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  1. (XB1)Skippy575

    we need a primed streamline

    We don't really need it. Efficiency caps at 175% anyway.
  2. (XB1)Skippy575

    Equinox review

  3. (XB1)Skippy575

    Can we get this pinned somewhere visible?

    If I could find the gif of the arrow being redirected to the search bar I'd insert that here.
  4. (XB1)Skippy575

    Noob Question: How long should it take to farm 20 mods?

    Best advice: kill everything considered an enemy, and break/open all containers you find.
  5. (XB1)Skippy575

    How to Un-Squishy any Framev

    You could always run Infested Impedance instead 😂
  6. (XB1)Skippy575

    It's too big.. (orb Vallis)

    The only thing that throws me off about the Vallis is we come out of the elevator facing west I think.
  7. I'd be down for more enemy variety.
  8. (XB1)Skippy575

    XB1 Fortuna: Update 24

    YAY! I think I had to wait a good 6-7 minutes for the Carriers to spawn during the Vox Solaris quest with the extractor part.
  9. (XB1)Skippy575

    What are your thoughts on a weekly/monthly Platinum reward?

    Microsoft kind of does. I got $5 to use in the Minecraft store, and I think all I did was join the Xbox rewards program or something. Free to sign up and there's surveys and such to do, and sometimes they give you credit for the xbox store or credit for a specific game's store. As I typed this I realized it isn't exactly the same situation but hey an example is an example.
  10. (XB1)Skippy575

    Kuva store.

    As long as the exchange rate is extremely poor dissolving rivens into kuva would be okay.
  11. (XB1)Skippy575

    XB1 Fortuna: Update 24

    Thank you @[DE]Megan and the rest of the console team! I'll be looking forward to playing this after work.
  12. (XB1)Skippy575


    I'm referring to hotfixes that affect the console performance. We get small fixes for bugs that affect the Xbox every now and then.
  13. (XB1)Skippy575

    Chroma Prime Access Ends December 18!

    Normally yes, but it's the holidays! 🎄🎄🎄
  14. (XB1)Skippy575


    Launching on a Monday gives the team time to roll out small hotfixes if needed. Launching today would mean we'd have to wait until Monday to get a fix for something.
  15. The Teralyst bounty would still be available. The full Tridolon bounty would be locked until the requirements are met. But forming pre-made groups could still go Tridolon hunting.