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  1. An old saying comes to mind..."A fool and their money are soon parted" It's one thing to sell something for an exorbitant amount of money. It's another to AGREE to a price that most normal people would consider to be completely unreasonable and reject. That said, I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone that's willing to shell out that kind of money for a highly specific mod (not even a cosmetic) in a video game, knowing full well that stats and availability of the mod might change without notice and at any time. Given that there are far better, more tangible, more important things to spend that kind of money on...like a new rig, home improvements, etc...spending $4k on ingame currency to acquire a MOD of limited effectiveness is irresponsible and smacks of poor judgement and a terrible sense of priorities on the part of the player that made that transaction. "Well it's their money to spend" Yeah, and DE's not responsible for what a given player decides to spend their money on and how much. That's entirely on them. If their decision bites them in the butt later on for whatever reason, they have only themselves to blame. Now, with that out of the way, do I think this mod is worth nearly 3k ducats and 1 mil credits? Nope. Totally overpriced because reasons. Also, Charged Chamber suits me just fine.
  2. Randoms in RJ are still too unreliable - even when Recruited. Command Intrinsics when?
  3. Totally reasonable request and you are absolutely correct. However, these forums are heavily populated with self-righteous, entitled children that'll attack anything they don't like or approve of in the blink of an eye. Unless the mods decide to actually bring the hammer down on that kind of toxic behavior, it's not going to stop just because someone asked for it to stop. They'll continue to be adversarial and insulting to people they don't agree with because they figure they can get away with - and sadly much of the time they do. To you and people like you, thanks for trying to keep discussions like these civil and on point.
  4. At the very least, I like to see the Larva look like a toned-down version of the Nemesis the player would face instead of a sad excuse for a regular grunt. Additionally, just...give the Larva / Lich Candidate the same weapon that it'll have as a Lich Nemesis, but without any elemental bonuses. That way, players can see at a glance what they'll be up against and what weapon they'd be getting...and without the need for that preview screen. Yes the screen is useful for sure...but it's dumb and nonsensical. And how do you explain it? Does the Larvaling has a little card on them from the Kuva Preservation Society that says "In the event some Tenno decides to use you as target practice, we'll not only resurrect you, but we'll give you this cool gun as well! - Love, The Worm Queen"?
  5. With the Lich Nemesis system undergoing an overhaul...I think it's time to revisit this topic. That said, some updated suggestions are in order. Lich Creation: Get rid of Larvalings completely. Change Lich candidates to Grineer command-level units (Commanders, Captains, etc). Any single commander unit or special unit killed in combat has a 25% chance per mission of becoming a Lich Nemesis. Additionally, the player does not know that it has created a Lich Nemesis until the Lich Nemesis seeks out the player for revenge. Lich Nemesis Enemies: The Lich is now an active hunter. Instead of spreading influence through nodes, it will actively pursue the player that created it with an entourage and have a chance of spawning in a mission. The more you temporarily kill it, the more enraged it gets and the higher the chances that it will show up in a mission. When the Lich Nemesis first spawns, it spawns at a power level where it's capable of defeating the player by fair means - with say the EHP equivalent of a Level 40 commander. Turn it into a more "Nox-like" enemy, with weak points that can be exploited for extra damage so that players can be rewarded for using skill instead of cheese. If a player is downed by the Lich, during the bleedout phase it will advance on the downed player. If the player isn't revived quickly enough, the Lich will grab the downed played and inflict a back-break and then level up and disappear. Additionally, it only takes the rewards and pickups that the targeted player gathered before it beat the player. This way, Steve gets to have his "back-break" in a way that makes sense and is fair. A Lich will level up in much the same way that Warframes do, by gaining increased health and unlocking / ranking up abilities by killing enemies. Now It's good that an unsuccessful stab with the Parazon will be changed so that it only causes the Lich to flee and rewards the player with a clue towards permanently killing it or turning it into an Ally and a bit of Kuva as well. However, in addition, the Lich should have a chance of outright dropping the weapon it's currently equipped with. When it drops the weapon, the Lich will be equipped with a different weapon the next time the player faces it. This means you can "farm" a single Lich for multiple weapons