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  1. It appears all 4 dudes helped create something for the Glassmaker to amplify his power of glassing so he's gonna go take on the system now.
  2. Heck, let us use the speargun as a melee weapon if we don't have a melee equipped.
  3. Patience must be a lost virtue or something nowadays.
  4. What if it front loaded all of the mastery at 30, so then if you wanted to dump more forma into a weapon people have that option?
  5. Shame I had to miss today's stream, had to go into work, but I do like spy missions. Might try my new Ash build out when I go to Pago.
  6. I'm well aware of the options but personal preference is keep all the frames, and i dislike the foundry icon continually popping up. Edit: besides, there's no reason to rush into this system.
  7. I don't have any free slots at the moment, and I'm waiting on the list. But I do have all 3 components for 4 frames so far. @KnossosTNC if it makes you feel better I have a written list too!
  8. The original story was Lotus, acting under Hunhow's orders, was to have the Tenno defeat the Orokin and then she defeat the Tenno, but she hid them on Lua instead. We also know now that Ballas gave Hunhow info about the Tenno in the Vitruvian. Also also, Lotus/Natah has been brainwashed several times between the war and now, depending on if you believe Erra or Natah more. Basically it's all wonky still. Maybe that's why Stalker hunts us down, he's confused by the timeline too 🤔
  9. Her invulnerability period lasts 3 seconds, and her passive ability is really using her shields as her energy pool.
  10. Ooh ooh! Modular Arch-weapons. Boom, thank me later lol
  11. I would guess modular parts for the mechs is a safe bet. Something somewhere probably has the gear for the Worm fight whenever that gets implemented. Annnnnnnnd conservation.
  12. Prisma might be the route to go with Diriga, unless they decide to give it a Wraith variant instead.
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