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  1. Kiwinille

    What's The Best Time to Sell Vaulted Primes?

    Be warned though. If you stock them for a long time and DE does a 'mini unvault' like they did with Volt and Odonata, don't make threads that your sets lost value because you hoarded them for so long.
  2. Kiwinille

    Limbo Prime Coming June 19th!

    I'd suggest you to never transmute/sell as trash rivens of tenno weapons, they'll eventually be worth a lot when its prime comes around. It's still Monday 18th (4:24pm ET, the time zone for DE in Canada) for pretty much the rest of the world unless you live in the far east asian countries or Australia. Update will most likely be around this time, but tomorrow.
  3. I'm not a web developer expert and don't know if you guys have full control over the forums customization but with the Sacrifice, the influx of new spoiler threads is huge. Most people keep it nice, but even with the spoiler tag, some thread titles still give away spoilers. While I'm to date with the story and I don't get spoiled (I pretty much avoid general discussion when a heavy patch launches), I still feel bad specially for console players that have to wait longer. So my suggestion, if possible, would be threads with the spoiler tag (the real tag, not SPOILER in the title) automatically hide the thread's title and have a forums settings to toggle it on or off, this would save a lot of work from moderators and no risks for those who want to visit the forums and not be spoiled.
  4. It's just for immersion and RP (for now? who knows). Some people like to role play and want their characters to be good, bad or neutral. It also gives us some some dialog changes in cutscenes. And for those who don't care about the above, it's just a profile icon.
  5. Kiwinille

    Will Baro ever bring new mods?

    I doubt we'll ever get it. It would completely shift the current builds with corrupted mods and fleeting expertise, which would affect your duration, then you would have to counter duration and so on for a strong build, Primed Streamline would take that corrupted mod counter away and buils would end up way too strong. Same reason we probably won't see Primed Stretch either, seeing how DE is changing abilities range to be smaller with revisits. But I'm still hopeful for a Primed Intensify someday, Umbral Intensify is just 44% vs 30% for the cost of unformable polarity lol.
  6. Kiwinille


    There are pros and cons to the new exalted system, but the pros outweight the cons. Yes, you have to forma way more but who cares honestly. Gives us stuff to do for those of us sitting of stacks and stacks of forma, you can either buy packs of 3 for 35p really cheap or craft them daily. And now you can have powerful builds while being able to use your weapon of choice. If someone is leveling weapons passively while using an exalted weapon frame (not necessarily getting all the kills with the frame using the exalted), you were forced to at least have a forma'd weapon with full mods build that affected that exalted, wasting 1 weapon slot or wasting mod slots in those weapons to have more fire rate for the exalted. I just slapped some mods on Valkyr's talons without formaing and not a full build yet, and I kept criting for 60k+ everytime, it's nuts and now we're free to have whatever build on melees we want (if you wanna wear a melee at all). Edit: And apparently after reading comments in this thread and in the past, it passively increased the QoL for the builds. Now you don't need to ask yourself "what weapon should I use for this frame?" because they didn't matter anyway, only the mods in them, but many people seem to complain that their X weapon stats are now lower or gone when they weren't there to begin with.
  7. Someone needs to call S.C.S. (Space Child Services), there is no space mom anymore, she abandoned ship for good and I don't think there's a way of getting her back as she was and continue like nothing happened.
  8. Kiwinille

    So... whats the sacrifice?

    Ballas said it, all miracles require sacrifice. The 'miracle' of turning people into infested warframes (Umbra), the original warframe(s?) before the Primes came around which were controllable by the operators.
  9. Kiwinille

    Twitch Drops and console spoilers

    They said it affects all platforms so no player feels left out, and then when it launches on console, they'll run it again. So you can either do it now or wait. Also the sacrifice quest doesn't take long to complete and there is no after-quest gameplay mechanics like operators or sorties and stuff like that. Streamers don't spoil stuff unless they're actively discussing what happened in the quest all the time and most partners already did the quest, so there's no gameplay spoiler in their streams. if all of that fails and you still want the drops, you could always just mute the stream and afk for a couple of hours while you do something else.
  10. Kiwinille

    Faction Codex Completion

    I'm almost there too, but I'm sad that it's impossible to complete the codex entries. Unique enemies from quests like Infested Mesa from the Patient Zero quest, if you didn't know you'd have to scan something by the time you did the quest, well you missed it and it's not replayable (yet?). Or the Jarvas Golem from the infested raid, which is gone now. Or the white charges from the defection event that spawned then Kavors died. Or Misery acolyte, which despite of the event coming back, this specific acolyte didn't. Those are some of the few I'm missing and won't be able to complete regardless 😞
  11. Kiwinille


    I got it after entering operator arsenal to rank up focus nodes. It's evolving and now talks in your head 😧
  12. For those who want the primes, there's not much to discuss because whatever the community says, be it founders or non-founders, nothing will (nor should) change regarding the founder rewards. On my personal opinion, they made an expensive risk purchase trying to save a game (and a company) and blindly hoping for the best. People could argue that non-founders can also spend thousands of dollars now, but how many of those would have spent money if they didn't know the game was successful now? and that's the big merit of founders. We can now enjoy a healthy game and keep it alive. With the additions of Lato Vandal, Prisma Skana and Excalibur Umbra, we have pretty much the stat-equivalents for the gameplay quality and founders still retain the exclusivity of their early efforts. We completionists don't deserve them just because, it's something we have to deal with. And about the mastery affinity they got, it's not a big deal at all. If DE releases enough gear just so founders can rank up like they did with PoE, it is still not a big deal as it would just be for a couple of months and having in mind we're already MR25 halfway to 26, we don't need that rush of rank, we have enough limits cap to not get affected by 1 mastery rank and waiting for new weapons released should not be a problem at all.
  13. Kiwinille

    Update 23 questions spoilerish I guess

    There's a new collection bundle that has all the new plat umbra stuff in the market. Then you can go to the operator appearance on accesory cosmetics tab and there will be some there that aren't included in the bundle. You can also buy the items separatedly if you dont want to spend 500+p right away, just check the names in the bundle list and use the search box.
  14. 73% range is pretty low though. People usually want 150-200% range on their whips.
  15. Kiwinille

    Are umbra mods worth it?

    DE said they're working on secret projects, maybe Tau is one of them and coming sooner than we expect. I mean all we can do is speculate as always, but I saw it really random that just now we get mods with specific sentient damage/resistance effects when there's not much to fight except Eidolons, and people have been hunting them for months now, those effects aren't even needed since one of the core mechanic of the fight is going into operator void mode and resist everything anyway and the last thing the Eidolon fights need now are more damage output, otherwise they wouldn't have bothered fixing Chroma Lol.