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  1. There are loads of games where there is a type of currency that gives you only one type of thing and no other choices. There are only 300 wolf creds in the 30 ranks. It only becomes worth while once you pass the initial 30. Until then you ain't earning much to get what you wan't from a weekly rotating store. I'm only at rank 3 since im not going out of my way to grind out nightwave standing. Sure they came to me passivley but doesn't mean jack if it comes to me at an extremely slow rate and dissappears later. As for farming ducats. Trust me when I say this, you are going to be way more excited when you finally got those rare prime parts you always wan't than what ever Baro is selling. Everything in any game is going to be hard at first for a new player. If you can make a point with ducats its even more so with nightwave. This is not something I am arguing for or against. Maybe I should have called it a resourse instead of currency. As people still think all game type currencies acts exactly the same way as real life currency. What ever you want to call it it still doesn't change the fact you are grinding out one type of thing to get another type of thing which then you can use to get what you want.
  2. Standing is a form of currency. If you want something from the nightwave store you need wolf creds. How you get wolf creds? You grind out nightwave standing. Ducats are not the same as wolf creds. Ducats aren't the end goal that everyone is gunning for like wolf creds. Ducats are something that you're going to have an abuncance of when farming for rare prime parts. A currency you don't need to think about. Oppisite of what wolf creds are.
  3. I'm surprised no one has brought up that we need to grind out a currency for another set of currency just to buy something. This alone sounds ridiculous.
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