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  1. I wish DE would just stop adding these back every spring. They're clearly never going to make them permanent, and players are never going to stop complaining about it.
  2. Limbo is good at Eidolons, the problem isn't the meta, the problem is people are lazy and/or already deeply invested in the routine method. There's no problems like this with the Orbs not because they're better designed, but because they are not a good source of platinum.
  3. Why is Elite Sanctuary Onslaught still allowed to be terrible? You keep adding 2% rotation C rewards even as the whole mode is ruined with host migrations from people leveling weapons and leaving at zone 3, past the point where their vacancy can be filled by matchmaking. Literally all you need to do is extend the "must be Rank 30" rule on frames to include weapons.
  4. Are these scrawls ever going to be obtainable elsewhere? Because the twitch integration didn't work for me all weekend.
  5. Cool there's a closed beta accolade. does that mean you can make the login milestones not a 3-plus-year slog without certain YouTubers crying about it now?
  6. Saw that Pax Seeker nerf coming as soon as I saw that it was any good, which was clearly not the intention with any of the new Pax arcanes. Maybe accuracy while aim gliding is really good on something, I just know I'm not going to go looking for whatever it is when the foregone conclusion is that I'll get to have fun with it for two days before DE nerfs it. Hopefully someday the devs learn to stop rewarding experimentation with nerfs.
  7. Why are you guys so cavalier about deleting millions of plat in Riven value, while totally buying into the Primed Chamber meme to the point of suggesting Primed Charged Chamber rather than ever bringing it back?
  8. Why is one of Garuda's active abilities just the mod Rage? Why does Garuda have three active abilities focused around balancing her health pool to make the most of her risk vs reward passive, when the reward is a damage buff for yourself on par with what a typical Rhino build does with its 3 button for everyone in your team? Why did you bother making an ability that's a shield, on a frame that will assuredly be practically invincible via Defy-esque shenanigans? Why do so many frames have an ability where they slowly rotate like a rotisserie chicken?
  9. So you made it more limited and no faster than the last iteration. Great. Keep it up guys. Oh boy, scaling whammy rewards! And I could care less if the evergreen rewards were a quadrillion kuva, it's locked behind logging in daily for almost three years.
  10. can you stop brainstorming ways of making it worse and just implement it already? I'd like to be allowed to log in again
  11. another update without login changes! boy I sure love not being allowed to play this game because I don't want primed vigor
  12. You know what's awesome is how I'm like five days away from Primed Vigor and I don't want that S#&$, I want Shred, so I can't log in until they release these changes, which just means I get further and further behind on this garbage system.
  13. So in response to days of criticisms that Revenant is weak, they strengthened his ability to control enemies (a skill that's universally bad across every single iteration from Mind Freak to Bombard specters and I'm actually totally flabbergasted that it wormed its way into another kit like DE actually doesn't understand their own health/armor scaling), and weakened his strong skill. Remember when Khora's pull went from reducing whipclaw damage to buffing it on like the day after release because someone just kinda suggested it? I do. Remember how Khora started out weak but is now pretty solid? I do.
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