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  1. Now i imagined 'Sweet Dreams', but with Salad dissecting warframes instead of the original clip. Not that much of a stretch.
  2. The only changes i would make is building Sonic Fracture into Sonic Boom, increasing Sonic Boom's base cast range a bit, make Sonar weakspots slowly float up to heads (would take 10-15 sec or so), change Silence's range to be adjustable indepently with a slider and build Savage Silence into the base ability, replace Sound Quake entirely with an exalted sniper. Imo. that's all Banshee needs, we could make Sonic Boom a true one handed cast, but imo. it wouldn't be game changing, i could personally live without that.
  3. 'A weapon to surpass Metal Gear.'
  4. Regarding Nullifiers, if only their drones wouldn't glitch into textures or simply not spawn at all, they would be perfect.
  5. That's interesting, never heard of it before.
  6. 'It's coarse and rough and it gets everywhere.'
  7. Tbh. the first time i seen your op i thought i was just missing something since i never heard the term 'nutshell' in that context (esp. since english is not my native language), but the way you misunderstood these video titles makes it clear you're misusing the word. If you would do a quick search on the term, you would probably mostly find 'simplified' or 'xy lore in z minutes' type of videos, a lot of which wouldn't have anything to do with video games. It's confirmation bias, you probably seen the term the first time in this context.
  8. And passively gaining plats and arcanes, being able to rework teammates's kits on the fly while playing too.
  9. What if we find Preston from Fallout? 'Another settlement needs your help, i'll mark it on your map!'
  10. You wrote Banshee wrong. Dead enemies are not an option around squishframe, they are a requirement.
  11. It's a plat sink, just like cosmetics and the trade tax. It's meant to take plats out the circulation to incentivise plat purchases. It's not like it would be hard to farm said plats by trading, they aren't really expensive and you don't have to keep all frames and weapons other than primes.
  12. This game mode needs a hardcore mode with anti cheese mechanics and limited setups. Then the Kuva drops could scale. But it wouldn't happen because not everyone could do such content, so like always no one can, the game is doomed to stay boring and unchallenging with the current mindset regarding development.
  13. Dunno, some people playing these games are masochists who enjoy suffering. On the other hand, people who shell out money just to win usually don't enjoy said game much, but are still led by the devs by their nose to keep being milked because they are addicted to winning under unfair conditions and without improving themselves. Not sure which players are the losers there. (talking about p2w 'competitive' games)
  14. There is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic if you have not played it already, Jedi Academy, Jedi Outcast and the first two original Battlefront games are good too, The Force Unleashed etc.. Warhammer games also, SW:Empire at War but it's a different genre. All older games, i don't have much hope for the game industry either these days.
  15. Usually, 'veteran' means someone who both played a great amount of time, therefore experienced and played the game for years in video games. There is a misconception in the WF community about that, where they use it synonimously to closed beta, in reality both most of them and the above mentioned players fit this criteria. I wouldn't call someone who played closed beta and not since, without any experience, neither someone with hundreds of hours played who just started a while ago and played only new content a veteran either.
  16. Ordis spam +1 Salt Endo drops +1 Salt Speed spam Volt/Troll Limbo +1 Salt Subpar riven roll +2 Salt Baro visit +3 Salt Riven nerf +5 Salt/riven Weapon nerf +/- 7 Salt Warframe nerf +/- 20 Salt
  17. There's almost always a new cosmetic in Baro's inventory which i buy for completionism. I'm still salty though.
  18. Well, at least you helped DE put that plat out of circulation, which means someone has to pay for said plat, which means they can put that money into development.
  19. I usually still do that, much more fun that way, at least for me.
  20. 'Let's all take a moment to bash Destiny while DE takes every chance in every update to attempt to ruin their game' more like. 😄 Praise usually only have negative effects on a game's development, unless it's when you're recommending it to someone, since we're all playing it it would be redundant anyways unless it's in the form of feedback regarding a new game mode or something about to be reworked or just some content in particular and i usually do that in those cases, but in general praising the game? That's a no-no, praise has to be earned. Constructive criticism and competition are good, fanboyism is bad okay? DE has set a good trend in the ftp scene and as a result, Destiny becomes ftp now. Instead of bashing it, it's more productive to observe what they change in Destiny next.
  21. Wouldn't it be stupid if every single mook dropped sniper ammo or ammo for your flamethrower? That's why. We don't need to dumb down the game further just for the sake of dumbing down the game, it's already pretty dumb in many aspects.
  22. That mission. The first time i played it i made it to the ships but just didn't have enough dps to kill them, so i left it until i finished the rest of the Star Chart. 😄 Only really needed good weapon mods when i was farming Atlas, which is when i just slapped a meh Corrosive build on my half modded Grattler because i didn't like the weapon enough to want to spend any Forma or Catalyst on it, but that was enough to finish both missions fast.
  23. You can take them in those missions if you have a working brain and don't spam abilities while being affected by rad procs. (or just know how to avoid them in the first place)
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