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  1. Cronus blueprints are 100% drops from the Tolstoj boss and stack. You probably had more than one. I see no problem with consuming the blueprint upon use. It doesn't make sense in the real world, but these are video game mechanics we are talking about. Many blueprints drop from bosses. Do you carry blueprints around wherever you go? Does the President/Ruler/Leader of the place you hail from carry blueprints to the weapons or war tech they use wherever they go?
  2. This, exactly this. And I think the female frames are fine. Yes, yes, they have boobs, but the only frame I feel is really "sexualized" is Saryn and maybe Ember. Having boobs does not automatically mean sexualization, especially when we're wearing exosuit armor (as opposed to REAL armor made for protection that doesn't involve "energy shields"). Also boobs are much easier to see through clothing than muscle definition. Mag could use a redesign though (or the female hostage could) as she looks very bare, especially since the female hostage has nearly the same outfit as her.
  3. This. Corpus Crewmen require AP mods in order to headshot.
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