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  1. Scaleable damage throughout enemy level. Radial Javelin, Nyx's Mind Control and prerework Psychic Bolts, Mag's Pull and Crush, Ember's every damage based abilities, Vauban's Tesla, Titania's Razorflies Nekros' Shadow of the Dead If these abilities or abilities that i havent mentioned should they gain buff based on enemy's max health (armor/shield optional), will they be viable or still not enough?
  2. XenMaster

    Chroma Prime is not a fun Warframe

    Examples of rework for Chroma's Spectral Scream and Effigy. 1. Both abilities now deal damage based on enemy's max health. 2. Spectral Scream now instance cast, similar to Banshee's Sonic Boom wide and range attack, Chroma will breathes elemental and procs it on enemies, dealing 20% (max health) chosen elemental damage. 3. Effigy stay stationary, its attack similar to Ignis (same it was), but deal 10% max health chosen elemental damage. 4. Effigy also gain new rework its crowd control (Crowd Dispersion and Stun AOE). Crowd Dispersion will weaken enemies by taking 50% extra damage. Stun AOE open up finisher attack for 10 seconds. 5. Effigy gain one new nuke type AOE. Similar to "Spectral Scream rework from number two idea", Effigy breathes elemental and dealing 20% max health. Upon getting proc status effect, additional mechanic occur by proc random secondary elemental. (If heat is chosen through colour palette, Gas, Radiation or Blast will be chosen to proc after the Spectral Scream's first proc.
  3. XenMaster

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    We need moar. MOAR
  4. Because they are already invincible except getting crowd control, damage buff from "Wind Up" + Mind Freak is still not enough due to "armor" and "shield". To give proper buff for the mind control for any type, any enemy they shoot or already attack them will debuff that tracked target with 50% armor reduction, shield reduction and health reduction. This is to make sure Mind Control are not forced to synergize with Psychic Bolts just because the 2nd ability have strong debuff. (unless Psychic Bolts force Mind Control to attack the debuffed enemy which is a good feature for psychic frame). Adding new mechanics where Mind Control get (optional) 1. Mind Control give damage resistance (DR) for Nyx and Allies within Affinity range. 2. Mind Control gain pseudo exalted weapon similar to Exalted frame. 3. Nearby enemies become terrify and their health is leeched by Mind Control 4. Different enemy type Mind Controlled = different aoe buff or aoe offensive (like Titania's tribute)
  5. XenMaster

    Feels like DE swamped themselves

    Well kinda hard to balance a game if player and the ai can oneshot each other.
  6. Yes, the only composition to make Ember semi viable is to have either Staticor corrosive build or 4x corrosive projection/shield disruption for her to use her potential against flesh.
  7. My theory is that, DE is going to implement every mission node on the planet with Railjack feature. Lets just say "Capture mission" on Corpus ship in space around Pluto. That normal fast to progress mission will force players to fight dozen of archwing enemies, send some players into the ship, and hunt down the target, capture it, and leave the ship asap? If DE implement the Railjack like this (unless its a Raid mission with multiple bosses in one ship), it will be bad. Unless they buff up the drop table for the mission and exp.
  8. XenMaster

    Sustainable Content (a response to DE Steve)

    Companions 2.0 Overhaul of sentinels and pets. My own example is that their stats are scaled with enemy level. So, they can actually survive from getting oneshot, deal good decent damage and not one hitting low level because scale with enemy level.
  9. When I heard about Neural Sentry, I think i had an idea for sentinel version of the ability. Neural Sentry is a security protocol that turns any enemy that enter "Orokin Tower" into Corrupted, turning into mindless soldiers that protect the tower as long the implantation device is attached to their facial structure. This is the Portable version of Neural Sentry with 3 precepts added when crafted. "Sensor is a sentinel with Neural Sentry upgrades, capable of manipulating enemies into allies". The three precepts will be : Implant : Sensor will produce 3 implant and home into nearest 3 enemies, regardless of enemy types. Attaching enemy with the device will stun them for 5 seconds. Corrupt : Sensor will corrupt enemy with implanted device, cause to turn them into allies. The corrupted will drop more resources if killed by players. Orb Laser - Sensor will trigger hitscan beam attack with radiation proc for 3 seconds on a single target. Cooldown 5 seconds.
  10. XenMaster

    Nyx still needs more love

    1. Mind control now bypass defenses and interception kill requirement 2. Mind control now change to Specter AI (follow and stay position) 3. Mind Control gain pseudo exalted weapon from current equipped weapon. (Best for faction weakness) 4. Psychic Bolts now force command Mind Control and Chaos to attack debuffed enemies (not override stay position command by Nyx to Mind Control, but override target to debuffed enemies). This mechanic also force mindcontrol and chaos target to ignore near enemies or another chaos target). 5. Psychic bolts recastable but replace current debuffed enemy to new debuffed nearest target. 6. Psychic Bolts debuffed enemies now take 500% extra damage from Mind Control and Chaos targets (synergy to both abilities). 7. Psychic bolts new augment - increases Mind Control and Chaos targets movement speed by 50% until duration run out or debuffed enemies are killed. 8. Absorb base range is 20m. 9. Absorb proc all absorbed physical and elemental status effect by 50% (power strength increase). Now if DE implement some of these that can be great.
  11. XenMaster

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    Unfortunately, Helios job is to complete all scans for Simulacrum.
  12. Modded specters might be op because even with Trinity Prime + Ignis wraith on lvl 80 mission it can deal decent dmg against light armored units even its Heat based dmg. But if they allow mod for elemental build and cc build and not for dmg then i think its great. DE might need to rebalance it for overall survivability. Although fashionframe used by Specter is good small content.
  13. Restore Health and Energy Large aka Pizza is good stuff. You could spam any 4th ability that kill in AOE in small map. But unfortunately gear items like Specter (non tenno) from Syndicates and Clem dont have good functions. Ancient Healer specter has good aura that has damage reduction, which its fine. Shield Osprey can overshield as long it stay within range, But Charger, Moa, Roller, Corrupted Lancer, 4 out of 6 syndicate specters are not beneficial. Those four type of specters could have different skillset mainly being Eximus. If one player choose Steel Meridian, Arbiter of Hexis and Cephalon Suda as their ally, atleast the three of the syndicate specters should have; Support Tank Crowd Control + Debuffer If we could give Roller that proc blast whenever it attacks, Corrupted Lancer can be Tank that similar to Ancient Healer's aura. So, should the Specters get buffed so they can be regularly be used by players?
  14. XenMaster

    Simple Buff for Nyx 1

    But the best overhaul for Nyx is that any debuff she cast onto enemy (as a passive that is) her all 4 abilities become stronger fo each affected enemy. Which means Mind Control dps become stronger when more enemy is debuffed by Psychic Bolts and Chaos. Psychic Bolts can target more enemies (assume they allow the ability to be recastable) Chaos enemies are weakened and take more damage from any source. Absorb increases status chancebproc to each dynamic damage type.
  15. XenMaster

    Simple Buff for Nyx 1

    Yeb xD. The part where heavy gunner twitches its body to attack while following Nyx loses its accuracy. Also should be immune to crowd control if DE could.