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  1. Well ... First of all, I can't get either the runes or the relics for them, by killing my lich thralls could be the reason that I already had the three murmurs unlocked? Second the step you took to make the relics a little bit more bearable to farm it's still an insult to players to your I dunno know customers?, the murmurs and having to discover the order of runes needed to kill the lich is already grindy enough, and it's fair I’m alright visiting old nodes on a higher level and hunting down the thralls I had fun can’t speak for other people and facing lv 100-110 grineers have been the most fun I had in a loong time on warframe I had a reason to my heavy arsenal, to use all my frost powers to survive normally I stick to ice wave impedance but this I like a pseudo hard mode for people that can do it, and not having to go and create a ruckus for around an hour on orb vallis to have a bit of fun. But sorry, having to play Russian roulette with the relics having to farm them, having to also farm void vestiges... enough is enough it’s boring and annoying, and you know that mechanic is f... annoying YOU KNEW THAT that's why you made a bundle for the relics and the runes on that price, remember for runes (mods) that have a live expectancy three uses and puff. I think, I’m genuinely one of the few that doesn’t care about the weapons, I care about the big boss the foe I will be facing and, tbh I like my lich, Miss Hora I like him enough that I want to defeat it I want to fight him. But the whole system you made is half done, mediocre you took inspiration from SHM but they also have a way to empower your nemesis without dying like a clod to him I know that would be almost impossible to do in warframe bout as said before, the lich shouldn’t be “immortal” yes the only way to kill him should be by using the Robocop hacker device but, not that every fight should end with the player dying and if you are afraid that if that happens the players are going to steam roll the weapon acquisition here’s a couple of ideas. Scenario 1 you fight the lich you defeat him without the dagger… thingy he teleports away to licks his wounds and gains a bit of experience, the more thralls you get he gets a bit of experience and the more you kill him he gets more to level up. Scenario 2 You fight you lose, lich gains more experience enough to level up 1 and a half his domain increases. Scenario 3 you try to use the dagger but have the wrong set the lich suplex you around the moon and does a lot of damage, capable of killing you without a really beefy warfarme if you don’t die the lich goes away to licks it wounds and gains experience. On that way you give players that already have the runes the chance to try and “Brute force” they way to get rid of an unwanted lich. And so it doesn’t get easier to claim the weapon lock the weapon behind a lich level, only if the lich is above level 4 you can get the weapon, that way everyone is happy (kind of), people that already have or don’t want that specific lich can try and kill them and people that want the weapon will have to either let themselves be killed by the lich or annoy the hell out of him so he gets to its peak power and make it a bit of challenge. And take the runes out of relics either make them be awarded to the player with all the murmurs or put them on the kuva fortress as a rotation prize. D.E please, stop making moves akin to other gaming publishers they already are a joke to the gaming community don't join them. Also, in middle of the rant I forgot now my Lich is immortal so… I can’t fight him… thank you, I’m going to leave the game until it’s a bit more… fun.
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