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  1. Aaand you broke something.. again. The atachements on zaw now ... well float, also the dryad skin on the lenz is still bugged
  2. On a side note, the tatsu is still buggy, the charges (souls) stored get caped to only one
  3. So question. I'm a frost main and i was pretty happy to see that Snow globe has a new visual effect, there's two bubbles the exterior one that has the icy effect and an internal one that is colored with the energy of the warframe, and i'm kin da confused the icy bubble is only for shows at it has no collision and neither a slow effect, the actual snow globe is the inner bubble that is colored with the energy of the warframe (the inner bubble) is this a bug or a feature, cuz it's kinda, Misleading as hell as at first I thought I was protected but no the ici bubble is just for shows and, I fee that the range was nerfed in sake for the effect. But now that things are like this can we get something that i dunno the inner bubble affecting our weapons and the intecaction between freeze and snow globe and the outter region where the fx lingers the one that affects enemies. http://
  4. not too sure on th sword but for for the lenz I can relate, the dryad skin is bugged for a really looong time now, the exausts? of the lenz still appears and the string is kind on a awlward position
  5. As thrilled I am to the fixes i liked the challenge of multiple excavators, at least think of adding them to the high level bounties like you did with the elite crewman. Belive it or not there are masochists players that like and carve the challenge.
  6. So... here it is my entry to be honest i had a lot of fun doing the edition. https://imgur.com/XvdPbQR
  7. Smoke on revenant is not that intrusive anymore i must saye befeore it looked that he picked up my smoking habits, but it's still a bit anoying can it be toned down a little bit, or at least make the smoke more transparent?
  8. So.. Revenant is a laser show and also a fog machine in one, I just need an octavia playing dubstep and we could go on tour... Now joking aside after the update the smoke effect of revenant third is kind of anoying and it keeps active, i dont mind a bit of smoke but its really anoying, and it also transmits to other players that get revenant protection.
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