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  1. Also snipertron is the best. But a 1 shot daikyu is not skill its cheese. Anything that 1 taps is.
  2. Literally all you need. Remove electric procs. Nerf or remove wolf sledge and telos, nerf mire and cerata. Fix the the pve buffs that went to pvp. Vectis prime is supposed to do 109 not 165. Sobek is doing insane damage, Tigris.. most shot guns. And the knockdown bug and block and roll bug. Shield gateing is the only thing holding conclave together until the rest is fixed. All glaves would 1 tap. Most shot guns and melees. Slide attacks do 300% damage. Fix the rest before shield gateing. I dont mide it myself but it lasts to long for conclave.
  3. All pve changes and buffs have been affecting conclave now and alot of the bugs in conclave are also in the core game. The most recent change to throwing melee went to conclave and wolf sledge is now a tracking 2 shot aoe. As bad as when the bramma was in conclave. Electric procs make all electric weapons do 2x damage and is causing a bug with a permanent proc affect. Also in pve. Alot of weapons are doing way more damage in conclave now than originally intended for example. * Tigris prime was doing 144 damage its doing 800 damage in conclave and can one shot people over 2
  4. The sigma is still bugged. First swing does standing melee to any combo.
  5. Im told this bug is affecting pve and pvp stance. In conclave all moves are causing the same attack.
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