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  1. I like the downtime, simply for the fact that the navigation console screen currently just shows the day/night cycles for the open worlds. Just a clean view in front of me 👌
  2. Same, but then again this is the same studio that said yesterday they anticipated a large traffic volume, and the servers still lagged, so who actually knows if they learned a lesson 🤣🤣🤣
  3. If they're still going with the "we ship what we show" approach and it's all hands on deck for the studio, it could be end-of August/early September as the starting window. But even I think that's generous. Most likely would be aim for November so all December is bug fixes while the studio shuffles around holidays for the employees.
  4. It's dull but the best way I found was do 3 laps around the perimeter of the Vallis map every time I logged on for a while. Each lap is about 10k meters, and 3 laps is just enough before you lose interest for the day.
  5. In theory, yes because all players would be balanced and have equal starts. In reality, no. Not unless DE get dedicated servers. As long as matchmaking is peer to peer it's not going to be a good experience.
  6. The safe bet is we get the content in chunks. Assuming they still go the "we ship what we show" route, the quest could be closer than we think.
  7. LITERALLY was going to post this and you beat me to it. And I absolutely agree, this could be a good way for Invasion 2.0 but some missions we play as a Grineer or a Corpus unit.
  8. Baro shows up if you bought the digital ticket. The timer is for the live show in about an hour. We can interact with the relay as the show is going on.
  9. The maggots will have a resemblance to Excal Prime and the concept art looked hilarious. Also, there's still hope for Akmagnus Prime!
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