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  1. Damn understandable on the 8x but now fugitves only give half the standing they were because vallis booster affects them but not the weekend one
  2. Thats understandable but the fact that now fugitives arent doubled is annoying. Hey everyone double resources but one of those resources gets halfed....
  3. I should be getting 8x resources on the vallis with all the boosters active but it seems like the weekend bonus is overwritting the vallis resouces booster and im only getting 4x. And it is overwritting for sure because now fugitives give half the xp they should in the vallis during buried debts
  4. Thats what toggle means... you shouldnt have to hold. Just click to activate and deactivate. Check your settings
  5. Thank you for something helpful. From the videos i saw it looked like it was as soon as event started so thanks for clarification
  6. The update came out today hence why i can see that im dont getting double...
  7. This has nothing to do with bugs or pc getting things first. This event on pc had double resources. They however forgot to flip that switch on console
  8. Pc had double resources and creds in the vallis during this event but it doesnt seem to be working with the event now live on console.
  9. With this event pc got double resources and credits while in the vallis. Why is this not on console too?
  10. Where are are the double resources and creds that pc got in the vallis for this event?
  11. Xbox, sony, or Nintendo whoever is holding up the cert get your butt in gear. Pleeeease
  12. This makes it very confusing when tennogen is released and shown off on pc then its a guessing game if the skin you want will make it to console. Getting hyped up just to be let down is a big dissapointment. Maybe when the skins are first shown on pc you can clarify which ones are coming to console and which arent. Ive been looking forward to the chroma skin from round 14 and to learn is delayed further hurts especially when i watched tygastripe the other day and he had a old chroma skin thats not on console either. When will old tennogen like this be added? These skins in 4 marketplaces rather than one would help those creator get more acknowledgement.
  13. out of the past 4 twitch drops ive gotten only 2. Only difference is that i used twitch on pc instead of one of the apps. Why cant this be fixed
  14. Can you guys fix kuva not showing in mission results screen when looked at after closed the first time.
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