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  1. While a valid question, the idea is that we have 8 slots to play with, not 6. The way scaling works in this game, core damage mods are mandatory, with multi-shot being strongly recommended. You CAN get away without multi-shot, it's just why would you when the extra bullet is practically guaranteed to happen EVERY shot? Practically a free crit. Among all the remaining mods, these two mods are WAY more valuable than any other mod. The "mandatory" mods that replace them will always be debatable, and on a more weapon by weapon basis regardless.
  2. The limitations exist if the code is too much of a hassle to unravel. Otherwise, Gamebryo became the Creation engine for Bethesda, and even they can make it work if they plug away at it long enough (but their track record with code management has been abyssmal, so they're likely just being cheap.) To my knowledge, Unreal 1 and Unreal 5 aren't two entirely separated engines development wise, though code wise they probably are anymore (kind of like starting with an old station wagon and replacing everything piece meal until you end up with a ferrari.) Not sure if idtech did the same. Eng
  3. People are actually still running the starchart, but largely just kuva siphons, void vissures, invasions, syndicate missions, and kuva lich hunts, and even nightmare missions, believe it or not. Basically, the "advanced" missions. Railjack and the open worlds would have new life breathed into them if these advanced missions were added to both forms of game play.
  4. I'ma need to see some stats on that, Chief. My Google-fu is rusty and I've been under the impression I'm the "normal/casual" here, and I start grinding my teeth down just getting to 20 minutes.
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