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  1. Some players want different things, honestly I do want the same so I can make my umbral stalker cosplay by toggling the gold details and keeping the scarf. I do not play umbra too much so this doesnt affect me much right now but I find it frustrating how someone just told me to use regular excalibur if I dont like umbral details and how they said that does not seem right at all. I do not like how umbra doesnt go well with almost any other flowwy/bulky syandana as the scarf has a little bump on the back and causes issue with the scarf attachement that goes to his back. I do love umbra as he is one good looking frame but sometimes I just want to have a normal excalibur look on him to remind myself when I started as I picked excal as my starter, and investing a lot of forma into the normal excal to fit the same mods I have on my umbra is too much work, even with umbral forma I would need seasons of nightwave which is weeks(10 weeks per season) and then I can have same build, but there is also that umbra has more armor and base energy which cannot be fixed.
  2. This looks impressive, a lot of work has been put to make this. Good job
  3. Operator faces for females is good, but operator faces for males are horrible in my case, i can not make an operator that I like they end up with big noses and/or creepy smile. I somehow managed to get a nice male face but still it isnt what I fully want.
  4. I have made a topic about a more suiting way to get ephemeras
  5. I say give excalibur a 30-40% ability casting for 1,2,3 when exalted blade is active as all abilities use that blade of pure light
  6. As you all may know Digital Extremes implemented a new cosmetic Attachement for warframes which leave a trail of particle effects as you move around with your warframe. Ephemers add a little extra to your warframe from giving out flames, making grass appear, bleeding effect and so on. Ephemeras act as an end-game cosmetics mainly for veteran players who have been playing the game for year/s and so the cosmetics shows their dedication to the game. My opinion(which may differ from your own) is that they did a huge mistake in implementing them as RNG drops from end-game gamemodes. This is very bad in the case where end-game players have to revisit content they had already been to and had completed, having them at 1% or 3% at rotation C on modes such as Arbitration and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught it is a real time waster if the person who is playing has already gotten all mods and weapon parts and is just going to those gamemodes for that ephemera with hoping those few percents of drop get triggered. Elite Sanctuary Onslaught takes about 20 minutes to reach rotation C, and Arbitrations usually takes about 40 minutes or more that is a lot of time spent, and if the ephemera doesnt drop then that time has been fully wasted and the end-game player gets left with nothing. My suggestion and possible solution to eliminate RNG from Ephemeras: Blazing Step The Warframe leaves flaming footprints in its wake. Obtained from Elite Sanctuary Onslaught rotation C (1.01%). -For this Ephemera my suggestion is to give it in Simaris offerings. With adding this to Simaris also a new item that I call Ephemera Fragment and costs 50,000 standing. To craft the Ephemera one would require 10 Ephemera Fragment as well as 50,000 standing for the blueprint for Blazing Step. The 10 Ephemera Fragments would replace the 1 Vitus Essence in the crafting requirements. To take the Ephemera's spot in the Elite sanctuary Onslaught drop table would be an Ephemera Fragment or nothing at all. With this way of obtaining the player can pick to go on Elite Sanctuary Onslaught in hopes of getting the Ephemera Fratgment or just focus on Simaris standing in the ways its obtained. Seeding Step The Warframe leaves grassy footprints in its wake. Obtained from Arbitrations rotation C (2%). -For this one have it be for 20 Vitus Essence in Arbitrations offerings just like the Bleeding Body Ephemera. Freezing Step The Warframe leaves icicles of ice as footprints its wake. Obtained from the Exploiter Orb (3%). -Have this Ephemera be in Vox Solaris offerings for 50 Lazulite Toroids. 