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  1. KingTaro

    Soon: Prime Vault Unsealed! (June 28)

    Really got my hopes up for a separated accessory pack.
  2. KingTaro

    Update: Lunaro

    Yes! I thought this would never get fixed, thank you!
  3. KingTaro

    PC: Vauban Prime Access Is Live!

    Alright, let's get to
  4. KingTaro

    Hotfix 18.8.2

  5. As a melee-only player when I see these kinds of events:
  6. KingTaro

    Hotfix 18.5.5 +

  7. KingTaro

    Devstream 68 Overview

    Was a nice stream in general. The Wukong and Nezha alt helmets are very similar to the original ones. Were those the final takes or are the helmets still open for adjustments? Atlas helmet looks astonishing, by the way!
  8. KingTaro

    Spores And Ruin

    Nice! Guess voice-over will be a thing now!
  9. Not exactly sure whether it got mined or not, but it's on the wiki of Warframe:
  10. Still hoping for Primed Pressure Point. Was hoping for Primed Fury, but now that it's a 200 days reward, don't think we'll get it from Baro. Also, must have Primed Berserker! Oh and Primed True Steel. And Primed Organ Shatter.
  11. KingTaro

    A Hat For Every Tenno Winners!

    That fruit hat!