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  1. ah S#&$, I couldn't get a decent arbitration in before they ruined it. thanks for worse than nothing, dudes
  2. Here's a Jupiter Gas City tile Here's that same tile randomly deciding to appear as if I were magnetic proc'd Here's that same tile randomly deciding it's on Mars Not pictured: It switching between those two several times a minute apropos of nothing. It is not unique to this tileset, and turning off "Adaptive exposure" in the options does not fix it. This really needs to be toned down, it looks awful. It looks like if somebody was trying to explain to an alien with no understanding of the concept of subtlety what a JJ Abrams movie looks like.
  3. Oh great, this horseS#&$ event ended at some random hour that isn't reset for whatever #*!%ing reason. Glad I broke my ass trying to get home early to grind out a last few pearls only to find that the event node is gone. Thanks for nothing, DE! Extending it from morning today to slightly after lunch today really made up for the several days where it was an unplayable, unrewarding AFKfest!
  4. I haven't logged into this game in over a month. S#&$ like this is why.
  5. I wish DE would just stop adding these back every spring. They're clearly never going to make them permanent, and players are never going to stop complaining about it.
  6. Why is Elite Sanctuary Onslaught still allowed to be terrible? You keep adding 2% rotation C rewards even as the whole mode is ruined with host migrations from people leveling weapons and leaving at zone 3, past the point where their vacancy can be filled by matchmaking. Literally all you need to do is extend the "must be Rank 30" rule on frames to include weapons.
  7. Are these scrawls ever going to be obtainable elsewhere? Because the twitch integration didn't work for me all weekend.
  8. Cool there's a closed beta accolade. does that mean you can make the login milestones not a 3-plus-year slog without certain YouTubers crying about it now?
  9. Saw that Pax Seeker nerf coming as soon as I saw that it was any good, which was clearly not the intention with any of the new Pax arcanes. Maybe accuracy while aim gliding is really good on something, I just know I'm not going to go looking for whatever it is when the foregone conclusion is that I'll get to have fun with it for two days before DE nerfs it. Hopefully someday the devs learn to stop rewarding experimentation with nerfs.
  10. Why are you guys so cavalier about deleting millions of plat in Riven value, while totally buying into the Primed Chamber meme to the point of suggesting Primed Charged Chamber rather than ever bringing it back?
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