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  1. And Banshee's sonar which is arguably the most powerful damage amplifier in the game.
  2. That is the point of my posts, and other users in this thread. Asking for "harder content" (aka higher level) doesn't change a thing because they can cheese any level, so creaing higher level content does not equal to harder nor challenging content that's being asked for. The way Warframe currently works doesn't allow it, it requires a complete overhaul on every warframe ability, overall damage formulas and energy consuption vs management and a proper enemy AI to play around those new mechanics, as it is right now, it's just brainless linear AI that you'd expect on a mass horde shooting game, you'll never get "harder" nor challengeable content with that.
  3. It doesn't matter what weapons you use nor how long you play a mission if the tactic is always the same regardless of level, cheese perma CC and damage amplification and new and "harder challenging" content won't change a thing, because the only way to get through them will be the same, by cheesing. It wouldn't be a challenge at all, as it isn't right now even if you stay for several hours in a survival, the only difference is you wouldn't have to wait hours to get there, but there wouldn't be challenge either way so no point. Like I said in my previous post, it requires a rework on AI and combat gameplay to achieve "challenging content" with current Warframe mechanics.
  4. I do get your point, and you have to realize you're stacking powerful damage amplification frames in your comp, it doesn't matter what weapon (or tool) you use. I do agree we're too powerful for the level content we currently have to wait in missions for too long for it to be challenged. The issue with this? if DE makes higher level content, the only way to survive through high level burst is with cheese tactics, which lets you basically stay in ANY level content, without challenge. What you want, and probably should be asking for, is a rework on enemy AI and combat gameplay, because the way it is right now is either completely CC cheese the enemy, or get 1shot at high levels. Showing biased clickbaits on youtube won't prove a point.
  5. Not all metal textures are the same, so it varies a lot in gold palettes. If you take a prime warframe with default colors and use a weapon/syandana with the copy warframe colors button, it will show the actual prime gold color in the accent tab, which is #ecc35a, then you look through your yellowish palettes and try to match that exact color.
  6. Kiwinille

    people only stay for one relic in survival.

    Well, at least you say something at the start so people have the choice of leaving without wasting time, which doesn't happen often. If you read op, he's being called toxic for wanting to stay longer in endurance missions and expecting others to do aswell, when there are shorter missions available and others leave at 5 minutes, forcing a extract. If you (not you, just in general) don't like one of the missions and join survival instead just to extract at 5, just being selfish and toxic, why would you say that to someone expecting to play the mission mode as it is. I usually just ask how long people are staying for, specially on lith fissures with rank 1-4 ranges, because those are the first available fissures for newbies and they don't usually have many, that's understandable, but most of the time no one answers, and then proceed to extract at 5 minutes.
  7. Kiwinille

    people only stay for one relic in survival.

    While making a premade argument is true, it kinda fails in here. It's not just about expecting anything from random strangers in public matchmaking, it's about the mission type itself, an "endless" endurance mission, you join that to stay longer than the other missions, specially when there are other shorter fissures up. If you want to extract at 5 minutes, don't join a survival and joing the other fissures instead, you're 'forcing' other players to leave aswell. I never understood why people (and not newbies) only join survivals for 5 minutes other than new players unlocking a node to advance (not the case of a relic fissure) or no other fissure available.
  8. Kiwinille

    new event wraith and vandal weapons

  9. Kiwinille


    No, it is not. Just having Umbral Intensify equipped, it only gives 14% more strength, which is not worth on most frames because it requires you to forma every single slot and kills build variety for different configurations, and if you equip Umbral Vitality or Armor Fiber, you're sacrificing more than 2 slots (and you can't have a full build due to capacity drain) for so little strength. I've tried several builds with them, which required frames to have minimum 6 formas just to get 14% str, and only really worked well on Khora because of her melee mod scaling on her 1. Topic: We probably will never get Primed Stretch. DE has been reducing AoE ranges overall, they're not gonna throw that away. Primed Intensify is a much more needed mod, even Primed Streamline (even though I doubt this one will ever happen either, because corrupted mods are the core of builds).
  10. Kiwinille


    Even if Maiming Strike returned again, it's not a mod that drops in 5 minutes, chances are REALLY low, so in the end it's not different than using that time to farm plat and buy it from other players, except the later is a guaranteed method.
  11. And ruin the in-game economy like literally every other MMO on the planet?
  12. Several points: Different playstyles. Ember is an active-passive warframe. Be active moving around while passively damaging enemies. Equinox's Day form is a nuker, her slash ticks do laughable damage even on strength builds and only work on a premade with buffers and corrosive projections for DPS, relies too much on a squad and falls off really quick on scaling enemies except for her recast nuke. If you're running out of energy or struggling with it, I'm sorry to say you're building her wrong. She's actually one of the lowest energy consumers, even after the WoF change. With the right build you will never run out of energy unless you stand still for several minutes. I can activate WoF as soon as I begin a mission and never run out, she's the only frame I never need to use energy pads, zenurik dash or ask for energy from other frames. Her range is low because of her passive playstyle, but DE compensated that with double dmg on 100% charged WoF, which lets you sacrifice strength mods for range. Your damage on higher level targets is low because you're only depending on her WoF damage, but you have to synergyse it with her 2, mowing through enemies. That's a lazy gamestyle, not hers. But since you're playing with a weird build that you somehow are having energy issues, you can't use her 2 often. Ember's only issue is that she's boring to play because it's too passive, but effective for farming and I personally would like if she got reworked.
  13. So basically, an auction house. Not gonna happen. What we need is an in-game feature that does the same as the market website, trade chat is annoying to keep track of, even with filters, and headache inducing. Would be cool to have it in game instead of having to have it run in the background eating resources like crazy.
  14. Kiwinille

    The Sacrifice: Prime Vault Hotfix 23.1.2!

    Just as regular relic drops from missions in the void that give rewards (survival, defense, interception, etc).
  15. Kiwinille

    Do sentinels/pets need a rework? Also...

    They're fine as it is for automated utilities. The only thing that needs a rework is companion's AI.