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  1. Wow I never knew you could do that. I wish someone at DE would add a mouse icon with two arrows pointing left and right at the bottom center of the screen. I thought it was a fixed camera view like in your railjack. Thanks.
  2. I think you're confusing Orbiter Appearance with Customize Landing Craft.
  3. Whenever I want to change the appearance of my ship interior in Equipment -> Orbiter -> Orbiter Appearance, the camera always faces towards one side of the ship. Could this be changed to where the player camera is currently looking at instead of a hard-coded view? Or maybe move that option into Decorate (with the free moving camera). That would be kinda cool.
  4. I haven't played railjack in a while and when I went to check on my avionics today, I see that most of them were unequipped. So when I went to try to put back on my avionics, I noticed that the ones that were installed are just gone and not in my inventory anymore. Was this due to the recent railjack update?
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