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  1. how's the login issue? still working on a fix? i see some news that login issue is now fixed on few country/region that was affected, im still on home working some chores but after that i will try to login to the game again and see if it fixed.
  2. i really wish when Fortuna update drops the whole login issues is resolved..
  3. sadly its still happening on some of us who live in Asia..
  4. some players experiencing error when trying to login today, DDoS again or something?
  5. yeah.. but i got rumours of scams about this r/hardwareswap things.. so i ruled it out.. well at least i can do some tweaks then..
  6. CPU is good, but my RAM is old 2GB from 2014. and yeah someday i'll upgrade it though..
  7. i know this day would come as im playing on Win7 that is 32-bit and 2GB Ram (its hell in here when a CPU and RAM cost you equivalent of 144$) well at least i have enjoyed the game to the point that i know how to get this and that and spended 300+ hours with no struggle at all... welp.. i think im returning to the grindfest of Korean's MMO then..
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