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  1. I have mo issues anymore getting twitch drops UNLESS they are ducats!!! For some reason that reward never comes thru. Im going to record myself watching the stream because missing out on all the ducats ever offered hurts
  2. So nightwave ends at 11:59 but all but one daily challenge reset 4hrs earlier. I feel bad for the ppl mislead to thinking they had the evening after work to bust out the last few challenges... hope you only needed 1000. If you watched the ingame timers youd know but when you give a specific time ppl dont think they need to look at timer and do the math as to what time it ends
  3. Drops havent workwd past couple weeks. Im linked and have even relinked. Missing aura forma not end of world but if this issue causes me to miss the emphemera from tennolive ill be upset
  4. Can you fix entering an arbi a little bit before the hour and then staying past the next hour only to have it say you did the current hours arbi so you have to wait til tge next hour to play. Example start 2:50 stay for 80mins, get out at 4:10, cant play another arbi until 5.
  5. Its very disheartening to play 20mins of eso, mind you after hours of playing it getting unneeded relic, and finally get a decent drop of lato barrel (2%) only to have a host migration during the countdown after round 8 to extract causing the timer to hit zero mid migration and everyone losing their rewards since i assume it ends the mission but with no host at that exact moment it just loads the mission like it ended but no history of it exists. Im just waiting for this to happen on blazing step (1%) so that after ive already grinded 12+hrs i get to do another 12+hrs again because a bad design decsion and bad luck immedietly after extremely good luck. To boil it down hosts need to be handled better so rewards not lost and the affect luck has needs to be diminished. Give me something thatll take the same 12hrs but i know that ill get it after that much time. Bleeding body ephemra is good example.
  6. Are all signature weapons eventually getting bonuses with the respective frame?khora got left out even tho she was released between other frame that got buffs
  7. Will the dual energy color fixes/changes from more recent pc update apply or is this the same energy pc shipped with initially?
  8. I dont see anything about the specific riven changes this update. I only see for last time rivens updated
  9. Thats what toggle means... you shouldnt have to hold. Just click to activate and deactivate. Check your settings
  10. Where are are the double resources and creds that pc got in the vallis for this event?
  11. Xbox, sony, or Nintendo whoever is holding up the cert get your butt in gear. Pleeeease
  12. out of the past 4 twitch drops ive gotten only 2. Only difference is that i used twitch on pc instead of one of the apps. Why cant this be fixed
  13. Can you guys fix kuva not showing in mission results screen when looked at after closed the first time.
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