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  1. But if DE tend to keep using these minor AI. They should add status immune to every Summonable AI ability to not hinder the AI functions.
  2. Then break the glass? I mean, thats the weakness.
  3. The warframe specter can be knocked down but getting Heat proc or Impact proc wont get them stunned since they are basically us the players. If you get Heat proc you wont get Panic effect. But the minor AI does.
  4. I think the Mind Control need to have Status immune so that your minions cannot be stunned or knockback. Similar to having Warframe Specter crafted from Foundry.
  5. Heres mine Nyx Passive - Shared Psyche Description - Whenever Nyx receive energy or health, a portion of the restore will give to nearby allies, including pets and sentinels. Details : Range : 20meter Energy restore : 50% Health restore : 50% Important details : All regenerative types like Energy Siphon, Rejuvenation auras, Octavia's Passive can also benefit the passive. Ability 1 - Mind Control Description 1. Removes Wind Up damage buff 2. Give Mind Control targets periodic AOE attack 3. Strength stat Details : Energy cost : 25 Range : 60meter Duration : 30 seconds Details of Area of Effect attack : Cooldown : 10 seconds Elemental type : Corrosive Damage : 100 Status chance : 100 Range : 20 meter Augment - Exalted Control Description Allow Nyx to benefit Mind Control targets with Secondary weapon mods. Duration reduced to half - 30 > 15 Important details : 1. Mind Control will not instantly create AOE attack when Nyx initial cast the ability. Allow for room of balance. A. Cooldown start when Nyx finish the cast. 2. Corrosive allow Mind Control to fight against most armored targets which also benefit Nyx and other players. 3. Mind controlling a "Broken" target will improve its stats Ability 2 - Psychic Break Description 3 Set abilities for specific objectives and mechanics. 1. Broken 2. Willpower 3. Coordinate I. Broken : Description This is a normal Psychic bolts ability. Details : Energy cost : 50 Number of bolts : 6 Debuff percentage : 80% Duration of debuffs : 11 seconds Number of "Broken" targets : 6 Duration of "Broken" mechanic : 30 seconds Important details : 1. Benefits of Mind Controlling "Broken" debuffed enemies A. Increase movement speed by 50% B. Increase fire rate by 30% C. Mind Control gain random Eximus aura For Mind Control targets only 2. Benefits of Chaos targets taking "Broken" debuff A. Take 100% extra damage from Mind Control attacks "Broken" duration is independent from the debuff duration. Mind controlling a "broken" will restore number of target. The benefits will last until Mind Control/Chaos duration ends. II. Willpower Description Area of effect buff to allies (not self). Details : Energy cost : 50 Range : 15m Duration : 15 seconds Buff details : Damage reduction : 50% Energy leech : Immune Status effect remove upon receive buff III. Coordinate Description Commands the Mind Control and "nearby" Broken and Chaos targets to attack a single target. This also link nearby enemies to take portion of damage done to the target. Details : Energy cost : 50 Range cast : 30m Range of Command : 10m Duration : N/A Link damage take percentage : 10% Link range : 10m Mind Control damage : 200% Broken targets damage : 100% Chaos targets damage : 100% Important details : 1. The Link will spread any damage including Warframe abilities and weapons, hazard environment etc. 2. The Link does not spread status effect. 3. Coordinate will override "Broken" and Chaos targets until the Link target dies A. "Broken" targets temporary become immune allies B. "Broken" targets accumulate damage taken during immunity state. C. When the Link target is killed, "Broken" take its accumulated damage. 4. The duration of Mind Control and Chaos when commanded halts until Link target die. 5. Coordinate remove Pacifying Bolts effect. 6. Coordinate does not remove Chaos effect. Ability 3 - Chaos Description Same ability, create friendly fire to enemies. Details : Energy cost : 75 Range : 25m Duration : 25 seconds New augment - Second Coordinate Description Enemies that initial effected by Chaos will group up to Nyx's location during her cast. Pacify enemies for 10 seconds after entering the standing point. Details : Range of standing point : 10m Duration of the pacify : 10 seconds. Important : Does not command the Psychic Break's Coordinate. Group up mechanic can be overriden by Psychic Break's coordinate. Ability 4 - Absorb Description Same ability with removal and added changes. Details : Energy cost : removed Energy cost per sec : 4 Energy cost per 1000 damage absorbed : 8 Range explosion : 10m Range improve per 1000 damage absorbed : 10m Damage conversion : 0.03% Minimum explosion damage : 1500 Damage falloff : removed Passive gain explosion damage : removed Passive multiplier per second : 1.0x Status chance for each damage types : 50% (can be benefit from multiplier) Weapon damage buff : removed During meditative state : Absorb allies damage taken : 0.10% (converting into absorbed damage) Range to allies : 20m Absorb allies' pets and robotics damage taken : 0.10% Allies weapon accuracy : 50% Allies weapon projectile speed : 60% Allies' ability energy cost : -25% Explosion state : Range to allies : 20m Allies gain resistance to respective absorbed damage types : 20% Resistance duration : 10 seconds Allies knockdown immune : 100% Allies knockdown immune duration : 5 seconds Mind Control knockdown immune duration : 30 seconds Important details : 1. All buffs and benefits to allies cannot be gained by Nyx, but allow for her equipped Pets and Robotics, Mind controls and Coordinated "Broken" to gain it. 2. Nyx's allied pets and controlled enemies allow her to absorb their damage taken.
  6. Who plays an online game that cost you to buy internet without part/full time job?
  7. thousand corpses of Frost warframe volunteers
  8. Weird, back then i thought being immune to damage also mean immune to status effect.
  9. The warframe specter in general is overpowered : 1. It wont get stagger from getting attacked by enemy weapons (except explosion, hooks from scorpion and ancient) 2. Although clunky movement, they wont take cover, which allow them to dps without pause. i get it that AI is S#&$ atm, but atleast Warframe AI is golden S#&$ than those hostile faction AI.
  10. cuz its Warframe Specter AI they used, simple, honest, direct. all other minor AI like those enemy factions are basically trash.
  11. because DE havent overhaul every AI in this game. the only great AI are those warframe specters or any NPC that use that AI. i wish all AI use that since its very simple and powerful.
  12. More like, most annoying grind mechanic. 5 min per 4-6 ambulas codes but require 40 codes to enter one mission.
  13. Actually i like the Nyx mind control + negative STR Nova molecular prime which allow Nyx to have powerful minion with increased fire rate and movement speed. I wish, the Mind Control have base addition to 1. Increase their speed (due to the game's flaw for summoner frame having slow moving minions) 2. Damage are multiplied by Pistol Mods equipped to your 2nd weapon. 3. Multiple minion control. But for this to happen. DE need to remove, 1. Wind up damage 2. Mind Freak 3. Immune to damage by other source (except Allies or player so that they can be killed since they have strong dps)
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