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  1. Ignore THeMooN85, Welcome! You can get every frame without spending a single penny. It requires patience and luck!
  2. Inbox is fine. Quest objectives are different. Regular missions, It's obvious on how to do thing. There a map with objective markers. Not hard to figure what's what. My real question is how do they get tenno's number?
  3. Been thinking on this radio thing that Tenno has on it top right. Apparently, it a signal that almost everyone in warframe universe knows how to tap into. Grineer have access to it but talking and talking. Got corpus who talks as well. I think Lotus gets a free pass. Cetus, Fortuna, and Dravo just to name a few. Liches, what bothers me the most. I just transform a new lich and now i'm like there #1 direct message (DM). I know Tenno can tap into communicate at times but is there a way for us to like turn these or have better security with these things? I'm type of tenno that like to d
  4. Found a siphon in the ground. (Please ignore my Inaros, random colored it)
  5. My razer chroma 2 keyboard led lights reset itself each time a mission is over and turns rainbow wave into a pure white. Don't know it synapse doesn't have issue with warframe.
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