
  22. Maybe try some similarly grindy games? I would recommed Diablo and War Thunder, or some of Paradox's grand strategy titles. I'm not planning to reach MR30 anytime soon either, this game is too casual to keep me interested for extended periods of time so i will check back in probably a year or so, maybe.
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