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  1. We're not intended to roll rivens like madmen for that perfect roll, we're supposed to settle for "good enough." The slow accumulation or rather, eventual large quantity needed to roll is meant to discourage rampant re-rolling in pursuit of those weapon breaking god rolls. Basically, One forfeits the right to complain if they've rolled that many times and weren't happy with any of the results.
  2. I'd appreciate if IPS gave IPS based on weapon base damage, just like elemental mods. Mind, I'd prefer if elemental mods didn't boost damage 60-90% per, and if most/all mods provided either a percentile or a flat number based on which is the bigger number for the item in question (EI: Steel Fiber is +110% armor or +250 armor.) Mind, of course everyone's going to pick slash (I'll do it to reduce enemies to chunky salsa, 30-50 don't need slash procs) but then, power creep isn't a real issue if DE isn't going to address how damage and armor scales. The game's broken at this point. The idea that kicking at a what has become a pile of dust will somehow do more damage to it is pure ignorance at this point. Our defenses plateaued a while ago and we either survive one shot enemies or we don't, so the only concern now is how many bullets it takes to kill something that can't harm us.
  3. Can we start with populating the vallis with randomly wandering critters? I prefer the hunt in the Plains for this reason alone (though the Mergoo does not appear to be a naturally spawning critter.)
  4. I fundamentally disagree with this on the grounds that there's little point to having different damage types and effects if at the end of the day we're not expected to make some choices and just kind of blanket mod our weapons one way to deal with a specific faction at a time. Just reduces the whole system to a game of "increase mah damurge" and what elements we use is only a passing thought with the faction we're fighting taken into consideration. And with access to heavy weapons now, we've got even more room for adapting to a situation and enemy weaknesses.
  5. Warframe's are kind of at the center of everything, they're the turning point for the Old War, the Orokin Empire, and will be for the New War, but they themselves make for horrible main characters, which is why the Operators take center stage so often.
  6. And they look infested. Guess the infested will finally get armed humanoids. The whole faction to date has largely been little ones bum rush the player, anything that hangs back is just a nuisance that does things except harm the player.
  7. You're missing what he's getting at: There's a reason Saryn is the go-to for Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. There's a reason LifeofRio can sit in a corner and farm enemies actively swarming his location for hours in an endless. At some point, "difficulty" is a non-factor, and it's about exploiting mechanics and abilities to nullify the enemy threat completely regardless of their level. At this point and time, the hard mode you're suggesting will just become an excuse to drop new/better rewards with game play that players will essentially render moot by necessity. In short, most people won't give a hoot if a level 90+ version of the star chart exists if there's nothing worthwhile to gain from it. I'm not going to turn down the ability to set every node to level 30-40, but I understand why DE is reluctant to do so. I want to just blaze through A-B-C missions with my rifle of choice and minimal usage of my #1 power because I still get a kick out of hitting something with a bullet and watching it fall over, but most people just hit a button to shut down entire rooms and only find the game "fun" if they're getting stuff. The Warframe player base is in fact AWFUL to design for, because they don't want fun, they want 100% efficiency. Except efficiency leads to boredom, and boredom leads to retired players. As long as the mentality of "rewards NOW" persists, they'll continue to hide rewards behind long (not unreasonable, long) grinds and diluted RNG, and will absolutely be reluctant to make either less of a hurdle for the player.
  8. You're reaching real hard here. The Corpus have had a long time to fix up the outer terminus and more than likely would have if they could have. It's not like the Grineer and Corpus are completely incapable of combating them. It took more than a bunch of Warframe's to bring down the Sentient threat, it took an army of Grineer, Dax and back trekking in weapons technology too. Finally, the sentients know our journey to the Tau system (or any other system) was always an inevitable "when," not "if." Pretending otherwise is just being purposefully ignorant. The sentients are attacking us before we even have the choice to strike back and certainly, there has probably been more than enough time for them to send a colonization force/combat reinforcements via normal space so clearly they're either not that interested in the origin system, they're apathetic and don't care to hear word back from their strike force, or there's something even scarier out there hitting or has hit Tau. Or the New War IS a new combat force and DE is being all sneaky about their reveals again. Mostly, the real question isn't why are they attacking us as the answer is evident - to keep us from going to them. The real question is why are we still dealing with only the sentients that came here thousands(?) of years ago? Yes, eventually we'll go to Tau... if DE ever gets around to creating new tilesets such that Tau isn't a repeat of Warframe's early beta tileset variety (read: virtually none.) Still got plenty of planets in the Solar system that could use unique tile sets or their own open world.
  9. The thinking is missing that it's a matter of retaliation potential. In the real world, USA's enemies don't actively nuke us because the USA can nuke back, and even if we couldn't, other nations could nuke in retaliation. "Mutually assured destruction" is ironically the best peace-keeping mentality humanity has ever had. In Warframe, the Sentients attack the origin system and it's not like we can just go to Tau and start laying waste to their worlds, nor are there other star-traveling races/factions out there that will strike Tau simply because they agree that attacking the Origin system is not cool. The sentient's war on the Orokin (and their descendants) is more akin to us spraying down a hornets nest with wasp killer before it becomes a real problem for our home. You're not under any real threat right now, but in time you could be.
  10. Rivens are fine. In the end they just let us combat stat growth a little longer. You're still going to die near instantly combating that stat growth if you don't render yourself either near invulnerable or the enemy incapable of fighting back.
  11. Yes, but it was notably simpler: Nezha deluxe didn't have an obvious worn-on-top half-coat and sleeve to work with, or a bunch of dangly bits (there's a horn and some baubles hanging from the belt. And then there's the shoulder pad over top of all that. And that helmet... This looks more like a deluxe skin for Proto-Excalibur, all things considered. And it really is super busy. Many skilled artists have this issue with adding detail for detail's sake. I just know it's going to get reigned in a little bit.
  12. I strongly suspect the final product will actually only vaguely look like that. Thinking the upper-coat especially will be trimmed down considerably, if not outright removed. Overall, there's just something about this deluxe that seems off next to the other deluxe concepts. Probably too much detail and fluff.
  13. I had the chance to look in game, and I admit I was wrong before. It looks more like the default warframe stance (no animation set) though standing a little taller.
  14. Does your warframe in this image have the Excalibur Umbra Noble animation set equipped? For reference as to why I ask, our operators were remodeled specifically so their skeletons matched up with warframe skeletons, only shrunk down. There was even a time when we could use the more complex nartas, only for DE to lock them away from operator use for whatever inane reason.
  15. Rivens always existed with the caveat they'll change. The rising cost in rolls is intended to prevent people from constantly rolling for a "god tier" roll and instead settle for "good enough." This is why we'll never see stat locks, or some way to decide what stats we get with a roll. The onus is on the players to keep trying and if their weapon is popular enough to warrant nerfing the riven even after 100+ rolls? Tough. Not that I'll decry stat locks or deciding what stats we get with the next roll if we ever get the capability. As a bonus, that capability would certainly cheapen the prices of many rivens.
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