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  1. I will be real with you, eidolon hunting requires you to grind ALOT for both open world areas (this content is completely skippable, if you want to do it later that is fine) the only worth it thing in both open worlds are the melee zaws from cetus and the kitguns in orb vallis, you can make VERY powerful custom weapons from both open worlds, and that is pretty much it, the rest is too much time and effort and time gating to really care about it enough to do it, hope this helps you
  2. @ObviousLee Honestly boggles the mind doesnt it, I figured I would chime in, the forums are just not a good place to have a discussion about topics in general, as you have already seen people will argue with you over something completely irrelevant to the topic at hand and they try to find any straw they can grab to make you look like the bad guy ( I have seen several people do this to you already) You should take this to reddit, much more civilized and imo is a better place to give feedback, but do what you want, I hope you get the devs attention because i agree with you 100%
  3. Honestly i 100% agree with you, it is basically a ferrox with a terrible slog of a grind to get it, i am honestly really disappointed and my day is ruined now.
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