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  1. I thought this was a feature giving you a second chance to spawn the lich if you missed the Larva or it fell through the world.
  2. I do not mean this as a condemnation as I have recently suggested something similar in fan concepts, but what about a play on words where the "Broken Warframe" can pick whatever abilities you want from other frames, and the parts of those frames are stitched together in corresponding locations on the resulting "Frankenframe"? That being said, I would NOT want to just give the Old War themed warframe proto-powers of existing abilities since the point of the community suggested frame is to introduce some cool new features. Right? My alternative idea is that I see three distinct warframes in the art and each one having characteristics show through is what I would want. To still be fighting after the Old War and together I imagine these three frames were a squad all so dedicated that even after their defeat what was left of them carries on their mission to destroy the sentients. Blue was slender, the pointed fingers and the feather-like swoop on the helmet make me think of either a fast and agile melee fighting frame or a supporting frame with a speed or movement based buff The red parts gave me the impression of a high tech armor, my wife suggested cavalry archer, so I imagine that red has a ranged attack that against sentients the damage type changes to avoid adaptation, then charging up the attack could release an AoE that could interrupt the deadly Battalyst spinning laser or Conculyst whirlwind attack The white dense rounded armor and the spring shape being used for a foot seems like they were could have been from a deflection based warframe. Using the defensive ability fills a meter than can be used for bonus damage in the red attacks The void roots and their previous defeat would make me want to have a mechanism for self heal and/or effectiveness against the sentients. Maybe having the void root shoot out of a limb and drain a foe for restoration, increased effectiveness on sentients could be larger restoration or knocking off their limbs (revenge?) Since the frame doesn't quit then a passive that involves movement, following a momentum or resilience theme, maybe inspiration for allies. While moving health regen and aoe to moving allies? This does step on the themes of Revenant and Harrow a bit but it was what came to mind with "Broken Warframe"
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