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  1. Not gonna lie, completely forgot Dispensary gives archgun ammo 😅
  2. Luckily it's limited by heavy ammo spawning in the mission.
  3. Another point to add, the game struggles with 4 player coop as is (heck 8 man trials weren't great from my understanding) so trying to get a BR to work based on that is doomed from the start.
  4. @[DE]Marcus I believe this is your area of expertise.
  5. Aren't they on a 25 min timer or something?
  6. Gravimag. It's something at least. Real issue is the melee.
  7. Really, the entire NW episodes should have been all completed BEFORE the season even launched.
  8. I've advocated a few times in the past that the thralls should be immune to teammates for a few seconds (I'll say 5 seconds) , and then they're free game as normal. Gives a little time for Revenant to set up something with his thralls but doesn't make him a troll.
  9. Yes, because I can get said things at my own pace.
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