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  1. Very good point about the Vectis. I should clarify by saying that my proposed ammo pool idea would apply only to primaries that use rifle ammo and are classed as being rifles and assault rifles. That would exclude Sniper and Bow weapons (as those do have special requirements and have different ammo needs anyway). On your point about Vipers...those are secondary weapons. I did make a point of saying that my ammo pool rule suggestion only applied to primaries, not secondaries.
  2. Agreed - that is definitely an issue I've run into in the past - why I gave up on the Glaxion. But again, that's a weapon-specific problem as I see it. I feel that if that were to be addressed then my ammo pool adjustment idea would still be quite feasible for all primaries. On the Grakata's damage, I've noticed that most folks go for crit builds that work pretty well for them despite the low physical damage vs mid to high level enemies.
  3. Still shows that the Grakata is not a terribly efficient weapon, mind you that depends of course on how you use it. Firing in short, controlled bursts, you should be fine with my suggestion. Simply spraying an area is not efficient to begin with - and that rule is true of ANY fully automatic weapon really.
  4. Then that's an issue with the Grakata's damage - and to an extent its exasperating "muzzle climb" if you fire it for too long (which is mostly alleviated by a stabilizer mod). So if we fixed those things, then my suggestion for using a simple formula for determining proper ammo pool size for primaries will easily work for the Grakata as well. Heck, we can even adjust the formula so that x * 6 = y, so that when equipped with a primary, you have a total capacity of 7 clips, one ready to fire and 6 spares.
  5. So you're suggesting that the Karak is still arguably better than the Braton P? Interesting, that was a common complaint heard before the Braton P's recent tweaks.
  6. So, when the Braton P is equipped, we have 6 clips worth of ammo on hand - with one clip loaded and 5 spares. 75 + 375 = 450. Divide by 6 and you get 75, the clip size. So say this works out for the Braton P. In the interests of fairness, consistency, and logic, all other primaries should have their spare ammo pools adjusted, using the formula x * 5 = y, where x is the clip size for a given weapon and y is the resulting spare ammo pool for that weapon.
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