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  1. Steel essence farms are a joke now, you can do 5 missions which reward you with 3 essence each which gives you a total of 15 steel essence per day (pretty sure its affected by boosters so 30 per day if you have one). But wait there's more! you can farm essence by killing acolytes and get a whole 2 essence per 5 minutes in a survival mission (what a steal!!!) so you can get a whole 24 essence per hour (48 with a booster) if you farm acolytes instead of taking 1 hour on odin and getting 5x (or more) that. Yesterday I did a 2 hour run on odin and I got 120 essence and that was the lowest I e
  2. You gotta love how when the community finds a frame that can do 1 thing well they instantly nerf it cause its ''too overpowered'' and then they're surprised when all the frames are boring to play and don't specialize in any roles, they CAN'T specialize in anything cause when they do DE just nerfs them. Anyone remember marked for death? Cause I do, only 7 frames can (in theory) use marked for death without it being completely useless and 5 of them can actually use it effectively (that being inaros, ivara, ash, equinox and excalibur) (baruuk takes too long to sleep enemies, and banshee need
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