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  1. While it's a nice design almost all snipers need crit at high levels with a decent base damage over 150 but komorex is the weakest sniper of all even with built in ammo mutation its lack of damage and crit really kill its potential when it needs a riven to be usable could you guys at de buff it by 100 base damage 12%cc and .4x crit damage it's just to weak to really use past level 95
  2. I like this update but the 7.5 gigabyte size is a bit overkill dont you think besides we don't need a pure status sniper with the lowest base damage of all it needs high crit stats to compensate for its lack of power
  3. It's a big sniper with bad stats and low crit chance not a good mix for a sniper with an explosive fire mode it needs crit to compensate for the low damage and high status with its vital explosion
  4. I say arch gun rivens are interesting but the highest disposition 1.3 is the same as .9 on pistol it needs to be at least 1.1 on rifle not a really weak stat cap for rivens that take 25 rotations to get and the 1 vitus essence per rotation with trashy rewards isn't helping we need at least 1k kuva per rotation as a drop from a boss to make up for it thanks for understanding de
  5. I do agree guys arbitration is long tedious and 3 rotations is about as rewarding as 1 hour on kuva survival with any boosters and kavat buffs both need revamping more so kuva survival with its poor rewarding it needs to scale with each harvester completed not just a flat 200 base kuva per harvest every time and 25 rotations for 1 riven is a real time waste It should be at least 12 or 15 not 25
  6. I'm actually prepared for this I have my immortal adaptation hildryn for arbitration and I'm 9 vitus essence away from 50 so when it comes on console I can get 2 arch gun rivens
  7. Now they just need to buff tatsu's disposition with melee 3.0 and my riven for it might not be so trashy
  8. I wish the anniversary dex weapons weren't so crappy and in need of a riven what we need is a DeX sniper better then rubico to complete the set
  9. I use Rubicon p everywhere so yeah it's a must have for profit and eidolons but otherwise it was nerfed because of its popularity in trade chat that's how they nerf it because of trade chat and thanks to that opticor will get buffed again since no one wants it now after profit came out only Rubico are wanted
  10. Interesting I see 12 slots on all warframe when I look at them on the warframe app And it only took I think 1 day short of 50 days to get this into cert I just hope it passes and drops before my birthday Saturday February 2nd the day I never want to have anything to do with Just please please please fix mesa prime so you can toggle her prime on the mesa deluxe skin because I tried to turn it on but the toggle wasn't there so please dont remove the prime toggle for us for mesa prime it's just not right every other prime has it but mesa's gets removed for us in this update, instead of removing you could have fixed it instead Hey at least the last phase of profit taker gives 400k credit just like the trials gave and its not a daily reward its per run of phase 4 # credit farm material All these new things and 2 of which stand out confirming that I'm getting rid of Nyx prime and titania because their reworks are pretty passive at best sorry but I'm never using anything except my patriot prime mesa prime with a white and gold battacor and white and gold moa I call moa prime but my mesa is red white and blue with gold accents for flare I finally got rid of my boredom playing warframe but in the process I forgot all my controls after getting back on yesterday after quitting fallout 76 so I'm ready for another long 450 12 hour days and preparing for my dreaded birthday next Saturday February 2nd I honestly can't get anything more exciting profit taker is coming before my birthday but my 1 worry is that with how its set up if you can actually solo it in time I hope the added the magnum force buff to this but no that just dropped yesterday on PC after this went into cert
  11. Give mesa prime a real energy buff of 50-75 not 25 and show us all the stats on the weapons and her
  12. I really hope we get fortuna tomorrow if Microsoft puts it as priority 1 but they wont because there slow to pass a big update like this so we might get it Saturday
  13. Times up de Pc players arnt your priority anymore us console players are and we want fortuna fast before thanksgiving
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