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  1. The Secret service We are a small Storm clan with 17 and we're looking for active players to build a strong clan and help each other in the game. Requirements • Accept any MR • Inactivity period must not exceed 20 days. • Contribute resources to the dojo whenever possible. • Be respectful of other members at all times. • Must have discord. Benefits • Friendly and toxic-free environment. • Research is complete • We have discord server and warframe bot • Clam emblem. If you're interested PM your IGN
  2. I would love to have that fat warframe. I know they showed it on the dev stream ( or prime time idk honestly which) but i think that would be amazing. I know its just concepts but i wonder what ability what aesthetics it would have. I would buy that on the spot lol. what do you guys think of having a bigger warframe. Like what ability's what would look like
  3. Is it possible to Get all the hashes?
  4. How extensive are the pets going to be or the build enabled secondary?
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