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  1. Any fixes for being unable to transfer out of necramech if you have custom controller setup?
  2. For the build that's getting ready for cert, please can the team address the issues that come from using the Necramech when the controller has custom bindings. A lot of people use LB to activate abilities and left/right dpad to choose the ability but because transference isn't part of the necramech abilities once you're in you can't get out. 2 solutions could be to either make transference accessible on the dpad or possibly tap LB to activate ability and hold to exit the necramech.
  3. I've noticed that if you go to cetus from free roam, get the bounty and reenter plains it seems to work. Just to be safe I stand a little back from the door to plains although no idea if that makes any difference. Done a few runs like this and had no more issues.
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