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  1. I'm not 100% certain since it's been ages since I last purchased anything prime access.. but I'm pretty sure I've never purchased the frames themselves just the accessory bundles, and I have the extra deployable.
  2. Yeah... if you pick Excal as a starter no specter is a problem to take down. I think using Volt and hiding behind his shield is actually pretty fun though, if a little time consuming (assuming you're actually new when taking on the specter and don't have overpowered gear for the fight)
  3. Yes, you do. The period where DE allowed PC>Switch migration ended a long time ago. As with the PS4 and XB1 launches, DE gave us a migration period that was limited time and there is NO plans to bring it back at the moment.
  4. This is awesome dude! but it's impossible to play a lot of the notes without auto play right? Like the first note for example. You can play half of it but the down arrow note looks weird and it's clearly 2 notes on the same string being played simultaneously (which right now always plays a chord). I'd really like to actually learn to play the song manually (I learned Song of Storms and find it really fun to play). In any case I appreciate the work. All the other ports of Lavender Town I've heard so far were simple and sounded slightly off, and/or the timing was inconsistent.
  5. If his parents allow it that's on them. The ratings are there to inform parents to make smarter decisions, not put a hard ban on anyone under 17 from consuming the content under any circumstances. If they think it's ok for their child then whatever. Parents can still buy M rated games for their children in stores, that's not illegal. Parents can also bring children under 17 into rated R movies. I'm not aware of the fine details of how parental controls work on the switch (as I am an adult with no children) but if it bars him from purchasing platinum it should bar him from downloading the game in the first place, implying that his parents may have allowed him to download it.
  6. Warframe is rated M for Mature. If you want to buy platinum maybe ask your parents to temporarily adjust the setting and/or purchase it for you. I seriously doubt DE would voluntarily add an option for the purposes of circumventing the parental controls on a system.
  7. Kinda yeah... Slash damage itself does not ignore armor/shields. It actually has a disadvantage to armor. Only the bleed procs deal true damage.
  8. Requesting someone to make Lavender Town theme. Was trying to figure it out when messing with minor and hirajoshi, but I'm just not good at this kinda thing
  9. Maybe they can make an area for it like they did for Mandachords... but they straight up said it doesn't work in relays/hubs in the patch notes right at release. Note the fact they say it works in landing crafts. You can collaborate there by inviting your friends to your landing craft.
  10. How about changing the backgrounds so each is unique, as well? Like a circle, triangle, square, and pentagon? This also solves issues for color blindness if that happens to come up.
  11. Back in my day the sensitivity bar didn't even have numbers on it, and it stayed that way for way too long. Imagine that S#&$. You just had to freakin guesstimate where your sensitivity was if you got a new PC or your settings were somehow lost/reset.
  12. Nervos are like those little mines the seekers toss at you, but instead of blowing up, they paralyze you until a teammate shoots them off.
  13. lol maybe you just had to be there. I actually played the closed beta test. It's very different. And Nervos amirite?
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