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  1. right now its not too bad. if you have the right clothing you can stay out easy for 24 hours. come the darkness in a few weeks it will be hitting -40 Celsius
  2. planes come up every now and again with stuff that we need. With the military so they just send me places to do my job. Opticore or an attica.
  3. Also no, only way in our out is flying. just give it to the wolves.
  4. couple weeks now, getting settled for a solid 6 months. lots of people say they want to be deployed up here but chicken out last minute / when actually asked.
  5. Network isn't good enough to play, but probably just as bad. sun 24/7 right now, little foggy. feels good man. only if hes dressed like santa. Cant play on the network as its all military assets and you cant hook up personal computers into it. wouldn't be good enough to game anyways 😞 come the winter months it will be frozen as soon as it hits the ground.
  6. I'm currently deployed to CFS Alert, (the most northerly permanently inhabited place in the world) which means that I'm the most northerly warframe player in the world right now. Ask me anything.
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