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  1. It won't be reworked, like all the other content forgotten, Sanctuary is still a nukeframe/whip simulator, Arbiters rewards never got fixed, Profit-taker being a bullet sponge, chroma exclusive activity, Cetus and Fortuna are large empty maps. Fortuna have a lot of installations, buildings and caves... with no real purpose ... and remember raids? There is no new content, everytime is the same, a new warframe to farm, a new weapon to farm, now, a new ship to farm. It will be nice to use those warframes and weapons in any end game activity, farming for hours is not an endgame activity. DE don't listen the feedback, f*cked up the melee system, the rivens, the leech mode and now the iztal. Thats all I got to say, go away to farm some sh!t now!
  2. So, i'm not sure if i'm wrong, but eximus units in ceres are not common, as far as i know they only spawn in endless missions like survival, defense or interception, right? So, again, maybe i'm wrong, but to farm the new resources "Cubic Diodes" we need to stay in one of those missions approximately 30 minutes? If this is correct, then you can shove your railjack (choose where), because i'm not willing to waste more time farming another idiotic resource, to repair the damm thing. Again, if i'm wrong, i'm willing to eat my words..
  3. well... is friday... maybe some corpus got a little drunk
  4. Build a large straight connector, then the dry dock. worked for me. Make sure there are no other rooms left or right the drydock, because it's big (*insert yo mama joke here*)
  5. In one stroke you f*cked up itzal and nerfed blink. great! And look! more farming. Need to farm new resources to build the dry dock, no quest, no lore, no fun. Farm this, build that, rinse and repeat.
  6. You hear that DE! your player base are yelling at you, LICHES.ARE.BORING Stop making us waste our time with this idiotic farming simulator. We want fun content, quest, lore, something meaningful, something worth to invest our time.
  7. Ok, I see you didn't listen to the feedback (as always) Kuva lich is still a farming nightmare, boring as f*ck, with no good rewards. One, maybe two weapons are fine, but nothing that deserve the time wasted in this idiotic mechanic. I didn't see any hot fix or re balance on the fat warframe, I guess it's because no one gives a flying f*ck about it, so, another waste of time. Finally, you have cetus and fortuna to make epic battles between warframes and Kuva lich and his/her generals. But hey, it's better if you force us to farm pathetic mobs over and over again, because "eNd GaMe"!
  8. I spent two years farming more then a vietnamese in a rice field, to get powerful weapons and warframes, and the "endgame" is more farming? Enough with the #*!%!ng farming! Honestly i'm not willing to waste more time farming relics, to get the mods, to farm mobs, to figure the correct order on the toy blade, to kill the lich, to get a third tonkor! This is not endgame, this is mediocre, this is the sanctuary onslaught all over again, no lore, no new quest, no fun content. Thank god, De***ny 2 is free now, see you when the railjack come out. IF there's new content, lore, quests, or something that is worth to spend time in.
  9. Even with resource boost and resource drop booster, wasted 80 pl and the fu***ng drones refused to drop it.😠
  10. Still no fix for this: After Atlas Prime launch, the archgun upgrade screen is bugged, it don't show any stat, but only when you select the Heavy Weapon mode, as seen in the screenshot on the original post.
  11. Dear DE: After Atlas Prime launch, the archgun upgrade screen is bugged, it don't show any stat, but only when you select the Heavy Weapon mode, as seen in the screenshot.
  12. This is the major problem with arbitrations, the drop table, as you can see in the screen shot, after 1 hour survival, I got 2x Swift momentum and 1x Seeding step ephemera.... to add to my collection of swift momentum and seeding step ephemera that already have. Pleas DE, move these items to the arbiters shop, is baffling to get the same sh!t, over and over, with items that we need to get once.
  13. Honestly I like the revival option, if I go with my friends and I can revive them, why not? even in public I have no problem reviving them. BUT, maybe if they change the mechanic, if you have to pick manually the tokens pressing a key, so that way you are not forced to get a debuff if you don´t want to. OR, like the whip simulator (aka Sanctuary onslaught), two modes, one with the revive option on and one with the revive option off, so all the team know what they are getting into.
  14. Agree, They should increase the drop chance for vitus scence, and let us buy the mods in the arbiters of hexis store. I guess no one would buy those useless aura mods, so that's why they put in the drop table.
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