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  1. It could have new slot exclusive for Shield or as Exilus Or as universal sentinel and pet mods.
  2. Warframe's shield doesnt have much powers when it get damaged or destroyed. So we add new augments that give us temporary defenses or offense whenever the shield is hit by specific damage. My personal reason to have augments for frame's shield is to give the players more playstyle AND survivability, that include helping the squishy frames. The shield augments could be farmed at Arbitrations/Elite Sanctuary Onslaught if DE prefer it. Phoenix Shield (or any elemental based) : When shield is destroyed, passively create an instance of AOE heat status effect for 10 range and increase heat damage by 50% for 5 seconds. Cooldown : 15 seconds. Immortal (Hildryn like passive) : When destroyed, health is immune to damage for 2 seconds. Cooldown : 10 seconds. These two are just examples. It might also implement for Sentinel/Pet mods as support based.
  3. Its equivalent of Dragon Nest's instance dungeons. Kill certain enemies to proceed to stages.
  4. Psychic Bolts increase damage taken by 500% on debuffed targets. Only Mind Control and Chaos deal bonus damage. Psychic bolts force commands Mind control and chaos targets to attack debuffed targets. These new mechanic will make her whole new mind manipulation warframe. It would also good vs Bosses considering the debuff remove 100% defenses and they take 500% more dmg from Mind Control and Chaos.
  5. When i see creative players make their great custom stuff in the game and upload their codes to play those things hit me with ideas. If this "workshop" or "World Editor" system update into Warframe, you think DE might give us tools to help the game? Especially in terms of Warframe powers.
  6. In the recent update that Psychic bolts now allow the ability to be recast through normal button (2#) without holding that button for 2 seconds to debuff new targets. But what bothers me that Mind Control only attack enemies nearest to them. So to add this new mechanic will tell DE to overhaul AI pathing. *Command debuff" When any enemy is affected by Psychic Bolts debuff will "mark". Mark will override Mind Control's and nearest Chaos enemies (when cast PB) AI to only attack the marked targets until its "defenses debuff" duration ends or killed. Additional add 500% damage taken to PB targets but only apply to Mind Control and Chaos.
  7. 1. Passive need to be : Enemies suffered by Nyx's abilities (Psychic bolts and Chaos), when killed will give 50% damage reduction and 5 energy per second for 5 seconds. 2. Mind Control should gain Exalted weapon modding for proper DPS with elemental vs enemy types. 3. Psychic bolts without limited 6 debuffed enemies since it cost 50 energy with 100% efficiency. additional, Psychic bolts amplify damage taken by 500%. 500% bonus only work for Chaos and Mind Control targets. with more option, Psychic Bolts mark the debuffed targets that Commands both Mind Control and Chaos to attacking them.
  8. I think the maths for the energy consumption per damage threshold needs to change. Tbh, Absorb shouldnt consume energy if Allies deal dmg to your bubble.
  9. Absorb's Assimilate augment remove friendly fire dmg to your bubble. The problem with the mechanic is not friendly fire, but worst AOE damage as a result. It should just instant kill enemy if it use all her energy pool.
  10. Every game's rng is the core problem. Its unrewarding.
  11. And yet, DE watch LifeofRio video everyday for ideas and feedback. So if we tell Rio to do a video about specific things that are underwhelming, DE might help.
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