while you try to figure out how to convert or perma-kill it. A successful stab with the full, correct sequence will give you the option of either converting it to an ally or permanently killing it, where it will drop the weapon it was equipped with as well. Any resources and drops that the player lost to the Lich will be restored as well. Lich Allies: Allow Lich Allies to be summoned via a deployable and buildable beacon. Once summoned, the Lich Ally will remain in the mission as long as it is active. A Lich Ally can be revived when downed and can also revive the player that summoned it. Lich Allies will spawn with the weapon they were equipped with when you converted it. In addition, they will start with the HP and abilities they had when you converted them. Lich Allies can also gain XP, allowing them to further unlock and improve their abilities and increase their health, up to a maximum level of 30. Kuva Weapons: Remove the 5 Forma requirement to achieve Mastery and treat it like every other weapon. For players that already invested Forma, they get a buff to the weapon's elemental status, up to 60%, which is locked in; 7% for each forma invested. If you get a mediocre weapon, you can get 5% for each weapon invested up to 60%. You can choose the element you want to keep up to and then locked at 60%. This would encourage Forma investment for DE in form of Bundles and encourage players to continue to hunt for weapons that risk duplication. Lich Trading system: Remove it completely. It's no longer needed with these revisions in place. Use the War Room / Crimson Branch for something else, like say tracking down a Lich you want to get rid of instead of having to wait for it to come to you. In addition there should still be a reasonable way to stop a Lich from pursuing players via a "peace offering" option if the player decides it doesn't want to deal with their LIch anymore.
  6. Wrong. My perception is taken from fantasy literature, although DnD is heavily based on said literature and is only one of several fantasy games that have Liches. See link below. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lich Why? We as players experience it all together so talking about how the two do and don't work together is fair. You "think" but you're wrong. I have a problem with both.
  7. As it says in the title and speaking as a dojo architect with some experience, I'd like to offer a few suggestions for improving Dojo planning / building / customizing and the overall dojo visual experience. Decorations: It would be nice to be able to multi-select objects and align them along their edges/faces/centers to make it easier to align tubes and catwalks. "Blocking" rules when placing decorative objectives could stand to be amended a bit. It's annoying to have one piece of decoration restricting the player's ability to move other pieces of decoration, which necessitates moving other pieces. Again, this can be needlessly time consuming and frustrating. With regards to ramps and catwalks, I'd like them to be able to properly honor lighting rules and cast appropriate shadows. Ramps do this, but catwalks at present don't. More options for catwalk / balcony railings would also be appreciated. With regard to lighting decorations, it would be nice to see them actually function as light sources if that's possible. I'd also like to see some older decorations get a texture / materials overhaul. A number of them haven't aged very well. In the case of the Tenno catwalk system, some of the textures match up badly. Some additional decorations would also be nice, such as wall corner sections that accommodate wall sections that have baseboards and trim, curved wall sections, and more flooring options separate from catwalk sections and flipped wall sections. Laying out / constructing rooms: The Clan Hall dependencies ought to be removed. If a player has the resources, just allow them to build a Greatest Hall if they want to. Allow rooms to be either Removed or Destroyed. A room that is Removed is stored in a vault / archive without refunding materials and cost. A Removed room can then be restored from the archive, taking 1 hour to do so. It would also be nice to see the room destruction timer reduced to 1 hour as well. This would make re-planning an existing dojo far less time consuming. With regard to specific rooms, could we have the ability to stack elevators so that they can access more than one level? If not, elevators with multiple floor options would be nice to have. As others have suggested before, a better means of planning and laying out Dojos is needed, especially when you have multi-level rooms such as the Dry Dock. We shouldn't have to rely on an outside source to do this. Rooms: Small "blank slate" rooms would make for really nice extensions to multi-door Clan Halls in case players want to create smaller rooms without having to subdivide a large Hall and so on. Note: If there's something about this topic you don't agree with, don't just hate on it: That doesn't help anyone here. If there are suggestions that aren't helpful, say what they are and most importantly why they're not helpful. Thanks for reading. Feel free to discuss and contribute.
