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  1. I'll agree it's mandatory if, and only if, DE stops making new weapons and warframes the moment non-founders can reach MR30, and we've got plenty left to prime (or hell, Umbra.) Still waiting on them Corpus and infested(?) "liches" and railjack missions too.
  2. You should know by now that people refuse to consider band aid mods as a solution, despite the modding system for any weapon boils down to "install all the damage" without any flaws to deal with.
  3. Not really. It's not like they carved out entirely new models for the left handed weapon in dual wield secondaries. It's a copy-pasted single secondary. If they can't make this happen it's a mystery how they managed to let us skin kitguns and zaws, and those are way more complicated beasts to tackle. In all honesty, the issue is likely to do with reload animations, which DE actually gives a hoot about, even if some of the oldest weapons still use a generic reload animation that makes no sense.
  4. The way too many people play this game, I'm afraid the forum would erupt into applause if this ever happened. Though there is some truth in the matter that DE isn't really addressing the problems with defenses and damage, just kind of shifting the numbers around.
  5. Eh... kavats are in a good place really. You can choose either the powerful RNG buff, or the weaker but consistent buff. Kubrows are junk. I use mine because the content I regularly run doesn't need anything but a meaty hound that occasionally eats someone's face, but they really need to condense the breeds down and make universal some of their abilities. Like the Chesa and Sahasa? They can go. Dig, Ferocity, Neutralize, and Retrieve are abilities any kubrow/dog should be able to do, with one ability kind of rendered moot (retrieve,) or plain inferior to another (ferocity vs Sunika's savagery ability.) The Huras (stealth) Raksa (defense) and Sunika (attack) all fill their own niche rather well, they're just missing those extra universal abilities like what the Kavats get to enjoy.
  6. What people really want is a mode with bigger numbers that they know they can make totally irrelevant with broken builds so they can justify better rewards (which often in their minds means better guns and mods, not more nano spores.) If they REALLY wanted hard mode, DE would have to nearly remove every form of energy generation except blue orb drops and make LoS a requirement for abilities to work. These two changes alone would ramp up the difficulty of the game for a lot of people.
  7. Bloating enemy health pools isn't challenge, it just limits the viable weapon/frame selection to kill things in a timely enough manner that your ammo economy isn't totally in the crapper. People complained about the Railjack troop health nerf making them "easier." ...Except chances are people that min-max were already damn near one shotting them through out the veil, everyone else that wanted to use something like a Braton Prime without a frame that buffs damage 5-10x just ignored them because they were literally too much sponge. Meanwhile, anything representing actual challenge, like ability immunity, energy drain, etc, people scream bloody murder about because they can't just hit a button and delete enemies or, failing that, shut down the AI and turn everything into a stationary, brain dead target. Why? Because they're looking for a reason to brag about how good they are (mistakenly confusing math exploitation for actual skill,) not an actual challenge. This game is won in the arsenal, not on the battlefield. It'd be more apt to call Warframe a puzzle shooter than a twitch shooter. If players truly wanted a challenge, step 1 is removing Zenurik energy bubbles, energy pads, severely nerfing rage and rage-like mods, and frames with near infinite energy recharge abilities/mechanics. We were never meant to be able to spam our abilities ad nauseum. A 100 energy ability shouldn't be as readily available as a 25 energy ability at all times. But since people won't accept the kinds of changes needed before meaningful challenge can be introduced, we're stuck with a game I can't recommend to anyone because unless they explicitly refuse to min-max, it's more a flashier version of clicker heroes than an actual game, and Digital Extremes can't decide which side of the fence they want to design/balance future content for.
  8. If people need special bonuses and rewards to do hardmode, they're not looking for a challenge, they're fishing for better rewards and bragging rights. Whatever hardmode gets will at best only amount to higher drop rates, which is kind of already a thing with higher level enemies? DE can't keep relearning the same lesson in that placing new toys/mods behind harder content will result in backlash from people that don't want to META build just to complete said content. On that note, I guarantee if they take away pizzas, zenurik dash, and other miscellaneous outside methods of generating energy out the wazoo, players banking on energy the energy intensive strategies to wallop everything up to level 300+ will start screaming bloody murder, and I can lay the near complete elimination of all challenge in the game squarely at the feet of ability spam.
  9. I feel a lot of people do enjoy railjack, it's just that a lot of people that don't like it tend to be very vocal about it. I have plenty of reason to belief the hate stems from them being less god-tier than warframe META builds. You can't hit a button in archwing and watch things fade from existence, you actually have to move the mouse with a modicum of capability, hit your movement keys, etc.
