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  1. I don't like the new Mastery Rank icons as much as the old ones. With the old ones, they built off each other, adding a piece with each rank, but the new ones vary wildly between ranks. Why?
  2. I hate this so much. Whose bright idea (pun intended) was this? Every time I think, "Well, they're just going to ignore all of the feedback in this thread (including my post), so I might as well get used to it," they actively make it worse with things like this.
  3. Please tell me this will include an option to toggle Auto Exposure off again. It's been a massive detriment ever since it was made non-optional and literally dozens of players with light sensitivity have posted in the feedback thread saying that they can't even play the game anymore.
  4. I mean, they wouldn't be refunding people with a "generous" amount of Railjack resources if it wasn't a significant cut. I wouldn't be so pessimistic.
  5. Thanks for listening to feedback for the Railjack resources. Now I'm extremely glad I didn't get rid of my nav coordinates yet.
  6. The rules clearly state that if you use anything outside of Captura's features then it counts as edited. So yes.
  7. It's almost Spooktober, so here's a spooky Nidus in his natural habitat. Unedited.
  8. Pretty serious functionality breaking bug: TYPE: In-Game, Cambion Drift DESCRIPTION: While fighting a Necramech in a T2 Isolation Vault Bounty using my own Necramech, the Necramech's Storm Shroud reflect ability destroyed my Necramech. I was then forced out into Operator mode, but I was unable to press 5 again to go back into my Warframe (Nekros Prime). The game would say "Invalid Target" every time I tried. Gear was also disabled, and my Tenno would go into bleedout instead of being "zapped" back into the Warframe. Upon dying and not being revived (in an attempt to fix the bug by
  9. Some changes have already been posted in the Dev Workshop, but I want to provide my feedback here as well. Passive Having a 25% chance to avoid damage isn't nearly on par with damage reduction. They can still be one-shot or two-shot the other 75% of the time a shot hits them. Making it so that Xaku has a 25% reduction in damage from AoE's a good start, but why not make it so that Xaku has a 25% damage reduction to all sources on top of 25% evasion chance? This would be bumped up to 50% (or more) damage reduction and 75% evasion while The Vast Untime is active. Keep in mind, Ember
  10. This is a great change, but it still needs more range. I built for Duration and Range (175% Range right now) and it still only has a 14 meter radius which still feels too short. I would suggest buffing it to at least 12 meter base range, so I'd have 21 meters with the same build. For reference other disarm abilities like Radial Disarm have a base range of 20 meters. Also, recasting it shouldn't replace your existing void weapons, you should be able to keep casting it to add on more weapons to your total so reaching the max is more easily achievable. Another good change, but Deny ne
  11. Yet more bugs: TYPE: In-Game, Cambion Drift DESCRIPTION: Latrox Une will sometimes refuse to spawn. The waypoint for his location will disappear upon arriving and the bounty will remain stuck at "Approach Latrox Une." The bounty can only be completed if Garv is present on the map, in which case Garv will act as a stand-in for Latrox and the bounty will resume. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Accept a bounty on the Cambion Drift that includes a "Collect Samples for Latrox Une" portion. This should be fairly common. Occasionally, Latrox Une will not spawn. Additionally, if Garv's "
  12. Abilities: It was announced in the Dev Workshop that many of the abilities that are available to be Subsumed would be receiving buffs as the Dev Team was aware many of them were lackluster in some ways. Now, some of the abilities did get buffs but one that was passed over was Decoy. In its current state Decoy stands to be the one ability literally no player is going to subsume. It's objectively worse than Molt which is also available to be Subsumed. Let's examine why that is: Molt has a 3 second Invulnerability period where damage taken is added to the Molt's total health. Decoy does not
  13. Was just about to report this myself, was hoping to get an early jump on its construction before I got to my computer today only to find out I can't do it from the app yet.
  14. Agreed, there's no way of knowing what the current cycle is in Fortuna or Deimos without either alt tabbing and looking at a third party tracking website or going out into the mission or orbiter and manually checking which is just inconvenient either way.
  15. Got a few more Cambion Drift related bugs to report. TYPE: In-Game, Cambion Drift DESCRIPTION: Sometimes the second and third tier Isolation Vault bounties will fail to recognize that you entered the vault, even though the bonus was checked off, and the bounty will not complete until you manually go back to the first vault you opened for the first tier mission and enter it instead. This has not happened to me in any of the three vault runs I've done before Update 29.0.6 so this seems to be a recent bug. VISUAL: First pic is the second vault I opened. Note the waypoint directi
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