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  1. If you want to change IPS, look to railjack for an idea how they might be doing that. Ballistic/plasma/particle will be the new impact/puncture/slash, or in layman's terms, damage-out reduction/armor reduction/damage-in increase. No more bonuses or resistances, the only consideration is status effects. Of course there's an effect in there no one will give a $#!% about. The community should probably think-tank what ballistic should really do, keeping in mind incendiary is already the stacking(?) DoT so bleed is redundant. That should give them some room to pull back on armor and armor scaling a little bit, but also trust that between plasma and particle (assuming they'll be on nearly every weapon,) ensure players won't be dealing with something too tanky because of its armor but because of it's raw HP pool is just that damn big, and even then stacking particle procs work as a miniature viral of sorts.
  2. Any path that gets you where you're going is a viable path. It might not be the fastest path, but it's a viable path.
  3. True, but on the other side of the coin, most of the complaints come from an angle of addiction. If you're playing like a drug addict, they're going to drip feed the drugs to keep you around. What many are frustrated about is not getting their glittering prizes on their first attempt, some of them while complaining that Railjack is boring. DE can't make entertaining what One doesn't find fun what many others do. And for that matter, if the only reason people are having "fun" is because they're getting things now or grinding out some numbers really fast, they're not really having fun, they're just putting up with a process for a dopamine kick, and it doesn't benefit DE in any way to give them things now and let them grind out some numbers really fast. The name of the game on the business side has always been player numbers and retention, and that's what they're shooting for. Things like enemies being too durable, why in the void are TIII components dropping that are 100% worse than the clan tech variant, why isn't there a failsafe so I'm not seeing the kuva seer 4 f%^&ing times in a row (fixed) are valid complaints. "I'm not getting $#!% fast enough!" Is only valid if DE decides its own data jives with that sentiment. They have an idea how long they want it to take people on average to get things. 4 hours after a content drop is most likely NOT the plan.
  4. If you're asking for challenge, advantages shouldn't be necessary, just nice. The real problem though is with power abuse. All nerfing our health and damage really accomplishes is the same as increasing the level of our enemies. The game breaking mechanics have always been found in the power of our 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys (default keybinds.) Until energy becomes more scarce (as in, back to relying solely on orb drops,) lowered caps on how much better abilities can become with mods, or even plain old cool downs, then powers will always be the reason the game is "easy." Also and One has to admit, nerfing one's own abilities and stats only works in solo play. Good luck getting everyone in public to play along. There's usually always that one guy raking in 70-90% of the damage done per mission and not for the other three Tenno's lack of trying.
  5. Sounds like an oversight, as it doesn't jive with the rest of Railjack's damage sources. Far as I can tell with this update, nothing really resists or takes extra damage from RJ damage types, the types are literally just a thing for status procs. And I suspect they're humoring the idea of bringing that damage type approach to Warframe's core game play. Gonna be interesting if nearly every gun comes with armor stripping and stacking damage increase procs.
  6. It's more likely they overnerfed the Cryophon since the intent was to keep the effectiveness the same as pre-armor nerf. I don't think they'll nerf the next new bandwagon weapon just because someone said "this one is best" and everyone piled in. In theory the Apocs should be desirable if you want to "one-shot" crewships, as Rhino's roar and Garuda's passive no longer work on turrets, including the artillery if I understood the patch notes correctly. Pulsars and Photors are still hitscan with their own benefits and some people appreciate them.
  7. Considering Warframe's tile sets, this honestly sounds perfect for Warframe. Randomized landscapes with some tileset-bases strewn about for an "operation." Though the issue with world generation has often been the utter simplicity of it all. Rolling hills and areas with trees. It's why in NMS when you've seen one temperate world, you've seen them all. Actual interesting geological features just aren't really a focal point in terrain generation. Except in Minecraft, arguably, but that's weirdness with the code. Can't believe I'm saying this, but if warframe is going to have proceduraly generated open world areas, it needs weirdness in its code.
  8. Like Warframe skins? Weak. They're skins first, lore bites second. Someone's going to waltz in mentioning Valkyr Gersemi, but even that skin takes a fair few liberties for being the "original," pre-dissected Valkyr.
