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  1. Yeah i think ember would not be bad with shield gateing, should should be re added. Id love to see new guns or melees. The community is growing alot on xb1.
  2. Yes i was not sure about vectis prime but with impact it can still one shot hp to body.
  3. • Telos boltace - to large of a radius and ragdoll effect often causing players to fly outside the map getting stuck. • saryan - passive causes electric damage to bug permanent damage as host, makes some electrical weapons one shot through shield gateing. • tigris prime - 800 damage in conclave... Wat? Easy to head shot one shot from 200 meters or more, its a shot gun... • mire - to much damage for a toxic melee, one shot slams two shot slide attack, ignoring shields. • dark split swords - very fast most powerful dual sword, seems to do heavy sword version a
  4. This is amazing and exactly what new players needed to know, job well done i will show people this video.
  5. Nice work de. There is still an annoying bug with rolling to cancel melee combos. It only allows you to roll the direction of the screen and make you roll into the enemies and get killed whenn trying to roll backwards. Also happens with blocking.
  6. I fell like some simple testing would prevent this stuff. The heavy attack is going up instead of foward like normal without the new skin. There is other issues it feels as well.
  7. The heavy attack is going way up inthe air and not doing normal damage on all blade whips. Please fix.
  8. Posting again here to bump the only thread that really matters here.
  9. If you cant find a game it may be one of 3 reasons. • your game could bugged and you may need to reset. (it happens alot) • you may be trying to play in dumb hours when nobody is on. • the games could be full My clan of 37 on xb1 is fully active in conclave we are on all day every day and thats just one clan. Some people do inv only because of trash players that actually think there good for useing telos boltace, do yourself a favor and dont count your boltace wins because nobody else is going to.
  10. Me and my clan play conclave every day on xb1.. I really feel bad for you kids that will just never be good at it. I have about 37 people in my clan we all play literally every day. Try getting good? We dont allow boltace in our lobbies. So it just needs to go.
  11. There are so many bugs right now and this is one of like 10 that I'm tired of seeing.
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