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  1. This is just an option for anything other than the loading screen take bloom off. I don't really have issue taking bloom off. The loading screen is really annoying.
  2. the only pet interaction that I want on top of what they have is to play with the pet with a PET TOY. Or what you can do is only when your pet out ( your ship) your pet toy randomly responds in a different place on the floor which makes it look like the pet is playing with the PET TOY. I feel it was kind of a let down knowing I just spent plat on a pet toy and the pet doesn't even play with it. Or maybe its just me.
  3. But on to my real question is the chance booster for 3 hours how often is people going to abuse it?
  4. I took the challenge and too a screen shot of all of them. And one of the options that i had which was the right answer by its own system said it was wrong. This particular one.
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