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  1. Please fix long time bugs like ranged stealth and the UI disaster that is conservation.
  2. Please can you guys look into the ranged stealth bugs that were mentioned quite a few devstreams back. Been an issue since the introduction of Excilus slot for primary and secondary weapons. Also any news on a controller rework for conservation ui which is completely unusable.
  3. While you guys are doing Ivara related stuff, please could you take a look at the stealth bugs where you don't get stealth bonuses from any ranged weapons, that have been around since primary and secondary excilus slots were introduced. This was mentioned a few Dev streams ago as a known bug and I know stealth gameplay (as it was when it worked) probably doesn't appeal to a massive proportion of your player base but tbh there isn't any point in being able to silence weapons or have natively silenced ones when they have zero impact on gameplay and in addition break any stealth affinity bonus you got from "sneak up and slit throat" stealth (which I still love). I get that Liches an Railjack take priority though, just hoping
  4. As far as I know this has always been (and still is) the case on normal maps at least when I've been in a squad, just make sure you stay in affinity range. I think the issue with Railjack to some extent was because the range out there is a very different beast where a squad could be working on objectives 1000s of meters apart.
  5. OK just came across the weirdest glitch, I can't get to my lich to kick her ass and she can't convert any thralls so I can advance some murmur goodness because, as far as I can tell from her icon, my lich is stuck OUTSIDE the gas city tileset in an infinite falling through they sky loop, which is funny but frustrating. This happen to anyone else?
  6. Thanks for this guy's, nice surprise when I got home. Any word on fixes for bugged stealth and conservation interface for controllers. I know it's probably not high on your list of priority but I play mostly to chill and those are both a big part of that. I know I'm probably in the minority, but you have mentioned them before and they have been around for quite a while.
  7. Weirdness happened, smeeta was infected then cured by imprint, infected again and tried cure cos I'd used all my imprints. As with everyone else here, cure worked for about 3 seconds then red kitty again. When I logged back in this morning the kitty was back to normal no redness at all. Maybe it's just a visual thing that didn't take or something, regardless though log out seemed to work, no idea why but I'm not gonna, complain. Now if they could just fix stealth bugs...
  8. Any word whether this has been sorted yet? On console so fix might not have dropped for us yet if there is one.
  9. Any fixes planned for the ranged stealth bugs that have been around since excilus slots for weapons dropped? Many posts on forums about it and was hoping it'd be sorted by the time Ivara Prime dropped, but still not working so...?
  10. Logged in this morning to find Empyrean has already dropped 😁
  11. Anyone know if the stealth bugs have been fixed yet?
  12. They'll announce when it goes live, usually on all platforms and usually around 11am pst if I'm not mistaken. Normally my evening when it drops. Just keep an eye on forums or Twitter.
  13. Ivara is by far my most used but my one fervent hope is that they fix the stealth bugs BEFORE her prime access drops. @[DE]Steve and @[DE]Rebecca mentioned devs were aware of the issues in devstream a while back but not sure if it's much of a priority because as mentioned here Ivara is a tad niche. I'm normally exhausted by the time I get to play and for mee there is nothing more relaxing than dropping into prowl and executing my enemies from the shadows. Rolling around is no problem for me because I'm in no hurry to get round the map but would really be nice to be able to get stealth kills with a ranged weapon again and if I snipe some guy, not to lose my bonus.
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