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  1. z jakiej poczty korzysztasz ? zgaduje że to właśnie może być problem związany z samą pocztą (która blokuje takie wiadomości)
  2. dla mnie to drzewko jest bardziej dynamiczne od obecnych modów ... A wracając do fana - któś ostanio podawał koncepty 8 bitowej wersji warframe ;p
  3. https://www.google.pl/search?q=warframe+skill+tree&client=ubuntu&hs=sa3&channel=fs&biw=1680&bih=890&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=0V-VVbG9EoWCzAPOm5T4Cw&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ\ raczej nie dobry panie. właściwości modów były generowane losowo (rownierz jak teraz trzy "rzadkości") i miały do trzech statystyk. brakuje mi tego drzewka ... kiedy to gorgon miał 1500 amunicji a Hek miał 12 strzałów w magazynku. a wracając do tematu. Za moich czasów był tylko jeden typ mapy (Corpus ship) >_<
  4. 6 shots... in my dictionary the policeman shot to kill not to "disarm" . if you want to neutralize the suspect you shot the legs not the head... i normally not talking about my family but this is special occasion. one of my parents is a policeman. and as much as he adore the "freedom" of US police at the same time he regrets how unpunished police can be with their actions. the abuse of the force in name of the law ... is scary the S#&amp;&#036; out of me ...
  5. most blueprints are single use only only a few can be reused. the forma pb is one use only. the best farm is void tower 2 i got nearly on each 3rd run a forma/bp
  6. angel is right , it was a forma not bp https://warframe.com/news/special-alerts-weekend-now btw why are you sending us your steam profile ?!
  7. complain - yes whining and/or demanding - a big NO there is a big difference between "I'm buying" and "i can spent money on this".
  8. and mercury have two sides - one that is on the sun side and the "dark" side where sunlight dont come - mercury doesn't rotate
  9. imo is a well deserved nerf - launchers as they where had nearly infinite ammo supply. you cant carelessly shot whenever and/or whatever you want.
  10. missions will be "bold" all the time - the missions with " highlighted frame" are the nodes that are not finished and are accesible, the nods that are " in static" are not accessible. as for me - i cant finish/end/open (whatever you call it) nodes that i have access to when I'm not a host
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