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  1. Woo-hoo just got 50% plat discount, hope it drops in the next 48 hours, regardless, thanks so much DE for all your hard work. Can't wait to try out new melee!
  2. Looking forward to the changes when they eventually arrive on console in a while. Will there be any binding changes for controllers?
  3. Any word on kdrive mods not working? Wasted standing buying mod to leave fire trails but nothing happens and enemies take zero damage
  4. Had the same issue. Try delinking your account, signing out of Twitch and WF, then log back in and relink. Worked for me, hope it helps.
  5. It's about balancing things, not just about what is most used but also what is most powerful BEFORE a riven is applied. As for sentinel rivens it's about time, they were utterly useless. Base stats were so low that rivens didnt make much difference anyways and remember that dispositions only affect the ranges you can roll and the impact of these changes isn't that massive. People saying lanka is more used, but forget that Rubico prime is far more powerful than std Rubico so op riven would mess with balance hence the bigger change.
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