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  1. They also showed the ability to divert power to specific systems of the railjack. That's not a thing either. The RJ trailer is a trailer, not a promise that DE made to the community.
  2. Honestly as a founder and someone who absolutely loves the lore and style of this game... Reading this thread (along with basically most of what's happened the past year or so) is actually making me want to finally uninstall. This event is supposed to have some relation to the ongoing story but I have 0 interest in playing a broken mess of an event. RJ sounded super promising but fell far short of what they showed us and needed and still needs serious work. I hated Nightwave from the beginning and now DE is already lagging on making content for season 3 (which funnily enough Nightwave storylines is a repeat mistake done first with Community Synthesis. If they just, from the beginning put Nightwave out as a mostly story-less battlepass content I would have been far less annoyed but they had to put lore FOMO into Nightwave as well...). And don't get me started on the ridiculousness of The Wolf, who dropped a unique weapon and had abysmal spawn chances even late into the event when DE said it would go up, along with insane EHP before getting adjusted. And Kuva Liches... wow. I know DE isn't really known for polish on new content but it really feels like the bigger the game and their ideas got, the less and less they care about putting out some actual quality content over just releasing it when it is "technically playable" and adjusting the sometimes glaring flaws several years later (maybe).
  3. I GUESS you could use it to eliminate a portion of travel time... while most like obscuring your own view with the portal because making it a portal you can see through is... realistically speaking, probably more effort the DE thinks it's worth. I mean this game isn't Portal and there's a lot of warframes people can bring other than Nova.
  4. Good work. Only 2 years late this time DE. Took you ~4 to add teammate energy bars into the UI so Trin can properly do part of her job. Not a dev so this is just speculation... but my guess is it's because they don't have a system for bringing companions into Archwing, and much like the teammate energy bars back in the day, and ability to "distill" assembled arcanes... it's not a priority to them. Lets be real here... There were simply better options literally everywhere. Pretty much any mod is better than wasting a slot on FIFTEEEN percent status chance alone (seriously... this is ~half the value of an unranked dual stat mod. This isn't even close to a choice).
  5. Yeah DE seems to make some stances just objectively bad for no reason. It's like yeah we'll give this one 5 awesome combo routes that are all varying degrees of useful and look cool, and then we'll give this one 2 and one of them is S#&$e.
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