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  1. Can we have some insight of 'great economy changes' someone always loses. Try suggesting a public npc auction hut that all can bid. Like maroo's
  2. Why not use previous "New material" for new material blueprints? Why must each chapter introduce another material grind. Revitalize the crafting aspect
  3. itd be awesome if there was an expansion featuring a chase with the operator only, say in cetus where warframe gets emp'd and you gotta chase bad guy with operator into the Unum tower. or just plain operator capture/ rescue missions, geared to be slower paced and have different drops in caches such as +40% operator speed and such. then give a dynamic defence made to be challenging to operator survival, with a cinematic of some sorta release a imprisioned tenno or something at the end
  4. The Samadhi Skin when using Titania's agile animation puts the Naru syandana coming out of Wukong's face.
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