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  1. You are missing the counter argument where you think I want them to be free, I said they should be their own kind of grind, like steel path rewards, not for free, that's dumb. I just want them to be obtainable through reasonable means, not waiting 3+ years for them. A cosmetic in no way, shape or form, decides the outcome of your build, there is no such thing as "this warframe needs Flow, Fleeting Expertise and Yamako Syandana(let's not talk about the arcane helmet variants, they are a different problem that should be addressed.)". Let's say another game for example, that also has vetera
  2. The thing is, what counter arguments came out what I have seen: They are not mandatory: I did say I was wrong, they are not mandatory, I changed the topic after that to reflect it. DE's Pull-in Tactics: I can see the point of it, I even mentioned, that it could be "remedied" by worthy cosmetics, better rewards in general, just don't include any mods. BuT I HaD To WaIT fOr iT whY the OtheRs don't: Not word to word, but a lot of the comments were about it, just in different flavors, I find it dumb to answer every single time, this is the ones I "marked" as trolls. (There were also
  3. Died out pretty quick, because the obvious trolls can't even read the whole thing and write down stuff that has been already answered. But the thing is, apart from the pull-in tactics, seems like the majority recognizes, that it's stupid for these to stay like this.(apart from the sad "I had to wait for it, why should the other wouldn't" people.)
  4. This + The cosmetics I mentioned above. OR, if you want these mods to be more exclusive, just make them obtainable through the Steel Path star chart, like you get some points for completing missions, time spent in there(with multipliers after X minutes/waves, so it's not better to just spam Captures to get X points faster). Make it so it requires couple hours of work for 1 mod thats it. Make it with a Daily cap on it, so it needs at least 5-10 days of work(maybe 1-2 hours daily, even people with actual jobs should be able to have it in 2-3 weeks). (And just make it so it stays untradeable
  5. Yes, sadly I realized that DE's pull tactics are above all else, and I can't really do anything about it, a lot of times I just logged in for 3 seconds to get that daily reward, just for getting the Prime mod, so it definitely works making it dumb to change. But, what if they added an actually Good cosmetic reward in there? There are hundreds of Talented designers out there, TennoGen everything, just make something that really Pops out as "I'm a veteran", Like a "Misa Prime" caliber Syandana, or a beautifull Orbiter, a gorgeous landing craft, I don't see why it have to be mods, I would ha
  6. What they do with Baro is another dumb issue yes, but the only thing that holds it together, is the fact that you can trade all non-cosmetic items, having a the sands of inaros quest with baro, could be an issue, but waiting 2 weeks is not that bad. My point with this thread was that the over the top time gating is really stupid, I could wait/grind 1-2 months for something like this, but 200 days/1 thing is really excessive. I can't think of multiple games that does this. (Bringing up 1-2 games is not a model that shows it works, keep in mind.) Before we make the assumption that I do
  7. It is, still something, that can be done with effort, other than waiting, I realize 30 days is a bit(lot) much but I would still be 30 days grind/mod > 200 day waiting/mod See? An actual argument, and I can see in to it a bit better, thank you. It does make sense for the need to keep up the playerbase. Could use some other tactics, but I guess after the sadness of the new updates, it would be dumb to change this as well, maybe if warframe will be in a better place there would be time for this as well. While I know, throwing tantrums is stupid I get that, but it ju
  8. What respectable game design needs you to wait 3 years for some items something that's not cosmetic? Please elaborate.
  9. Those weapons are more of a novelty item, and that is a good thing. I would change the milestones to strictly cosmetic/cache system, maybe some novelty items, like those weapons, because they are way less useful than any mod can be, and more of an item that shows "I logged in a lot of times, I have been here for years".
  10. 200 days (Logged in) is pretty quick? Last time I checked, that's nearly 2/3 year, who logs in 200 days in a row? So it's more like a full year, for 1 single mod, that's really usefull. What other game does this? Why is it good that you have to wait 1 year for it? Why are log in rewards not only cosmetics(or caches) like in every good MMO out there(alright, there are mounts, but one could argue they are just "skins" as well)?
  11. Like, Primed Fever Strike, Primed Continuity, or every single Primed mod, why are those not time gated then? Why should these be?
  12. Like, yes, I pushed the goalpost(but it's still on the same side), because I realized they are really not 100% necessary, so I changed my opinion, what's bad about it? Should I just stick to it forever for no reason, like those dudes with the "I had it hard, you should have it hard" attitude? I changed the post, so it says so in the start, I realized my bad in there. But the main issue, the Time Gating is still there. And I still don't see any actual arguments highlighting the bad of it, like they did with the "necessity" part. I can change, they should be able to as well.
  13. So, no actual response to my "argument"? Come on.
  14. In this case, it's not a "want it now", but "I want it behind something other than waiting literal years, make it a really hard challenge, hell make it a 10-30 day grind, I don't care, just put it up for people who want to be able to work towards something, not just stuck waiting for it."
  15. Argument? The fact that "I already did 800 logging for it" is an argument? Why is it always the "I had it hard, everybody should have it hard" "argument" that gets brought up? I have 4/5 of these mods, and I don't see why I would be bad to see others receive it sooner. Just make some other thing that would be worth it to log 800 days in for that's not a mod, but a cosmetic, a "flashy" thing that you can show off. Like how every game has unique "mounts", a flashy ship interior, a good looking landing craft, sick kubrow/kavat skin etc.
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