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  1. Kiwinille

    Nekros not working correctly?

    DE doesn't want ultra cheese tactics with these alerts. That means no permanent and effortless room cleaning (because of the drones) and camping a single room in survival being in total safety while having a Nekros to go endlessly. Everyone now has to contribute in a survival and for once, follow the game mode mechanics instead of having 100% life support and all life capsules untouched. I was running an orokin survival earlier, we were at 50 mins and our Nekros dc'd, we were holding fine and I was going for life capsules when we were hitting the 20% marks.
  2. Tried going with Titania without knowng exalted weapons didn't work on drones, oh boy. Exploded instantly after pressing 4 to get ouf of razorwing and destroy drones that are so damn hard to see.
  3. Kiwinille

    After War Within quest [SPOILERS]

    That's the quest for the Revenant warframe, not really main story quest. After Chains of Harrow, you should be able to do The Apostasy Prologue in your personal quarters, and then The Sacrifice, which is the latest big story quest, and we just got this new prologue quest which was awesome, creepy and cliffhanging! Just saying you might want to put Revenant's quest aside if you wanna continue with the story ones, it won't affect it.
  4. It's been ages since I have seen a Nova in public matchmaking, let alone a speedva. Speedvas are rare outside of certain content with a premade, why would you use it on public anyway?
  5. Endo/Ayatans has always been good no matter how new/old you are. We just have some vocal people here that automatically assume just because you're max rank, you're not suposed to need any resource anymore. Most of those complaints came from Sortie rewards though, but even at max rank, you can use that endo to max primed mods and sell them for 300 plat or more (on pc), so I never ever had an issue with getting endo/ayatans personally, but people only want rivens from sorties. These alerts are giving S#&$on of endo now, this is really good and might be bad in the long run. Prices will drop because they're not so rare anymore, this will end up affecting new players that sell a couple of ayatans to get that little plat for their starting slots and whatnot. Edit: And the abysmal spawn rate of ayatans in missions is pointless now. No more "oh S#&$ look what spawned, mark it so everyone can get it!" feeling, they're nothing that special anymore.
  6. Kiwinille

    On Equinox Prime

    Not exactly. Equinox is unique, the only frame to build that has different pieces from the usual neuroptics, chassis and systems. Also Chroma had to be that way, because if it was using other prime parts, they're vaulted and/or cuts on the prime release farm because players already own those parts (volt prime neuroptics, ember prime neuroptics, frost prime chassis and saryn prime systems are all vaulted). Now Equinox doesn't have other frame parts, just S#&$load of them, but if we're being logical and DE's relic system to not dilute the relic tables, it would make no sense if they had 8 parts dropping, so it most likely (I hope) would be base BP, Equinox Day Aspect Prime + Equinox Night Aspect Prime (single drops, not building with neuroptics/chassis/systems on each), Equinox Prime Link (?) and whatever extra resource, Forma(s) if they want it to stay classic to her original. Or simply scrap all of it and just make regular neuroptics/chassis/systems prime without the aspects.
  7. Having alt accounts as storages and interacting between them isn't allowed, but what's the stance on it if we use friends as "storages"? like if you play everyday with a friend, and you decide to make him/her hold rivens and at any given time you can ask for them back, would that still be not allowed (other than your own risk of losing rivens because your friend refuses to trade them back)?
  8. It always did, except for a few stubbon that still believe the landing craft is the orbiter.
  9. Kiwinille

    That strange description of the Lotus

  10. Kiwinille

    clans are soundless

    This thing called having fun with friends and clanies on big active clans, specially now that we can use navigation, arsenal and mod upgrading in the dojo.
  11. Kiwinille

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    The changes sound really good on paper, Pablo did a good work on it. We'll have to wait and see next week (hopefully!) to test best buttframe ourselves.
  12. Depends on your priorities. I've spent thousands and thousands of plat to buy nearly the full market, just missing a couple of things, also bought weapon/frame slots for every single one in the game and just making more plat for future deluxes and other cosmetics (and sometimes new frames that I can't bring myself to farm because of bounties).
  13. Kiwinille

    Anyone "main" Khora?

    She is really underrated. I keep seeing 60k+ whip attacks and her double strangledome is really strong, specially on stationary misisons. And her 2 is a good tool to get some stress off from yourself if you don't wanna spend a lot of energy on dome if enemies are swarming you. But we live in the 'nuke or gtfo' era of frames. If a warframe without a 50m+ aoe dps ult is released, people will call it useless. I admit on her release she was bad, but so is every frame at release (or too op *Gara*), but they always monitor for tweaks and they listened with Khora, she's indeed in a good spot.
  14. Kiwinille

    Which Warframe was the worst when it was FIRST released?

    Not really, Wukong was one of the strongest frames with the glaive combo until they fixed range affecting it. I could clean stuff better than other actual room cleaning frames, but since it wasn't a thing that people could pick up by reading abilities like other frames, not many people knew about him and called him useless for a long time.
  15. Kiwinille

    So about that new banshee skin.

    For all we know, they could be working on her, or others already without showing any bit on info, just like they surprised us with Inaros one randomly on an update. The gap between the remaining frames and a second round of skins isn't that big, and that doesn't mean they shouldn't be planning new skins for frames that already have one. Different artists design the deluxes, they even take designs from people not working for DE sometimes, it's not just "this frame doesn't have a deluxe, let's force a S#&$ty one on it even though we have no real inspiration for it and make the players hate it instead of working on skins we're insipired for and will be a better one".