  8. DE's already shown they only listen to feedback selectively - when it suits their purposes or when it is massive enough to demand PR firefighting. As of late, I've noticed that valid and legitimate concerns for the game's future and constructive criticism leveled at design choices, game direction, and balance are typically: Drowned out by dismissive, narrow-minded and short-sighted rhetoric from white knights. "Dude - the game's still in Beta and F2P - cut them some slack!" "Best update ever - keep up the GREAT work!" "Sounds like someone's got issues / needs to get good / learn how to play" "Go cry and whine somewhere else, hater" Put down by try-hards looking to preserve their own self-centered agendas. "Don't you dare touch my *insert weapon / 'Frame here*!" "You don't get to dictate how I can play Warframe" "We're supposed to be gods - you just want to take all the fun out the game" Deleted by admins / mods under the pretext of being off-topic, dev-basing, and so on. Ignored and hand-waved by developers, including our community manager. See below. This was brought to my attention the other day. A well-meaning post from a long time, concerned player was dismissed as little more than "hyperbole" by [DE]Rebecca. Right there for you all to see. What makes me sick from reading that thread and that post in particular is how a "beloved" community manager hand-waves a concerned player's post with what could arguably be considered a personal attack against a member of the community. I don't care what anyone else thinks. That was unprofessional and uncalled for. The rest of her post amounted to little more than a non-answer and a reminder to watch an upcoming dev stream. What makes me even sicker is the sheer number of sheep that agreed with, defended, and applauded Rebecca - just because she's the Lotus and queen of the devstreams and tells all the good, loyal Tenno what they want to hear. Earlier today, I had a post out-right nuked from the update thread where I criticized DE for selectively ignoring feedback. It got at least 6 upvotes before it "disappeared". I've tolerated a lot of questionable things over the last 2 years...6 months ago I almost left the forums for good but felt I should reconsider. These two things were the last god-damn straw. I'm done with these forums. Screenshotting this just in case. If this post gets zapped, it'll only prove my point as to how much of a marketing echo-chamber the forums have turned into.
  9. They'll probably just ignore that. This seems to be classic ego defense at work - this person's subconscious is going to block, deflect, shut out, deny, and attack anything that's perceived as a threat to what the person believes to be true and accurate. A person's ego can be a fragile thing and the subconscious knows this. It can actively interfere with how we act and react to things...often to the detriment of the individual and others around them. It really is a truism when people say that we can be our own worst enemies. Most people deal with this by saying to themselves "Hey - it's ok to be wrong, it's not going to hurt us. We have correct information that can allow us to be better and stronger." You have to convince your ego that it's ok to let go, that it doesn't need to be protective. For those of you that analyzed the situation, presented evidence, and made reasonable and effective counter-arguments, be content with the knowledge that you've uncovered the truth of the situation: That stat RNG can result in high level reactor wreckage being inferior than equivalent level or lesser researched reactors. Those that seek the truth and can accept it are the real winners in a debate.
  10. Because they only got back from holiday vacation a couple of days ago. Hopefully we'll see a major hotfix that addresses all the seriously game-breaking bugs next week - the Shedu one included.
  11. I'm just going to leave this here... For Mk III's, that's insulting and worse than Sigma Mk III's. While technically better than Mk I's, the improvement is negligible to the point that it has little positive impact on gameplay. To top it off, that added resource costs for repairing is just adding injury to insult. Sure we can opt to NOT repair, but that doesn't change the fact that this is terrible. They won't. They're completely convinced they're right and everyone else just needs to accept that. For all their claims of "burden of proof" and accusations of "logical fallacies" with regard to counter arguments, this person is doing nothing more than arguing in bad faith while attacking other people as well. My university philosophy teacher would be shaking their head in disappointment if they saw this thread.
  12. Just wanted to make sure I understood you correctly. Thanks for the clarification.
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