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  1. Another low-key nerf Banshee thread, but the op-ness of Zephyr continues to go ignored, sad. Zephyr turns the game into an idle clicker for new players and prevents any pro player™ from getting kills.
  2. Especially because there's nothing to justify the restrictions in the first place
  3. It sounds like either Mutalist Cernos, Stug or something else Infested themed with a multishot riven.
  4. If there really has to be an alternative VA, i would only accept that if that was Nic Cage making a vampiric expression and cannibalizing Ordis-Fake Lotus, Otak/Loid, Little Duck, the Vent kids and that guy who puts up those countdown timers in the Relays despite the auto-drain, all in a cinematic quest. He could also torture Baro in order to get him to bring better stuff next time. Reb likes vampires, so this is objectively the most appropriate choice when it comes to voice actors and this behavior would be in character, let's say Lotus was turned into a vampire by Grineer Ghouls with the use of the two types of Kuva which drove her mad, she also lost her ability to turn into her sentient form. This could help to expand on the Naberus lore and maybe give a different perspective on the New War quest and also some lore for Revenant Prime.
  5. So let's say you make a WTB offer for a random item, they do this; I wouldn't be surprised if they wouldn't even know said item's current market price. Otherwise yeah, i sure wouldn't waste time haggling but then again i don't haggle at all unless someone gives a really good offer. PMO makes more sense with rivens though as everyone values rivens differently (dramatically so), it can be a good idea in that case.
  6. Ironically, if you would measure that by the items owned those would be the devs. Press accounts exist.
  7. Because they are attention seeking jerks, it's that simple. If you go by your gut instincts and think someone might be a jerk, they very likely are. Works all the time.
  8. Most needed ones: Nef Anyo smug idle (just Nef Anyo being himself) Konzu hungry idle Vay Hek stop stealing my oxygen emote Vor Speech troll emote/idle
  9. When it comes to mains, both. Otherwise whatever is efficient for the mission, i use it, but i often take an item's looks over its function. It's not like this game was hard anyway, so it barely matters and i tend to skip the gear locked parts of the game where i can't use anything else. At that point, the game would just become something like a job.
  10. Early Lunch. (for Konzu) Don't ask what that is, it's like Schrödinger's Cat and probably doesn't even exist until you see it or until DE animates it. It's like Columbo's wife.
  11. Petition to freeze the afk. timer when there's a Saryn in the team. This would solve your issue. You would still have to test your equipment independently or in the Simulacrum.
  12. If you ran these fissures with pugs, you probably got something else that could be useful. Don't stress it, if you're not in a hurry you can wait and farm it along with Nidus, Gara P is just a variant with slightly better stats and a better skin not even one of the top frames in terms of usability/usefulness. Both Limbo and Khora are better defense frames and require less investment to fit a DPS meta.
  13. Euphona and Kulstar are the ones i used the most, Lex is also good. Bronco and Zakti for finishers. Maybe you will also like the Knell.
  14. I only use Dethcube out of all mentioned because of Energy Generator. If a weapon needs Carrier to become usable with a sustainable ammo-economy, then that weapon is trash imo.. Helios, i would only use it if there's something new worth scanning, otherwise Smeeta or Adarza it is.
  15. Vengeful Revenant, Tempo Royale for their mobility. Stalking Fan is the one i normally use for scythes, but the Impact combos hurt the dps of the weapons, the other stance Reaping Spiral is just so slow-slow as in immobile, i would still put this in the least favorite category. I like all the stances for Nikanas and usually use Decisive Judgement for its visuals (because it looks more...professional)and because that's what i got used to. Gunblades, iirc. the default one can be used for just shooting without interruptions (and without having to break combo), other than that i use High Noon. Generally, whatever fits the polarity and isn't too impractical, most stances are pretty bad overall.
  16. Maybe they still want their sides to win, but on their own terms. F.ex. if we suddenly started supporting Tyl Regor to take over the Grineer Empire and make it more 'humane', he would still be suspicious of the Tenno and their motives and would remain loyal only to his Tubemen. (but i could also give a currently relevant irl. example of these attempts going wrong exactly the same way, but it wouldn't go well in these Forums) We can't even trust the Lotus's intentions, who used to be the leading figure of our sort of Tenno PMC Junta/mercenary/pirate group. For all that could be speculated, everything the Tenno did until now is done to preserve the War between the participants until the New War starts, so that the Sentients can fight a weakened and divided enemy, with all the intelligence work also done for them by the Tenno. So why would they trust either us or each other? There's always a chance of someone going rogue in any of these factions, everyone has different interests first and foremost.
  17. Only reasons you would want to use Rift Surge is when you're playing a high level mission, you can prevent oneshots before your Banish/Cata ends by hitting them with Rift Surge, this also puts others in the Rift previously outside the influence of the Banishes/Cataclysm. Other than that the Rift Torrent augment to buff your damage, since Limbo-s energy is almost endless you get both free invincibility in the Rift and a practically free dps buff and almost free cc just by using Limbo. If you would want to go around and kill everything on the map, you would want to use Rift Torrent if for some reason you wanted to farm ESO or something similar with Limbo. The Catabomb build was an older meta exploit that isn't relevant anymore, it used to deal more damage.
  18. Using sniper rifles is still a good way to get infinite energy with the Sharpshooter mod. They can speed up some Sorties with the correct frame combination. But explosive weapons are really just cheap considering the current powercreep, yeah. I never use them, unless it's some boring farm that wouldn't be much less mind numbing if i just used proper weapons, basically it's the lazy choice you would pick when you're so done with the grind you can't even be bothered to aim.
  19. That's what the Tenno are, pretty much. The flavor text of the Mara Detron mentions pirates btw..
  20. If i recall correctly it's only really consistent with full-auto weapons with a minmaxed song, at least that's the only way i made it work when i tried. It's largely redundant though, because Octavia doesn't need or benefit much from weapons beside the odd boss unit that doesn't go down in seconds just using Amp (or a boosted Amp)and Mallet. The Invis is the only real reason why you would want to use Metronome, the buffs are often just rather inconsistent side benefits that you could better achieve with proper modding on your weapons or a different ability, unless you go full meta with high fire rate, melee/gunblade spam, etc., even then. As for Invis, you can trigger it just by spamming when minmaxed, you can even keep it and the melee buff active with just spin2win.
  21. This reminds me of a variety of things including that old meme with the barcode haircut, Zorg and a certain Austrian painter.
  22. Because i'm going to change my name to no one.
  23. Interestingly, the Prime version can use the Deluxe Regulator skin. That's the only reason why i don't consider buying the Deluxe for plat a waste since the Prime. (which is just a better, more detailed Deluxe) The Deluxe variants look much better. But as for the regular variant default, it would make sense to make it compatible when all the other variants already are.
  24. Well, no reason to think this would be the case. Also you got your priorities straight if you would find this of all things depressing. :D
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