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  1. Status: Recruiting | Spots: 929/1000 | Last Updated: 27/12/2019 Clan Emblem (Christmas edition) About us: The moment has arrived for us as a clan update has finally arrived. We are a rank 10 moon clan that is rapidly growing with each new member, and we welcome any Tenno that is looking for a clan that suits their needs. There are no requirements to join, which means we accept any play style and every progression level, so if you want a chill, laid back clan, we are for you, and if you want a serious, hard core grind clan, we are also for you! We are a clan for everyone! Our clan has been around since the beginnings of Warframe, and we have been growing this clan slowly every since, so we have a variety of members. Some of our members are new to the game and some have been around since closed beta, so you will always feel welcome. ~Perks and rules further down~ Dojo decor examples Main Hub: DRAGONNNNNNNN (In progress): Dj Room: Obstacle course hangout Loki statue Perks 1. 0% trade tax. 2. 100% Research including the new Railjack weapons/parts (Ignis Wraith given out free by R3dl0tus. Whisper him on warframe or discord if you would like one.) 3. All members of any rank will be able to invite their friends. 4. A structured multi-game discord 5. A structured dojo (Labs, PvP and parkour rooms are all easily accessible.) 6. A stunning orokin themed dojo 7. Giveaways and events 8. Inactivity kick scales by rank and contributions, however only applies when we are full. Rules 1. Maturity - Yes, you can swear. However childish behaviour and offensive language will NOT be tolerated. 2. Activity - We have an inactivity limit of 14 days (this only applies when we are FULL). 3. Begging - I understand that as a clan, sometimes you want people to help you. That's all right! However, there are days when people don't feel like helping and/or don't reply to your questions. Please, don't spam the chat with the same question. 4. Invites - You can recruit people to your squad via the Clan or Alliance chat. However do not spam invite people in the clan/alliance list 5. Language - Speaking another language other than English is not a problem. Just make sure you know English. 6. Recruitment - Invite who you want whenever you want to the clan! (No restrictions) Research Tenno Lab: Complete Energy Lab: Complete Bio Lab: Complete Chem Lab: Complete Orokin Lab: Complete Dry Docks: Complete Crimson Branch: Complete Ranks Global Admin +++ Admin +++ Moderator +++ Loyal Veteran +++ Loyal Member +++ Active Member +++ Member +++ New Member Giveaways Discord Activity Giveaway FINISHED Clan 1000 Member Cap AND Christmas Giveaway FINISHED 2020p New years Giveaway ONGOING Discord https://discord.gg/PRk6k2d We have our own Custom Discord Bot to make it easier for our members to use and join channels in our discord server. To Join Please comment your IGN on this thread or PM Happy2BLazy, RedLotus, or 72night in game. You may also join our discord and ask for an invite there. Our Team Happy2BLazy | Founder, Global-Admin, Community Management R3dL0tus | Global-Admin, Community Management Shockalote | Co-Founder lgslayerftw | Co-Founder, Architech SuperToastie | Admin 72night | Moderator
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