  9. When you reach MR30, you unlock the ability to mix and match warframes with stat/ability sets of other frames. That means you can have your nyx with the powers and stats of Excalibur. Rejoice, female excalibur. Or we just prestige and all weapons have a free +1-2 mod points to work with. Oh, and everything rewards 10% less MR. This sounds a bit more like DE. Mixing and matching frames and powers would have encroached on some one's vision.
  10. Unreal was made in a time when engineers made games, not necessarily gamers. They planned a lot of $#!% out ahead of time. Now you get knock off after knock off of the latest craze with no one bothering to dissect why it works. 2x headshot damage. ADS to hit anything. Planetside 2 aping the Battlefield formula and missing the mark entirely... All hitscan enemies in Warframe should be turned into projectile based enemies. Their weapons are not necessarily the same as our weapons, even if they look the same. Just because the Grineer lancer's Grakata is shooting projectiles doesn't mean ours will, and it really shouldn't. Though the trick will be finding a medium that doesn't feel like the Grineer are shooting plasma bolts, but not so fast they might as well be hitscan.
  11. Okay, but only if they become ability immune/resistant. Why? Ask yourself this one simple question: What would you do as an Elite Lancer going up against an Saryn, Nova, Limbo, Chroma, Rhino, Excalibur and/or Ember Prime, to name a few? Until we can agree DE needs to reign in total domination abilities that all too often ignore cover (so even that basic tactic is null) or render negligible incoming damage, adding more tricks and more brains to the enemy isn't really going to accomplish anything unless the players can control themselves long enough to let the enemy do something. No matter what brilliant idea anyone comes up with, it always comes back to AoE spam or near immortality mucking everything up. The name of the META game is to make the enemy's presence irrelevant for far too many people for DE to offer anything challenging without basically disabling our abilities.
  12. And still no one is compelling you to max rank all of your Kuva weapons.
  13. When your ship has 6k hp and nearly 6k armor (thanks winged steel) you pretty have to let the enemy pound your ship into oblivion to lose.
  14. Amesha's invulnerability will be nerfed. By default, it makes any changes to other Archwings negligible because being alive to do anything trumps all. It will probably be nerfed into a form of damage resistance instead. All archwings need more armor. The Elytron has a whopping 150 at base. Not impressive. Currently it has a maximum of 3510 ehp with armor and hp mods. It's ehp is good enough for bullets from cutters, but cannon/missile fire from crewships, elite cutters, taktis(?,) and to my experience the odonata's and elytron's supposed missile counter measure abilities don't actually counter missiles, so I can either fly straight backwards to shoot them all down and make sure not a single missile sideblinds me, or I can just eat missiles and die instantly. Odonata's energy shell just doesn't stop explosives from reaching it either (please give this ability hp, take it off a timer and allow no damage through.) Something has to give.
  15. It can be fixed, but it basically requires crunching all the numbers down. Max rank serration nerfed to +22% damage crunch for example. At current, DE is struggling with presenting a game where enemies aren't instantly vaporized the moment they spawn but without touching ability spam which has notably left frames reliant on it in Tenno lockers in favor of things that rely on just being tough and increasing weapon damage output to win. This process would be MUCH easier (and so many requests for "better AI" made possible) if all powers were reigned in to NOT horrifically break their base stats and to respect LoS so that an enemy taking cover actually mattered, warframe durability was more normalized and made less extreme (health/armor frames >X shield frames,) and enemy stats didn't escalate on an exponential curve such that the difference in 20 levels is effectively a target 3+ times what it's smaller cousin was. The difference between level 60 and level 70 elite lancers is (from anecdotal experience) nearly double the rounds from my Kuva Karak. It's kind of absurd. A bulk of Warframes difficulty problems can be laid squarely at the feet of the math involved with every aspect of its game play. Until DE actually decides to dedicate to touching nearly every number in their spread sheets, or gets REALLY clever with somehow normalizing the exponential scaling curve such that things feel more normalized and gradual, and balanced, we're always going to be struggling with the false "challenge" of shooting power immune bullet sponges that one shot all but the tankiest of frames.
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