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  1. Hello! Few months ago my pc died and can't play stuff anymore and can't afford a new one, so I sadly had to stop playing Warframe. But I was told by a close relative that I would be getting a free PS4 in a couple of months. I really miss Warframe, one of my favorite online games that managed to hook me for years and not willingly abandoning it. I had a MR27 account back when the test was released and when I was forced to quit, and almost the entire market purchased, and keeping up with Baro and lots of cosmetics and stuff that usually takes a long time to rng farm. Would you consider it worth coming back and starting from 0, losing years of progress and time consumed, to start again on PS4? Part of me wants to because I really miss Warframe, but part of me is like 'ughhhhhh, getting everything again'. I love collecting stuff in games and the thought of having to repeat a long grind pushes me back a bit. What would you guys suggest?
  2. Welcome to the world of clickbaits.
  3. Catch-up feedback: Good. That's actually what I suggested in one of the threads and I'm glad it's coming, but the implementation is a bit concerning. You're making it so they appear after you complete all your current weekly acts, but what if there's one you can't complete? be it by newer players or "pc specs". I know, I know the pc specs part is not DE's problem but here's the thing. If a player can't handle Profit Taker fight in the Vallis for example, they could opt to skip that one and wait for a new reset because you only needed 60% of acts to reach max rank or so, but with that new catch up mechanic that option is gone. Also, in addition to missed acts being accesible, what about giving every act an optional bonus? Say you got for example a "Complete 3 Spy Missions" act for like 3.000 standing, then it would have a bonus challenge for not triggering any alarms or being detected for an extra 500~1.000 standing (numbers are just examples).
  4. Shield Pillage is not bugged but her synergy with the squad is on old Limbo levels. We all know armor scaling in this game is out of hand, and dealing with them is one of the most important objetives on long/high level missions, while in the other hand shields are not a problem (not even in long Index runs). No one mods to get rid of shields, but most players mod to get rid of as much armor as possible. There will most likely always be someone in the squad with armor stripping mechanics, including CP. All of this makes Hildryn's 2 basically do almost nothing against armor, specially at lower levels as enemies have low amounts of armor. When you mod properly for it, she recovers a lot from high level grineer units, because have S#&$loads of armor, but squads use CP to counter that and render her 2 useless if you use 4 CP, it doesn't work at all. Simply put, an optimally built squad makes Hildryn useless unless you only do low level missions. You have to forcefully gimp yourself and your squad in order to be able to use her kit on her full potential by not building against enemies resistances. This is a huge flaw when armor scaling is out of control and needs huge countermeasures.
  5. It's not about using that strength to kill drones, it's about using that strength so every frame can be viable in this 1 life mode, so not only tank frames can do it effortlessly. Gives more run to build "tankier" on squishy frames by not having to mod str at all and build defensive instead while remaining powerfull on the horde killing. There aren't THAT many drones spawning anyway, and if abilities could hit them, everyone would cheese the hell out of it just like we're able to cheese hours and hours long endless modes.
  6. Should also add that people hunting them are already on max rank with them, we already have enough easy ways of obtaining extra rep for whatever left we need to get easily.
  7. Wukong's range was a bug, Nuke Trinity or other 'permutations of op frame powers' were not. The simple reason why they had similar or even longer duration and weren't penalized is because the game already has a way to do what they were doing but with different frames, so they weren't completely breaking nor bypassing the game mechanics, but all these changes arrived because it finally was abusable in ESO, a mode based on kill/time in which their above-average aoe dmg was way higher than nuke abilities due to dmg output not being from abilities, but weapons instead, being hundred thousands, instantly killing everything. Same thing happened with Chroma being 'bugged' for years, but it broke nothing or made it any different than other warframes and the game mechanics until Eidolons came out and he bypassed it effortlessly. Wukong and Chroma is/was popular for being below average on terms of gameplay, so allowing them to have this amount of power was like a bandaid for them until content abused by them came out. Now in the other hand, there is no game mechanic to bypass the affinity grind in mere seconds. Yes we have ESO and other fast missions, but that's still not seconds to max something and bypass the grind mechanic. The game offers you an affinity booster if you want to speed things up, this exploit removes the need of said booster and it hurts DE, and in return it would end up hurting us.
  8. You can also report it via support tickets. In fact, with game breaking exploits like this, it's highly recommended you do so this way, so it doesn't get publicly known and exploited like this one did, even worse when it's promoted and detailed on how to exploit it with youtube videos. I agree permabanning can be seen as too harsh but don't forget, whether it's the player's or developers' fault, it's the intention behind it. This is not an exploit that you accidentally come accross, like I said several times now, you had to get out of your way to learn and produce it, it was completely intentional and the malicious intent of bypassing the game mechanics, no matter the reason behind it. No game code is perfect and bug-free, but it was not DE's intention to be it that way, and again, it was not a bug that would happen on its own while playing normally. Saying it's not the players fault when the players themselves produced the exploit intentionally on something they know is not intended, is ridiculous. It's like saying stealing something from a shop that has a hole in a wall instead of legally buying it, is the shop owner's fault for not knowing it while the people get to keep stealing things until the wall is fixed while having the priviledge of being immune to the law.
  9. That would make sense if the the exploit didn't require going out of your way to intentionally produce it for your benefit, it would be completely different if it was related to normal gameplay and no way to avoid it other than not playing the game. One could argue that permabanning these players is harsh, but trying to justify the exploit is ridiculous. People who did it knew what they were getting into.
  10. I've had huge stacks of forma just by daily crafting without effort, without doing plague star nor spending plat on it, and I'm not the only one, just saying. It might not be harmful for us on a non competitive pve game as players, but it's harmful for a company with a game based on farming to have its mechanics bypassed, when the game also has boosters to generate income for people who want to speed things up without completely breaking the grind mechanic.
  11. Just letting you know how ironic this is after every single post of yours in this thread. You're being explained, educated of how things work and you're ignoring everything completely biased on your own opinion that has nothing to do with each topic being discussed and trying to find a way to somehow justify whatever you're trying to argue about with people trying to "be right".
  12. Which is completely different from willingly knowing it's an exploit that requires a very specific way to produce it, intentionally.
  13. You're comparing apples with oranges. Speeding enemies doesn't break their game, and it even might end up harming the players for not being ready as enemies shoot faster aswell. It's nowhere near the explot level of literally standing still and ranking up your entire arsenal in seconds. Speedva doesn't bypass any game mechanic, this exp exploit did.
  14. You're just being ridiculous after all these posts. It wasn't an exploit that could casually happen during normal gameplay, you had to deliberately go out of your way to produce it, willingly and knowning it was not intended and highly abusable. It's not a "mechanic" nor a "clever use of game mechanics". Nothing in the game allows you to level up items this fast by barely doing nothing, you must be completely naive if you think this is something that people find out casually and "don't know the intention of a mechanic".
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