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  1. Well if they patch it to where it it doesn't kill self anymore that would b great... If they patch it all together to not explode in the game at all... that would be downright awful... Plus the glaive never suicide killed Hayden. Why does it kill us?
  2. And everyone complained about cluttered, clunky UI... This is far worse. I don't want a bajillion windows right in my face every where I look. Now all we need is an extra window telling me when my Kubrow needs to go out for a walk, and we can complete the madness. Less windows, and less accidental clicking is what we need. I already have problems accidentally clicking the mouse once in awhile getting me in unwanted places on the internet. I don't need to be accidentally selling stuff, and showing up in missions without mods because evil remove all button is evilx100...
  3. maybe when we get a new cephalon model in the future to replace Ordis we might get new voices.
  4. or the savior of slot buying... instead of paying $100 for slots. Just pay less then 10 for a TON OF SLOTS
  5. Yep typical like... Lost planet... Lost Planet 2... and... and...... ............ shouldnt typical include a long list of things just like it? When clearly Capcom is the only other company that came almost close, but lacked the awesomeness of Metal Gear Rising, DMC, and Ninja Gaiden? Warframe is like... Capcom married Platinum Studios and gave birth to the savior of gaming...
  6. I have been waiting for a lever action shot gun since we got the lever action rifle... Like finish the saga already!
  7. nah your thinking small... What if it took a Dynasty Warriors path? Warframe Warriors in space anyone? Imagine if it was like another way to do the Dark Sector wars in combination to Proxy Wars when they are released Tenno can have a an army of any said faction helping them with bosses as hero aids in a struggle to hold positions required to finally capture the enemies HQ point. It could also be like a back and forth on platforms, and flying in space type combat system all while fighting around the Dark Sector with enemies using their ground forces to protect near the HQ points, and Space forc
  8. You mean if Summoner's Rift became Metal Gear Rising in space... which it isnt even close... What point were you trying to prove?
  9. LOL this reminds me of back when I suggested when a scorpion pulls us in we should be able to shoot while being dragged along the ground. Yes I agree this is something that has bothered me for awhile. Why do we have to be bleeding out to do this. Also why don't we have a knock down counter? You know like in some games you get knocked down and suddenly you spring up on your hands spinning your legs around in a tornado fashion knocking enemies back for some space as you get up. That would be cool too. It does seem odd our mods are focused on getting up faster, and preventing knock down rathe
  10. Ash is an advanced Warframe. For more advanced players. Loki has superior manipulation, and Excalibur has superior Melee. Ash is just a jack of all trades with really awful armor, and shields when you first get him. It takes time getting used to his style without dying, and some pretty mean weapons as well. He is in no way a Beginner warframe... AT ALL.
  11. Archwing is already unique to every PVP system on the planet... There is no PVP game with epic combat that awesome, and so free in movement. Unless you want to count two player games like Gundam Encounters in space, and Gundam Seed Never Ending tomorrow, or even Another Centuries Episode.
  12. If a PVP is happening I just want straight up direct combat... no side objectives, no crazy hinderance... just straight up epic high speed dueling...
  13. "The Needs of the many outweigh the few" Hence the path of sacrifice... Seriously who honestly thought it was honorable to save your fellow Tenno, and have men, women, elderly, children, and BABIES enslaved!? Can we rename the so called honor path the Cowards path? Cause jeeze thats pretty cowardly... Here I will help you enslave women, pregnant women, children, and even BABIES just for a few of my friends... It is totally honorable... At least the Corpus pays people, and those people can spend that money however they want... Plus who wouldnt want a job where they build robots, and shoot l
  14. Yeah I was given the same impression. I was hoping we could take the genetic imprints doing something with them to put the data for appearances into some sort of system so that we can reuse said customization combos on other kubrow we own. That is a bummer...
  15. I used to be able to spam leaping through air lunge attacks with the Nikana... I can no longer achieve this technique anymore at all. Its as if the combo was removed entirely from the game. As for the attack he was saying having this attack in normal game mode. Meaning not in space, but on the ground... Unless he meant giving arch wing weapons a lunge technique instead of having us fly up to them. Now as for locking on to an enemy I can agree on this. We don't have this, and alot of attacks tend to have us flying by them for whatever reason. Not even in a good way like they do in Metal
  16. Heavy weapons are heavy weapons. Now I can imagine the Arch-wing itself having special mods for special techniques, but I can't imagine much being done with a arch-wing weapon. I mean the Rail gun will obviously being using mods to increase fire rate, and do more damage... Essential. The heavy machine gun will get a ton of damage, crit, or ammo, or all of them... Essential... No matter what these weapons will have essential mods. Because going in any other direction would barely make a difference. Your either going to do damage, fire rate, crit, or ammo, or all the above... Bigger explosio
  17. How much you wanna bet when they do add it. It will be a Prime pack.
  18. We used to have lunge attacks on many of the stances. DE removed them because people complained lunging is bad... So even if we did get a weapon THAT IS SUPPOSED TO LUNGE... someone will complain it shouldnt be in the game... Man those people ruined the Nikana, and just about every weapon that had a lunge technique in the game for me... Seriously they removed Spinzaku from the Nikana... who complained on that one!? So don't hold your breath the community will just bash on it till DE removes the lunge capability...
  19. Were more like an Army of Raidens on a mission of Re-Vengence... Destroying everything in out paths to achieve our goals... Whatever those goals are... My goals are hopefully going to be helping red veil, but until then its destroy everything to achieve our own goals... Were Avengers of the Sol system! or something like that... I just see myself as the selfless warrior who believes in sacrifice! The Many outweigh the Few...
  20. I believe a large majority of female players are in amazonian clans... That's not even an insult, or a pun its true. I have seen them myself recruiting. Try asking around, or looking in the clan recruiting area for all female clans. Theres a few.
  21. You can also run towards an ogris rocket, and then slide underneath them... Thats if you like being hardcore lol...
  22. slows down the game... Also havent you tried just crawling behind a box, and using the H button to change camera views? Works about the same.
  23. Corpus all the way! Also a poll in General discussion... Whoa... O_O
  24. So if I build a car I don't have to add the color red it automatically comes with red? Amazing... Who knew the laws of science could bend in such a freakish manner that suddenly plastic/metal/carbon turns red for no scientific reason at all other then to impress someone...
  25. Has anyone ever wondered what are the colors of a warframe freshly made? It seems to be suggested Orokin made Warframes come out White, and brown based no their colors with what we have now. However the Tenno made Warframes don't have a pattern of colors reused. There is no way they are finished with all those colors. Any theories on what a the Tenno made Warframe Factory color is? Its just a thought that has recently started to dawn on me... We never see whats under, we barely see the inner parts with Valkyr... However even with inner parts I don't think we have ever seen their fa
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