  10. To be fair, the Corpus in Fortuna were overtuned for their level. They WERE hitting and soaking above what their level indicated. Though personally, I think the biggest offenders were the overseers(?) which had a homing projectile. One might think the Bombard's is hard to see? Try finding a pale blue light among a bullet hell of other pale blue lights against white snow. ...with the potential to one shot frames like Mag by level 30. Railjack teamwork was supposed to be in the concept of people performing a role (pilot, gunner, maintenance, archwing, boarders, etc.) Like many things in Warframe, getting the proper avionics fleshed out and things go from chaotic to pretty tame real quick. After this point, it was really a matter of how much time and ammo did DE really want non-META builds to spend on killing a simple lancer. There are option restrictive builds that can tank absurd levels of damage and deal it out in kind, then there is a wide variety of builds that can't do either. The META builds aren't necessarily fun to everyone. DE is following the money here. Don't balance around the 3% best items in the game when most people would rather be operating within the 30th percentile.
  11. Damage sponges aren't necessarily difficult. All they really accomplished was pushing me towards a frame that melts enemies with their particular form of murder radiation or frames that buff some of the clearly stronger weapon options by several orders of magnitude. I didn't exactly have to work harder to kill railjack foot troops with my Atlas and Kuva Quartakk, I just had to spend more time and ammo to do it, to the point where even I just ended up skipping past everything to get the job done. I hate skipping past enemies, but I also hate enemies that take absurd amounts of damage unless they're actually boss-tier (more complicated and much rarer than your standard fodder at any rate.) I specifically log in to shoot things with a machine gun and if most targets render that machine gun a pea shooter, I'm probably not having much fun.
  12. Because right now it's less than generic sci-fi shooter #74025, it's a puzzle game where you build your warframe to the point where you can press 4, then click on the heads of your enemies, if you can even be bothered to do that much, or if it's even an option. People are literally TURNING OFF the game play with many of the META builds. There's shutting your brain off the relax, then there's, "are you even bothering to play?"
  13. Basically this. What all challenge or lack there of in game really comes down to is how spammable our powers are. The extreme reach of 360 aoes would be fine if we couldn't just reapply them the moment their effects faded away. If we had to actually manage our resources instead of basically having infinite ammo, energy and health, our raw power could be justified because there would be limiters in place. Instead, we have god mode activated, the AI turned off, and we don't have to let up off the left mouse button, and we're going "where's the challenge?" Yeah, no clever idea to "make things harder" is really going to work long term. You could turn off defense objective health regeneration and people would still find a way to go forever by denying the enemy a chance to ever harm the objective. Can't even require proper line of sight for powers to work without people losing their minds. These same people are asking for smarter AI by the way - like that's going to help when the most basic survival tactic in the AI's arsenal is 100% pointless. What it boils down to is DE will have to put on their big boy shorts and risk alienating the people that really should be playing clicker heroes if they want to even start on the path of providing any "non-cheese" challenge to players. Sponges aren't a challenge - Grab a frame that multiplies a META weapon's firepower ten-fold. Problem solved, if not in the most exciting or even remotely enjoyable manner. And really, that's kind of what Warframe is right now - it's a puzzler masked to look like a shooter. Missions are won in the arsenal, not on the battlefield.
  14. People go where they feel they'll get exposure and traffic. General discussion has and always will be rather nebulous in what constitutes "general" discussion on any board though. And on occasion there's a newly hired mod that's gung-ho and goes through and sweeps the GD forum regularly before either being told to stop or gives up. There really is no winning here. The torrent of new threads is relentless. And if you really want to parse it down by what other sub forums are available, all we'd be left with for general discussion are Warframe centered meme posts, discussions on story developments and maybe wild post live-stream postulations.
  15. Problem is that basically ONE PERSON has the capability to strip the enemy of any and all capacity to be even a marginal threat to us and thus IS taking all the fun out of the process. We've gone the full opposite from ultra frustratingly hard: Mind numbingly easy. Unless of course, if you run solo and intentionally sub-optimally build (but then the people calling for a challenge BSOD when you recommend them this avenue as an option...) Warframe is a solo game with the option of having a semi-captive audience. There's always that one guy that basically plays the game for everyone else in the squad with a single button press. And people flip their $#!% whenever this level of power over other players' experiences is addressed. THIS is why Warframe can't ever offer a challenge. Nerfing CC and and area wide nukes isn't going to turn the game into Dark Souls. It will require people to watch each other's backs with some retuning of stats, and people will simply have to realize endless scaling is meant to beat you. Doubtful though that most players will ever realize these truths however. Lotus forbid they actually have to play.
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