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  1. I could be wrong, but you should only get the inbox message if you own rivens that had their dispositions change.
  2. You'll get different answers, but here's my take: Disruption. Newish game mode that allows you to skew the reward drop tables in your favor. I think Olympus, Mars is the lower-level Disruption mission. I got plenty of Meso relics from it, and I think you can get Lith relics. For Neo and Axi relics you'll have to keep playing and unlocking more planets. Uranus Disruption gives Neo, and when you reach Sedna that Disruption mission gives Axi, as well as another frame. Atlas is new so try going into recruit chat and find groups hunting his relics.
  3. I would guess the problem is you ranked up Dethcube before they got a chance to revert it, but once they saw you were using it they said nope.
  4. The boss fight will come back. I fail to see the point of this thread.
  5. Because there are other ways to get kuva outside of Nightwave.
  6. Sounds like you need more situational awareness.
  7. We get a week off, then there'll be another intermission, then probably another week off, and then the next season. Closest info I could find was from the devstream 131 overview in the housekeeping section: https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-131
  8. (I actually chuckled at that to be honest, lol)
  9. Big nope on the monthly fee.
  10. Actually it was Update 22.12, when a bunch of frames got reworked. Atlas' Deluxe was Update 24.7.
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