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  1. Well... I've never used one but it's supposed to only be used on the Aura slot... did the game let you apply it to a normal slot? It's supposed to guarantee you get double the bonus mod capactiy from aura mods. If the game doesn't have the limitations in place and lets you use it on a normal slot, that might be why the cost is doubled.
  2. He had the blind effects on his face but he still kept moving. That's not what a blinded NPC does.
  3. Personally I find using the same combo over and over boring (and because of this find stances with more combos typically more fun to use), even if its the highest DPS. With combos you can do more fun things like knock an enemy down, and ground finisher and/or shoot them while they're recovering, which might make up for if not narrow the gap in DPS.
  4. Energy Siphon, and Energy Restore gear for now. If you were using a frame with high HP (not Mag) you can also use Rage or Hunter Adrenaline. Unused mod capacity is converted into energy on spawn. There are Ammo mutation mods to help with that, as well as Ammo Restore gear. The Carrier sentinel also helps with ammo. But, once you mod up the bow so that it does more damage the ammo will be less noticeable as well. All secondaries (except for explosive secondaries) use secondary ammo. Energy Siphon is quite common. That gives the whole team energy regen over time, and there are other, spoilery things that give you access to more energy later on.
  5. I'm a little confused... I don't use polearms much so I don't know what changed that might cause this but both combos are tap, tap, hold... How is one easier to accidentally do than the other? Then again I very rarely have issues with using the combo I want... I struggle to see how you would accidentally do either of these. To answer OP's question: I feel like stances are mostly preferential. I would go with Twirling Spire because it actually has a full set of combos.
  6. This video says which relics, and where to find them to farm for Volt Prime. Whether it's worth your time or not is really up to you. Even if you don't farm him while available you can always trade with other players for his blueprints (but prices will most likely go up once he's no longer farmable. Supply and Demand you know) or even for the relics that drop them.
  7. Wait- What? All you have to do it run at an enemy that is standing... jump and crouch mid air. Sounds pretty easy to me.
  8. No one should ever equip Kavat's Grace. Just learn to slide/roll right before hitting the ground and you won't do a hard landing. Taking that mod is equal to taking no mod in that slot. Maybe next big update DE will release a mod that let's you sprint without using the sprint key! 'Cause even toggle sprint is too hard.
  9. It does. Dedicated servers won't add much to that revenue unless we have to pay for access to them. I doubt the people satisfied enough with the addition will spend enough extra money because of it to make up for the costs if they were free to access.
  10. Dedicated Servers don't print money... People pay to get into tennocon and buy merch...
  11. I'm willing to bet DE's is ignoring it on the technicality that it has "come back" as a livestream gift given to a single person whenever DE feels like it.
  12. There isn't really a rule of thumb. Over time you'll get better at comparing the stats as a whole. Tigris is powerful but the trade off it that it's a double-barrel with a duplex trigger, meaning you'll be reloading it almost as much as you'll be shooting it. Also the Hek can use the Scattered Justice weapon augment for stupid amounts of multishot. Personally I prefer the Hek over the Tigris. The augment helps it out and I don't enjoy reloading every 1-3 seconds. Also Hek has less damage falloff compared to Tigris.
  13. I don't strongly agree with any of these... Blueprint "cards" don't feel too big for me... particularly because regardless of how long my foundry list is, there is a search function. Ready to Build isn't confusing... but it can get large (and yet again, not a big problem. Search function exists). I wouldn't mind having a "craftable" filter for the other tabs but don't remove the Ready to Build tab. I too save most of my extra prime blueprints. A (in my opinion) better alternative to an entirely different inventory solely for trading, would be to add a filter to the foundry on top of the search. That way you can filter out specific tags like "Prime" or "Lens." Another option (really implementing both is fine too) would be to allow you to mark any tradeable item with a "want to trade" tag. Any items marked this way won't show in the foundry OR when selecting things to sell for credits the items will appear but grayed out (letting you know you still own them, but cannot select them until they are unmarked). This way instead of adding a new inventory we'd instead have a toggle to hide, show, or only show items marked "want to trade" Arcane menu IIRC has a sort option to see lower ranked ones first so... yeah. An option to hide them is ok but we already have tools to push them to the back of the menu.
  14. Regardless of player hiatus means exactly that. Any hiatus, at any time, for any length of time, as long as they don't change the current system and the game is still running.
  15. If you're going to go so far as to make a node solely for fashionframe... why not go all the way with the "fashionframe is endgame" joke and make the node it's own gamemode. 3 "players" go in to show off their stuff. 3 judge players give them a score out of 5 or 10. Players win tokens based on their placement that can be spent on credits/endo/kuva/unique cosmetics for better fashionframe in a pageant shop. Judges receive a small amount of tokens for contributing. Can only be done a limited amount of times daily/weekly
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