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  1. Just make a gamemode where people are forced to use unranked frames and MK-1 gear against lv100+ enemies, so people annoyed by efficient loadouts get their fun and let others sin in peace.
  2. I'm getting stuck at Updating account after 8 rounds or ESO. No way out of the result screen other than alt+f4 - losing everything.
  3. Please remove combas, scrambuses and related things from the game. They feel cheap and are really annoying.
  4. Ad verecundiam + Ad populum fallacy. Of course everybody want "godly" rivens to sell for insane amounts of plat...
  5. You really asking for mastery fodder? no ty. I prefer them to focus on fixes. To the people complaining about kuva not scaling: cryotic doesn't scale either yet people do moderately long runs. I can see this as a kuva variant of cryotic excavations. Definitely not meant to replace kuva siphon farming as a main source of kuva, rather something you do while floods show up or until the fortress leaves Eris alone. Making it scale will only make kuva traders hoard even more "godly" rivens as they will be able to reach much further than the average player, who wouldn't benefit that much from it.
  6. This doesn't sound half bad, considering the crazy amount of rolls you may need to get a "decent" riven.
  7. No fix for eidolons teleporting (and filling their shields) at will, regardless of attached lures?
  8. Eidolons randomly TP at will, sometimes repeatedly, often recharging shields that were already taken down. Hydrolists magnetic blasts have no tell and often down most of the squad since it can't be avoided unless in void mode. Transferring from operator to frame often causes a bug where you can't use any power or transference and forces you to die and rev to be functional again. Most of the time Vomvas are nowhere to be found near the first teralyst. Eidolons often randomly die instead of being captured even with several charged lures in range. And lures keep aiding the eidolons by blocking players line of sight. These last nights have been a real chore. I'm taking a break until these issues are actually looked at.
  9. Actually if you keep them unarmed, they will stop ramboing, making them easier to defend
  10. You must be detached from reality to think they will balance powers for people soloing those levels.
  11. I'm getting a lot of graphic crashes (game keeps running but screen freezes) since the last two updates or so. Anyone else?
  12. Magnetic proc from plains still permanently cutting shields Dye still working randomly, like 10% or less or all the time. Not sure if the other items work at all. Nullies still exist. Please fix, I even bought a booster to stock up in the new stuff and I can't use it properly due to these issues!
  13. After 5k hours on steam and over 3k in-mission i'm done. With the long series of changes dating back to solo focus nerfs, addition of nullies etc. passives butchering was the coup de grace. GG DE and good luck to those who stay in the grind.
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