50 Lazulite Toroids is more than enough to prove you have spent some time into the events and for which you should be rewarded properly . Shocking Step The Warframe leaves footprints with electricity in its wake. Obtained from the Exploiter Orb (3%). -Same goes here as for the Freezing Step, 50 Lazulite Toroids in Vox Solaris offerings. Bleeding BodyEdit The Warframe body sheds blood. Obtained from Arbitration Honors for 20 Vitus Essence. -This is the only Ephemera with a fair way to be obtained. To get 20 Vitus essence one must spent hours into doing Arbitrations, calculated into Survival mission time in arbitration its 3 hours and 20 minutes which is not little time and also requires 1 Vitus essence to make which add about 10 more minutes spent on arbitration, on top of that time spent one must gather 10,000 Kuva to craft it. This ephemera is balanced as it takes time to get it, but it makes it good as it is not RNG based since Vitus essence is a guarantee form each Arbitration rotation. Smoking Body The Warframe body emits smoke. Obtained from Shadow Stalker (5%). -This one I could not think of a way to remove from the RNG table as having it remain in Shadow Stalker drop is most logical due to no other places in warframe have a theme to fit such item. Its drop chance could be better to about 10% but that may come to be too common to some players. Reference link: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Ephemera
  7. I wondered how many canisters it took to get the orb to heat up to the point coolant spiders dont help it much. In this run I only focused on doing canisters and didnt killl many spiders only when I needed coolant tubes, The results are 7+13+20 to a total of 40. 7 in first part, 13 in second part and 20 in last part to finish her off. give or take 2 and that should be about it. I did not shoot the canisters with a weapon as it is instructed I just tossed it. Ofcourse when doing in a group it will take less canisters as more people focus on killing spiders and tossing thermia.
  8. The ephemeras from Exploiter could be moved to Vox Solaris offerings for 100 or more Toroids that the Exploiter drops. The ephemeras are rare and show that the players who obtain them have played the game for a good ammount of time(end-game players), having them in Vox Solaris for a large ammount of Toroids would be fair as the players have put lots of effort in gathering them and not have this be based around RNG, the 6% drop chance is fair compared to the other ephemeras but as the thermia fractures dissapear so will the availability for players to get more thermia and once the player is out of thermia they have to wait months or more to obtain it once more. I know players I have squaded up with for Exploiter and we usually share what we would want to get, some players want an ephemera but even when the ephemera drop happens they could get a blueprint for one the already own. having them be RNG based from Exploiter and having them be in Vox Solaris offerings sounds fair enough to he players and less frustrating.
  9. This is what I have been getting for months and nothing has been done.
  10. What I really want to see is after the first rotation C we get an increase of rarer items and decrease of common items. lets say there is an Item on rot C thats 1% and in a survival mission, at 40minutes its gonna be 1% but at 80mins 2% and it goes up by a bit. My only reason to play arbitrations is that damn ephemera but even the nit discourages me to do it as I have done 30+ runs on exploiter and no ephemera and its like 3% there. So I just want better rewards the more you stay as there really is no reason to stay when the first rotation C hits.
  11. Cool, cant wait. I really miss the Nova skip phase tho, Phase 1 is very boring. lets see how its really ment to be done when you do it :P
  12. Magnum force was buffed due to Augur Pact being better and providing no negative which made this mod useless. Having them as a set? Explain how the bonus would work so I can give feedback on that part. I use spoiled strike on some fast melees when I would mind the lower attack speed like secura lecta, I can neutrilize it with Gladiator vice or Fury and that damage would be worth it.
  13. Why did you have to take away the only thing that matter in this mission, taking out the vents with one hit. WHY?!?!
  14. Oh I guess its not a bug, just keybindings being messed up. So when primary is out explode is Melee channel and with dual wield its E which is confusing. they need to make it one button so we dont go from pressing 2 buttons and messing them up in the differnet modes.
  15. Ever since I started using augments I been questioning why they are not all exilus. I would need this and make exilus slots more effective as of now I mostly dont even use that slot as it costs 20p or 2forma to craft and no thank to that to be made anything soon, only exilus I have are from alerts and sortie and even when i do have them I dont really consider them unless I need a small small push with the drift mods.
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