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  1. AXCrusnik

    Riven ''cosmetics''

    I still don't know what "cosmetics" is supposed to refer to in regards to this thread... everything was riven mechanical changes.
  2. AXCrusnik

    affinity glitch?

    Affinity is shared between the weapons you have a equipped. If you are using just Trin an a primary for example, while your brother has a full set of weapons, your primary will level a lot faster than your brothers
  3. AXCrusnik

    What people look for in a Clan

    I feel like it's the latter. Small clan can feel pretty empty, especially if your typical play times don't match up. You might be able to make up for it by joining a large alliance, that way you can keep your low research costs but still have a large community to interact with.
  4. AXCrusnik

    Dying in Mot HELP!!

    Like others have said, Mot features a damage boost for enemies, which unfortunately isn't conveyed to the player. This was common knowledge back before we got Relics and we had void keys. Essentially the Sedna path is Tier 4 Void which boosts enemy damage
  5. The New War? Tau System (and mods)? Seems likely.
  6. Every once in a while DE tries to reduce the visual clutter, which can be pretty damn bad in this game. Right in the old footage for comparison, one of Mirage's squadmates asks him/her, "Please stop. I'm going blind."
  7. AXCrusnik

    Remove dragon mod pack from the game?

    DE's already looking into changing how mod packs work, and has asked DC members for their input. DE wants to change it too, and just because other games do it (or theres more than one example of it within the game) doesn't mean it's okay. F2P games don't need predatory monetization strats, even though the majority implement them. Hopefully DE gets rid of or drastically increases credit pack contents so they're actually worth it.... though realistically I could never see credit packs being worth it over a booster.
  8. AXCrusnik

    Volt Speed constant recasts need to be elminated

    I sincerely hope this is a joke, or at least you are unaware of the fact that it can be recast before it's duration is complete. If your kid is writing on the walls with a pen and you want him to stop, you don't give him a fine tip sharpie and hope he stops. I personally don't have an issue with speed buff, but DE gave us the ability to negate it for a reason, and the ability to recast speed makes that negation useless, since Volt can just keep spamming 2 for as long as he has energy... which is very easy to refill if they really wanted to annoy people with it.
  9. AXCrusnik

    Why is Ogris so bad?

    Yeah pretty much nobody will be using solely IPS damage to fight but it's still going to make some however small that may be difference in effectiveness.
  10. AXCrusnik

    Why is Ogris so bad?

    Which is why I say "most" not "all." Because of course there are exceptions to the rule. But a good rule of thumb is that Grineer weapons use Impact, good against shield, which corpus use. Corpus use puncture, good against armor, therefore good against grineer. Yeah pretty much nobody will be using solely IPS damage to fight but it's still going to make some difference in effectiveness.
  11. AXCrusnik

    Warframe mention on Penny Arcade today

    While I'd like to see that, Bungie was in a special position. Activision only had publishing rights to Destiny and Bungie technically still owns the IP. Other companies won't be so lucky and will have to essentially start from scratch when leaving their big daddy producers.
  12. AXCrusnik

    Why is Ogris so bad?

    Their base damage types make them slightly better against Corpus, and slightly worse against Grineer. That is a fact. I should have said "work best against their opposed faction." In any case faction weapons are almost always built to fight their enemy.
  13. AXCrusnik

    Nyx: A Walking Radiation Proc?

    You can only get 61% status chance on Hallowed Ground with every power str+ boost you can put on, and Oberon's abilities that actually guarantee radiation procs knock enemies down, cutting down on the amount of time they can fight each other while affected by radiation, which only lasts 12 seconds base compared to Chaos' 25. So yes, the jack of all trades can do this too, albeit about as effectively as you can expect a jack of all trades to do anything.
  14. AXCrusnik

    Warframe mention on Penny Arcade today

    Was also mentioned for the same reason in a YongYea YouTube video discussing the same things.
  15. AXCrusnik

    Ignis Or Dread

    They're two very different weapons for 2 different jobs. Dreads great against single targets or enemies in a line and you'll want to aim for headshots because it focuses on crit, while Ignis will just melt everything in front of you and has good status chance. They're both pretty good but maybe go for the Ignis Wraith instead of the regular one, though it does require MR9 and you have to join a clan that actually has it, or trade for it. Ignis Wraith, compared to Ignis: Higher base damage (35.0 vs. 33.0) Higher critical chance (17% vs. 11%) Higher critical multiplier (2.5x vs. 2x) Higher status chance (29% vs. 27%) Larger magazine (200 rounds vs. 150 rounds) Larger max ammo capacity (800 rounds vs. 750 rounds) Faster reload speed (1.7 s vs. 2 s) Higher Mastery Rank required (9 vs. 5) Longer reach (27 meters vs 20 meters)