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  1. This thread was necrobumped, this happened 4 months ago at this point. But I definitely did click through and submit the report several times at that time. It's stopped happening on Deimos and from what I played of the most recent event, it wasn't happening there.
  2. shame to see steel path go, endless missions rewarding you for endurance were nice
  3. 100% of the time I approached the vault during this quest, the game would start chugging and then crash to desktop. Even when I switched to minimum settings with hard-fullscreen. My PC normally runs this game at 1440p on ultra at 100+ FPS. The only solution was to stare at the ground through the part of that quest where you fight infested off of the 3 nests and rely on the AoE damage of the gun you're given, and even then I started chugging when I had to look up to fight the enemy necramech.
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