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  1. Woo-hoo just got 50% plat discount, hope it drops in the next 48 hours, regardless, thanks so much DE for all your hard work. Can't wait to try out new melee!
  2. Looking forward to the changes when they eventually arrive on console in a while. Will there be any binding changes for controllers?
  3. Any word on kdrive mods not working? Wasted standing buying mod to leave fire trails but nothing happens and enemies take zero damage
  4. Had the same issue. Try delinking your account, signing out of Twitch and WF, then log back in and relink. Worked for me, hope it helps.
  5. It's about balancing things, not just about what is most used but also what is most powerful BEFORE a riven is applied. As for sentinel rivens it's about time, they were utterly useless. Base stats were so low that rivens didnt make much difference anyways and remember that dispositions only affect the ranges you can roll and the impact of these changes isn't that massive. People saying lanka is more used, but forget that Rubico prime is far more powerful than std Rubico so op riven would mess with balance hence the bigger change.
  6. Thanks so much for this guys, now we just need discounted Plat like the PS guys got so we can get our hands on all that Tennogen goodness!!!
  7. Now that I've been able to play with the changes on XB, I'd agree. In terms of play-style very little has changed, you just need to keep an eye on stasis to recast, but it also promotes more active play for Limbo as you need to stay alert, which is a good thing. The fact that you gain energy while in the rift means that recasting really isn't a big deal so I really don't feel that if has a negative impact at all. That may just be me though. Admittedly in Mob Def there are still a quite few Limbo players out there who forget to wait until AFTER you've inserted the module into the objective to drop cataclysm but really that is no big deal and it's not a Limbo thing but rather a player thing. In my experience these are often lower MR ranked guys who, like the rest of us had to, are learning to use their Warframe effectively and most of them have appreciated the help or advice when offered (assuming they're not just getting yelled at by the squad, which has never helped anybody).
  8. Thanks for clarifying, I had no idea that was an option. Good to know
  9. Not sure if I'm misunderstanding here, but how are you even able to play the game if you don't have XBLive? I thought it was not possible to play the game at all without it?
  10. Said it before and say it again with a smile on my face... YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!
  11. It's really not that hectic. The biggest issue most people seem have is that it's sluggish. Just up the sensitivity settings and there is no problem. It takes 30 min max to get used to using 2 thumbsticks. I haven't come across any of the bugs that other people have mentioned so either I'm REALLY lucky (which I doubt given my general lack of RNG good fortune) or most of them have already been addressed and people haven't taken the time to find out. As mentioned by many people including DE, they move forward not back, it will not be rolled back and to be honest once you get used to it I see no reason why people have an issue with it (besides the fact the most people dislike change, myself included, but hey change is growth)
  12. Good point. Don't see why it should though, bullets won't freeze so if statis doesnt affect them no reason why should affect it
  13. You! Guys! Are! Truly! Epic! Thanks so much for pushing yourselves above and beyond as always and good luck for Tennocon. Clan wish we could be there to thank for all your awesome in person!
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