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  1. (XB1)EmpreyonQueen

    Warframe Prime Time #228: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Give mesa prime a real energy buff of 50-75 not 25 and show us all the stats on the weapons and her
  2. (XB1)EmpreyonQueen

    Mesa prime access good absolutely not

    All the items in her access were given the absolute worst joke buffs in existance mesa prime needs atleast 150 or 175 energy and 200 armor not 125 energy 85 armor 135 health and 85 shield you guys failed to give us a good prime access again
  3. (XB1)EmpreyonQueen

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    I really hope we get fortuna tomorrow if Microsoft puts it as priority 1 but they wont because there slow to pass a big update like this so we might get it Saturday
  4. (XB1)EmpreyonQueen

    The broken sniper

    Its broken but de really doesn't care about that if no one posts a video of it doing 120k orange crits on a level 60 dropship the plains with corrosive only like mine
  5. (XB1)EmpreyonQueen

    The broken sniper

    While its not really able to match up in the long run yes but remember it acts like a shotgun with that secondary if your close to an enemy or big drop ship it adds 1 bullet up to 4 extra at 35 meters then its down to 4 after that
  6. (XB1)EmpreyonQueen

    The broken sniper

    Almost yes but keep in mind almost no one uses it so its disposition will keep getting buffed untill its 1.5 and overpowers vulkar that got buffed from 1.4-1.45
  7. (XB1)EmpreyonQueen

    The broken sniper

    Its the 3rd time i unveiled a riven for the same weapon i unveiled it on
  8. (XB1)EmpreyonQueen

    The broken sniper

    Ok thanks because i just unveiled a second zenith riven using my zenith and i gave him my old one so i'll have to tell him he can get it in 18 days but im hooked on it with 10% cc and 34% sc on primary fire it can actually be viable for crits with a riven and secondary can give rubico prime a run for its money now with its extra bullets the closer you get up to 9 with split chamber
  9. (XB1)EmpreyonQueen

    The broken sniper

    Now this isnt actually a sniper but zenith is as close to a sniper an assault rifle will get it got a 10%disposition buff and the secondary fire works like a shotgun but each bullet does 150 base but my question is my friend is almost at day 100 and with the daily tribute rework can he get it at 100 with azima and zenistar
  10. (XB1)EmpreyonQueen

    Consoles fortuna soon?

    Nvm we're not getting it anytime soon late December at the earliest because they still dont have any information on when it will be ready to put into cert for us its beyond unacceptable
  11. (XB1)EmpreyonQueen

    Consoles fortuna soon?

    Yeah but they're not saving their selves with this delay we should've gotten fortuna in late October but they we're to scared to repeat plains now it looks like we'll get it around December 15th because of all the problems pc still has.
  12. (XB1)EmpreyonQueen

    Consoles fortuna soon?

    We're probably not going to get fortuna untill December but hopefully we get it next week i hope
  13. (XB1)EmpreyonQueen

    Consoles fortuna soon?

    Why are they delaying our much deserved fortuna update they need to get 1 last hotfix for pc to fix everything and get it into cert for us today at the latest Thursday night but thats not likely
  14. (XB1)EmpreyonQueen

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.8

    Times up de Pc players arnt your priority anymore us console players are and we want fortuna fast before thanksgiving
  15. (XB1)EmpreyonQueen

    Devstream #119 Overview!

    Still more BS Excuses instead of giving consoles Fortuna im tired of your excuses im not going to tolerate them anymore