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  1. Stats are subject to change, but as it is, I'd take it over the Braton Prime, and it looks competitive enough with the Tiberon Prime to be worth taking as an alternative if you don't have your hands on the Tiberon Prime already.
  2. Nope, all of my rifles seem to be getting triple ammo drops. Everything else is fine. And then mutations convert rifle ammo poorly, as well as the Vallis having a weird multiplier on ammo pick ups while halving conversions between ammo types. It SUCKS having primed shotgun ammo mutation on the vallis and a rifle case gives me 2 bullets. The Astilla is an ammo hog, I NEED mutation to work.
  3. *I'm not really sure if this goes in this subforum - also, I acknowledge there have been previous threads like these but I can't find any that aren't like 6 months old* This actually should go to the fanzone.
  4. Gonna go with "people are complaining to complain" here. The entitlement is strong, and this week is full of gimme challenges. Resources and standing are no problem for anyone at even rank 15. The only issue with gilding is if One is too low a rank with a faction to do so - that's the only valid complaint. If One has already taken a forma to everything they care about, then how do they NOT have a growing stockpile of forma? I myself am sitting on 22 I couldn't be bothered to use except now I've an excuse to at least experiment with weapons I normally wouldn't look at. And relics are basically a normal part of play for millions of Tenno. Yeah, nothing needs to change here, people just need to get over themselves. The whole point of Nightwave is to get us out of whatever little bubble we've sealed ourselves into.
  5. If not for the scarf, I might have considered making Excalibur Umbra my primary Excal. But Excal Prime it is. I just wish Excal Prime got the prime accessories treatment like Excal Umbra did. And I'm more doing this for the armor. Umbra polarity will be nice... kind of want to see more Umbra mods though. I don't need umbra mods to do well, they're just nice improvements is all.
  6. Oh, if that's what you're after, then hopefully like with our face sliders - which are kinda weird but I like my operator's face so meh - then a slider between male and female forms might be a preference worth pushing, rather than straight up picking faces and the male or female body is selected based on the primary face? Believe it or not, this isn't a new concept to gaming. Saints Row 2 had an actual slider for choosing your sex. It also had a kick ass wardrobe system. Unfortunately the game did not age well at all and looks like complete ass (while SR3 and 4 aged phenomenally but are far more restrictive in customization.)
  7. Mmm... nah. I'd appreciate an adult operator.
  8. They're fine. The "with a friend" ones and anything locked behind a standing wall are a wee bit exclusive (and slightly insulting or cruel from certain perspectives) but they've largely been "normal game play" challenges. I mean, who WON'T kill 1500 guys this week? Actually, this week is a bunch of gimmies, a break if you will. And people are polarizing their crap all the time. Surely spending three forma isn't too overwhelming a task? And Lotus forbid if you don't have an amp, zaw or kitgun yet to gild. Not like the parts are pricey to purchase.
  9. People complained about the game not having any challenge, yet wanting to be able to set enemies to level 100+ right out the gate without realizing WHY the game wasn't challenging. It wasn't because the enemy's level wasn't high enough. Our abilities on their own aren't so bad. Even CC is fairly well balanced. ...Until mods enter the picture. Suddenly, an ability with 12-20m range reaches out 3 times as far or even further somehow. What was meant as a localized "bomb" turned into a map wide nuke. This left DE with two crappy choices - nerf the hell out of the range of these abilities/what the mods provide OR set up enemies to be immune to powers and even grant nearby allies immunity. They chose the latter - let people keep their uber long range area wide CC, but there are exceptions that throw a wrench into the "lock down map, kill at leisure" strategem people abuse well into level 300 and beyond. There's an actual level range DE intends to balance everything around, I have no doubt. I suspect it's 40-60, but I'm just guessing here.
  10. No. It. Wouldn't. THE GAME WOULD NOT NEED AN OVERHAUL. No shooter that allowed third or first person view truly caters to one over the other. There is truth that big open spaces benefit from third person solely from a FoV standpoint, and tight spaces (of which Warframe has plenty) benefit from a first person view, but ultimately, gameplay adjustment is beyond minimal. Third person in most shooters, let alone Warframe, is your hitbox being offset to the left or right and always forward your camera. And in Warframe, unless you're using projectile weapons, bullets fire from your cross hair, not the weapon. At best, the warframe stands in for a hud icon telling you if you're crouching, standing or sprinting,, jumping, etc and they've already added a sprint indicator to the crosshair, so it's not like that concept is beyond DE's capabilities to add any other states. The only valid reason to not introducing a first-person viewpoint is that it will lack quality and polish without some serious commitment to the view point. Anything else is BS, unless we're talking God of War or Metal Gear Rising having a 1st person view option. Now THAT would require game play overhauls. But a third person shooter where the camera hovers over a shoulder? Not really, no.
  11. Orb Vallis will feed you ore and gems if you go around busting open containers. Killing is easy. We've established that it's super cheap and effortless to do and it is something you WILL do (on the landscapes, tileset missions are a different story,) so making it rewarding isn't exactly forcing you to change up the monotony a bit.
  12. A war torn Mars with an urban center tucked into one corner and our base of operations is a sand-crawler that moves around the map. Remember how in one live stream DE showcased a Corpus truck as a vehicle? I'm hoping to hijack Grineer and Corpus tanks. A Void city/Lunar Surface landscape would be pretty cool too. Hopefully we get real void enemies and not reskins of existing enemies. I want to see the proxies of the Orokin Era at work. I know Eris is a popular mention, but it ain't gonna work without seriously retooling the Infested into having primarily ranged units. Mind, I'm kind of disappointed we don't see any infested Grineer or Corpus weilding infested fire arms like the mutalist Quanta.
  13. Slash kills, puncture is a close second, and bullet spray. Particularly vs Grineer because Corpus don't like being chopped into pieces. If I no longer enjoy a romp around Telesto, Saturn, I stop playing for a while. That's my rule. Though the gibs keep getting worse with each update. They seriously need updated. Also, because I want to illustrate a fan comic and every bit of lore is another thing I can reference, but I'm an uber-procrastinator so... expect something in 2035 I guess?
  14. See: All the complaining people did regarding Black Ops III multiplayer. People want to feel like they're good. When you add verticality and complex movements they can't keep up with, they hate it. Mind, Warframe does suffer from being too fast. Short of old school DOOM, it's the fastest shooter on the market next to Shadow Warrior 2. But if Warframe gets a battle royale, I might actually try the genre, but only if we get to start with a weapon at least. None of this "go in unarmed and hope somebody doesn't find you completely defenseless!" #*!% that noise. I didn't sit through 2-5 minutes of a loading screen and the pre-match warm up period just to get offed within 20 seconds and completely unable to even defend myself. Though Warframe is in a unique position where a frame could be considered equipment, and when destroyed it's the operator you have to kill. And that just sounds awesome!
  15. It's there to keep players from simply racing through. If you don't plan to actually engage the enemy and play with your team, go solo if these doors bother you so much. I do not support removing these doors. You join public, in any decent multiplayer game you're expected to play at your team's pace. Now, what IS a stupid mechanic is lock down. This serves no practical purpose besides giving the player a breather or throwing a mini boss at them, except it happens at random, not when the enemy is winning or spawns a mini boss/kill team.
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