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  1. I'm not so sure assault rifles need a buff so much as we need more mod slots... I mean... has anyone's builds REALLY changed much in the past few years? Also, it's a shame something like the Braton Prime is kind of obsolete next to the newer assault rifles, which sport status AND crit.
  2. It's a casual game with a few difficulty spikes strewn in places to challenge players... mostly in the way OP mentioned - solve the "puzzle" of building your kit correctly and everything becomes a mind numbing breeze. The odd news is that power creep is a GOOD thing in this game? Content that was once hardcore becomes casualized through better weaponry and mods (warframes are more personal preference as they are intended to be niche-equal in theory,) and DE gets an excuse to introduce new challenge modes. Anyone asking for endgame or true challenging content however has to realize W
  3. The similarities between the lich system and the nemesis system are that we kill something and it creates an enemy with a few one liners that grows in power every time we fail to kill it. Liches have as much in common with the nemesis system as they do Skyrim's NPCs following a dialogue option or quest objective. Still Warner Bros can suck a big fat one, and the fossils that once again okayed patenting an idea instead of the lines of code can choke on an even bigger one.
  4. As long as I get Astilla Prime, I don't care what the other weapon is. Might be the first time in a long time I splurge $50 for the weapons. I love the Astilla, it just falls off sharply after a point.
  5. Squad link was a raid with each half of the raid playing in their own missions, with one half waiting on the other half to complete theirs. It might be cool if it were seamless to go from orbit to landscape, but then its functionally little different from leaving the railjack to enter a capital ship or missile platform and taking it down from inside Ultimately, the concept is either frustrating or 100% redundant. I'd rather they just open up raids in Railjack and we had fleet-on-fleet warfare, but that might require dedicated servers.
  6. "Waste" is a subjective term. I would appreciate if ALL of my weapons could get to rank 40. At least the prime weapons. I'm no MR slave, I just want to be able to fit all the nifty mods onto my guns.
  7. Introduce void fissures, invasions, liches and kuva siphons to it, and I'll not only have fun, but that fun won't feel like "I could be doing something more productive." Don't get me wrong, I find it fun now but, uh... I'm not acquiring the latest prime/lich toys in railjack. Also, more mission types. Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd appreciate a "defense" that felt like an escort through the map.
  8. Vanilla frames don't really need an update outside of some prime counterparts that could use toggleable "prime accessories" just to give them a little more flare beyond feeling like a tennogen skin.
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