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  1. For me, playing other games before going to Warframe makes me relaxed. I usually go with games such as Empire Earth, Freedom Planet, Enter the Gungeon, Starbound, Megaman Maker, Slime Rancher, M.U.G.E.N., Don't Starve Together, and such... And as such, i can feel prepared for the upcoming.
  2. I am pretty sure that the result would accidentaly go like this.
  3. Except some parts... For example, i don't mind Index, yet i'm not interested into the elite challenge, as well as doing the syndicate mission. Speaking of the syndicate missions, i am not forced to do 10 missions of every parts. I can choice which syndicate mission do (and keep in mind, that i have Red Veil, Steel Meridian, New Loka and Perrin Sequence at max rank). Also, may i remind you that you can solo those missions? Aside defense and interception (and probably survival), everything else can be done solo.
  4. Is that spanish? What about "Il Lupo di Saturno Sei" (which is italian)? Jokes aside, this has a good point. That might be interesting... Although i can't picture the idea of Warframe Rivens. Like, what stats would be implemented as negative or positive? Would it have negative energy/health/armor/shield/sprint speed parts? Idk, it might work? Interesting.
  5. You want to know what's the big difference between Nightwave and Alerts? While Nightwave "forces" you to do stuff that you don't want to play ("forces" with quotation, because you can choice to not do them. Like, i can choice to not do the gilding challenge, the only penalty i would get is less standing) at least it gives you creds to get five Nitain per 15 of those creds, and already built orokin catalyst and reactors, as well as Vauban's parts. Heck, it even comes with rewards on every 10k standing. Yes, some rewards can be lackluster, but some of them, like the Warframe Slot, are worthy Alerts on the other hand had the SAME rewards, except cycled on RNG (so if you wanted to get, say, the vauban parts, you had to wait lots of time). Oh right, i remind you that the alerts were also timed, so missing them was annoying, and not everyone was able to play the game on school or at work. Oh, and did i mention that Alerts required you to have every planet's node unlocked? Not only that, but once you unlocked a certain point, the alerts became useless. Index unlocked? Credit alerts became useless. The Rathuum is open? Endo Alerts are no more. You unlocked planets? Then you had no need to farm for materials. Someone traded you certain aura mods? No aura mod alert made. Also, you seem to fail to realize that Nitain Extract is now easier to get, compared to the so "successful" alert system. Five Nitain Extract per 15 creds (which you can stack, btw) to 1 per 4 hours is a large difference. And may i remind you, that Ivara and Vauban Prime requires Nitain Extract, the latter needing five each per part (including blueprint), as well as many weapon requiring said material. You really want to go back to a system that relies on RNG? Even if it would nerf nitain extract reward every 12 hours, and mostly give 5k credits and 80 endo, with little about resources, aura mods and helmets? as well as no orokin potatoes?
  6. Why replacing something, if both the alert system and nightwave can co-exist at the same time?
  7. Both of them are interesting. One being a specific schedule which determines what reward you get in the day, the other making them contracts, so that you can do them without the worry of being lost. However, i think that both idea can co-exist, if well implemented.
  8. A problem? No, more nitain extract will help in the future. Who knows if the next weapons and primes will require nitain extract? By getting lots of it, the worries about grinding said resource is reduced.
  9. So you wish that the game returns to a flawed system relying around RNG, same rewards, less nitain (with many stuff requiring it), and timed missions that are easy to miss if you're sleeping or at work/school, making you install an app to see these alerts? Because i remember the times where the alerts weren't replaced. Because of course, thinking that both Nightwave and Alerts can co-exist with a better implementation is difficult, am i right? Also, stopping to play a game because a mechanic was replaced only hinders you, and nothing more. Thanks to Nightwave, i got more Nitain than ever, which will help me if upcoming stuff will require said nitain.
  10. Jovian Concord, Wukong Prime, new season of Nightwave (there was also an intermission, where you could get a special ephemera called Eidolon Ephemera), and a new gamemode.
  11. Just to let you know, even the alerts aren't gold and flowers. Imagine an alert that has an orokin catalyst (and not as a gift of lotus, but as an actual alert), only that the new player can't get it, due to the alert being on a planet not unlocked yet.
  12. You know that you have a week to complete the weekly challenges, right? Also, i don't understand why the requirement of doing syndicate missions for the challenge is a bad thing.
  13. For me, the codes worked. I just had to redeem them in-game.
  14. i'm sorry, but a system that relies on RNG isn't that much better. Sure, Nightwave has its flaws, but don't you think that the alert system didn't have its own flaws.
  15. oh yeah, i remember that. Except it was: - Resources that i didn't need, since i could farm them on planets that i've unlocked. - Endo that i could farm anywhere else. - Credits that were useless on their own, especially if you unlocked the Index. - Orokin potatoes, which rarely occurred, except during lotus gifts. - Nitain Extracts, which you could only get one every four hours, in contrast to Nightwave's five nitain extracts per 15 creds each. - Mods and Alt Helmets that weren't what i needed. And most of the alerts went when i was outside or sleeping, which made me install Warframe's app to see what the alerts were, and how long they lasted.
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