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  1. You can't migrate. Your best bet is to wait for cross-save if that ever happens.
  2. Another example of why drugs are bad. I sure did get a chuckle out of it though 🤣
  3. Have Quellor and Pennant been added yet? I don't see them on the site.
  4. Quoting to highlight importance. There is PLENTY of information here.
  5. Meanwhile, some of us are still waiting for Birdframe Deluxe to show up.
  6. That would require common sense and logic, which seems to be lost to these critics 😂
  7. Honestly the big gun shouldn't let you in the cannon if you don't have any ammo crafted. I can't tell you how many times I've went "oh yeah I need ammo" after I jumped in 😂
  8. It's not a rifle explosive weapon. It's a bow with bomb tipped arrows.
  9. Fair, I usually run maxed arcane sets if I do those sabotage variants so I don't notice anything but I see your point.
  10. Use them until your Mk3 stuff is built. They'll be fine for now.
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