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  1. Yeah... more love for those two!
  2. A lot/some of frames have problems with certain armor Cosmetic: some are too small/big and or placed too high/too low. Would we get a ability to manually adjust armor cosmetics like we can with Sigils? (QOL change) Also... Only some Shoulder attachments (like Imugi prime shoulder plates) can hide while Aiming while other especially Big ones on frames with wide shoulders can completely block the view (see Chroma with Piercing eye shoulder armor below for an example). There are instances for the mentioned frames that attachments will block the view while not aiming. What i'm getting at - being fashionable can in a way mean nearly unplayable... Especially when it comes to shooting things if you are to wide. Will the team address that issue in anyway?
  3. Right before the fight on the arena instead my team spawning in the arena where we fight the wyrm we all spawned offmap. My theory was that I was still holding the wyrm when my teammate entered the portal. /unstuck wasn't helpful. ESC menu could be open but was nonoperational. had to ALT-F4 to exit. Secured EE.log if needed
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