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  1. Warframe is the grind. Play if you like shooting/slicing/melting armored scrotums and corporate resources. The grind just gives you a direction to bullet-jump in. Without the former, it's just clicker heroes, or a really bad Sonic game.
  2. Another timesink? I mean, from a business standpoint, does it matter if any given element of the game is easy or hard so long as it keeps lots of players logging in and engaged? And this is why I'm all for ranged weapon buffs. I just want to dakka. I don't want to have to build a kuva nukor, use nuke/CC/invulnerability-warframe, or what have you. I just want to doom it up and slaughter things with a shotgun and chainsaw, and not feel gated out of a portion of the game to do it. Plus more innate ranged weapon power means I can throw more meme mods onto my guns and have fun with
  3. Things like tactical and battle avionics I can understand. These help maintain the ship and grant special abilities to each gun port. I can even understand the strength of each gun port being determined by the integrated avionics/mods installed per Tenno. But the integrated avionics/mods is where I agree we might have some co-op problems. No one wants to bring/join a decked out ship with all the armor/health/shielding/speed only for someone with zero care to waste endo on these mods to take the captain's seat and suddenly the space dust flinged from a lone fighter is enough to punch a
  4. The game isn't difficult because people scream whenever DE ever introduces anything that nullifies a part of their fire-and-forget room-wide-nuke kit. The game is won in the arsenal, not on the battlefield, and DE knows better than to balance the game around people that will give up playing their favorite frames and weapons to beat something with as little effort as possible. It makes more sense to look at the difficulty curve as being lenient enough that people don't have to min-max, and they can afford to do stupid $#!% like modding their plinx to feel like a Lato Extreme, sans status
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