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  1. It's random chance and this game doesn't have something like League's "bad luck protection". Do Cassini and abort if it's the wrong weapon, 100 Kuva isn't worth the time to run to extraction.
  2. Projectile speed on shotguns is a pretty significant and direct DPS boost.
  3. I'd imagine a third of all unlocked wexilus slots are on Catchmoons for Projectile Speed, another third on "favorite primary" for the Vigilante ammo mutation, and then the rest is probably split between people moving over the recoil mod used on guns like Prisma Gorgon/Grakata so they can slot another DPS mod into their build, and some small percentage of people actually using the slot for something non-DPS-increasing like Hush or Cautious Shot. "No DPS" is an asinine goal. The cat is out of the bag on that one, and pretending it isn't is a worthless way to discuss the slot and what it should do. The slot should be made useful on every gun instead of a select assortment of meta cheese, most of which are already better than most guns. The slot should include mods that are rarely used due to the 6-7 mod mandatory builds some guns have, like magazine size/reload/status duration/blast radius/punch through, and ALL bandaid weapon augments. Primaries/Secondaries are universally worse DPS than pretty much any melee that doesn't have "Mk.1" in its name, they could use the 9th slot.
  4. Good. If you spent enough platinum to buy a car IRL on a mod DE said would be coming back, based on the assumption that it would never come back, you are a fool. Tearing off this bandaid was a long time coming and I have nothing but mad respect for DE for finally ceasing to be intimidated by the threat of a few dozen angry whales.
  5. Kuva Nukor is fine. It's at best an Atomos sidegrade. Yes, it chains to an extra enemy but the per-chain damage multiplier is horrendously worse: Atomos: 1st chain: 75% damage of the initial beam, 2nd 42%, 3rd 18% Kuva Nukor: 1st 40%, 2nd 6%, 3rd 0.4%, 4th 0.1% You are basically only applying status effects without any meaningful damage to any enemy beyond the first chain with the Kuva Nukor. While Atomos (and Amprex, which has the same chaining/scaling as Atomos) actually does okayish damage to every enemy it hits.
  6. Please let us rename Kuva weapons when you add modular primaries Please make vasca disease work like Nidus disease. Meaning you can keep getting it but if you're cured once, you're immune. Getting taxed every time I bring my cat night fishing on the Plains is a pain in the ass.
  7. Are you doing a combo build or a heavy attack build? The mods you listed aren't really either. Combo: The second riven, use Focus Energy instead of dual stat, use CO Heavy attack is a little harder. You should use the first riven with Primed Pressure/Amalgam Organ Shatter/Corrupt Charge/Primed Reach/Primed Fury/Gladiator Might, but the last slot is slightly more up in the air. I suspect the last mod ought to be Sacrificial Steel, but there might be an issue of diminishing returns making it worse than Killing Blow. Probably not.
  8. Never used a macro. Ran into this constantly. You don't know what you're talking about.
  9. 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀
  10. Same as usual I'd imagine. A few minutes of inactivity. Shoot something. If you've never tabbed back and had no vacuum and not gotten mission rewards I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. I have the following binding: Quick/normal melee bound to E Heavy melee bound to a side mouse button If I hold E, I will heavy attack. And when I'm using a weapon with sufficiently high attack speed, occasionally while pressing E to normal melee it will mistakenly interpret this as me holding E and dump all my goddamned combo on a heavy attack I didn't mean to use.
  12. How the hell is there still no toggle for hold to heavy attack?
  13. Yes, that's why he said anything BUT cryophon. In the time-honored DE tradition of thinking up multiple individually sufficient methods of accomplishing a nerf and then implementing all of them at the same time anyway, it got double-tapped with a fix of the Rhino/Saryn/Garuda bug that people were using to boost its damage, and then nerfing its base damage like its performance while using those bugs was its actual baseline. It's currently a pile of garbage and you are better off using pretty much anything else.
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