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  1. Seems like Trump is trying to take everything away from the public. I just am fearful that Warframe might be hit with a ban because of being owned by Tencent now... Could someone from DE address this for American players? Hate to move countries for a game .... But ill do it!!!!
  2. So ive infused ivara's quiver, it needs the cycle option above the ability cause idk which arrow im picking and i only want the dashwire anywho
  3. Ngl i spotted 9 within 4 minutes. Try using ARCHWING
  4. Uh... Make it damage Eidolon shields with void damage...
  5. Well i sure appreciate the two nano applicators... Just come out and say its a Mythical Resource lol Ran 3 trivaults after hotfix didnt see or get any scintallants 😭
  6. But all in all, good job at keeping us in the loop with hotfixes
  7. Man.... Take son out of the mix. The tranquilizer shindig is absolutely horrible on this world due to all the plethora of level elevations. Or atleast make the animal a marked target like a capture target.
  8. So what about pc's duration of increased droprates from the update they had? Do we get time extensions on our boosters bought specifically for steel path?
  9. Cool thanks. Can i have half the standing back for the nidus bp i bought?
  10. Tennolive relay visiters get the items but those who had tennocon relay havent seen yadda. Its cool tho I just wanna let you guys know youre appreciated and dont owe us nada 💜
  11. Seen that switch is having offline issues with Alliance mates, just wanted to throw out there my Alliance is also experiencing said bug
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