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  1. In phase 1 of the fight you pick up the containers and have a message on screen to throw the container, however, when you throw the container the screen says "shoot the container" and when you do it blows up in your face and doesn't hurt the enemy. It took several attempts to realize that I am just supposed to throw the container to melt the ice. Suggest changing text to "Melt Ice with thrown thermia containers" and to add waypoints to the orange/active thermia containers in both phases The coolant raknoid spawns on phase 2 of the Exploiter Orb fight are problematic. I believe the intention is that the coolant adds should have to walk far enough to the Exploiter so that the player has an opportunity to intercept them. However, the Orb will stick to the mountain, and coolant orbs only seem to need to be out of line of sight to spawn. This results in many coolant raknoids spawning just on the opposite side of the mountain, taking a handful of steps, and firing coolant. I haven't been able to lure exploiter away from the rocks so there's no chance to mitigate this. Also the exploiter's movements aren't nearly as predictable or easy to avoid on the sloped terrain thereby making the fight even harder. I would suggest keeping the orb off the hill at least, but alternatively you could use the raknoid airborne entrance animation and by that method drop them in a more generous pattern. As it stands, especially for solo players, the fight is pretty brutal. [Edit] I would also like to add that it's very unclear how useful throwing the containers of thermia are in phase 2 if it is at all. I am enjoying that this is a very different type of fight and appreciate that this is the first day of the content. Thanks for hard work!
  2. My last three attempts to complete the "network collapse" bounty from Eudico in Fortuna have failed due to bug. Attempt 1 failure on stage 5 where assassination target spawned outside of designated space, in order to fight it we failed the mission. Attempt 2 failed due to our team getting separated when the UI stopped matching for us, defense target died. Attempt 3 failed when barely half the number of required ospreys spawned during allotted stage time. I am livid. I have very limited time to play games and now my whole morning sums to 0 because of bugs.
  3. Frustrated. After most recent hotfix I played a syndicate spy mission solo with the hacking moa, after successful hacks I attempted to reach exfil but a GREEN door blocked my path out of the mission. Enemies were attempting to enter room but it would not open for them or me. I could see their guns sticking through the door and was able to shoot them, but we were all unable to walk/roll/bulljump/voidjump past. I also attempted jumping into pit for a reset, I also allowed an enemy to kill me so I could try a respawn, which failed a riven. I could not attempt a 2 stage lockdown and release as my MOA kept unlocking then panel. Looking for medallions in that mission took a long a time and to lose all my progress like that...
  4. I've had over 50% fails on the second part of the mission, data mass never spawns to capture the base. Can we please just have it a "hack the panel" for the mission?
  5. I've changed my colors a bit, but this was a shot I took a couple weeks ago.
  6. What Archwing changes are coming in railjack? Can we get the ability to ride on the MOA pets? I would be willing to replace my sentinel's weapon with a tool box like Johnny 5 so that it could fish and mine for me. I would even be happy defending it while enemies were attracted to the noise. Extractors have been around a long time, we have to remember to pick up and deploy them. What do you think of making them into a customizeable deployable item? It could take the place of drills in excavation or defense objectives in missions then have to get picked up by your orbiter so we get to see that more too. Will the Kubrow and Kavats get a less resource intensive upkeep? Fetch makes me happy, but Sentinels don't have upkeep.
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