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  1. My only issue with the fight is Natah taking up half of the screen when she talks. It's not necessary for her to do that. Shrink her box down to normal size so I can actually see things please. Other than that the fight is pretty straightforward. Got Wisp's parts in about 6 runs, and I'm missing one of the amalgam mods. I just wish there was more incentive to keep fighting the boss now.
  2. Something light/photon based would be neat. Think Takanuva from the OG Bionicle line.
  3. If Destiny has any sort of paid content then WF automatically wins this "war". Not that I really care, and neither should you. At the end of the day people play what they like to play.
  4. It does fit Alad's personality and all, what with capturing frames to make them Zanuka.
  5. Like Kirby, right? I'd be down for that. I think they mentioned Kirby on stream when they showed him.
  6. Woo! Question though @[DE]Danielle, assuming the update goes live next week will Hostile Mergers run concurrently with Plague Star, or will there be a delay for that operation?
  7. Well, there went your credibility. Now I know you're trolling.
  8. Time-gating is part of the free to play business model. It's there so you don't do everything in a day and stop playing. Besides, as abbacephas above me said, you can still do stuff while you wait. XP rolls over once you pass the test.
  9. At this point wouldn't it be easier to craft it and level it up so you can throw it away forever?
  10. Cephalon Cordolyn was one of several cephalons in service to Lotus before she left us. It's possible they still do her work. Take for example any Fomorian or Razorback armada lately. Lotus used to inbox us credit pay and a catalyst/reactor. Now purple Ordis does that, but from a lore perspective its probably Cordolyn or one of the other cephalons that gets that battle pay to Ordis.
  11. Probably a month for me. Do a mission to wave 8, then jump out and do a few other things for a bit, and then do another mission to wave 8. Rinse and repeat. Helped prevent burnout that way, but just took a bit longer.
  12. You should probably educate yourself before you start spouting off nonsense. Edit: DE response to BlindStalker
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