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  1. Just FYI, Warframe isn't the only game that has grinding. Many games has grinding. Destiny, Spiral Knights, Pokémon, etc...
  2. Not to be offensive, but DE is a canadian company (and i don't think that Canada has Black History Month or Martin Luther King Jr Day. Or Meg didn't knew about those). Also, i don't get why you want a game to celebrate two historical moments that everyone outside of the United States barely know about (which would cause people of other countries/race/gender to demand that). Heck, i'm italian, and even then, i'm fine if the Tricolour Day, the National Day of Christopher Columbus/Cristoforo Colombo and the National Day of Braille wouldn't be celebrated on Warframe (due to people outside Italy not knowing about the history of those or not being aware about these national days). Being ticked off because a company doesn't celebrate something that only exists in a country is kinda pointless. Sure, Bastille Day and 4th of July were an one-time exception, and even then the other events were made to connect the community.
  3. I find it fun and relaxing. Sure, i have other games to play, but sometimes i prefer go to Warframe and give the enemies a cool blooded death. Sure, these days i'm rarely playing Warframe (mostly because i play Gmod, Starbound or other games), but the point doesn't change much. It's like Spiral Knights: despite not playing it much, i still enjoy that game. Even if i aknowledge the flaws in the game (such as the RNG or questionable choices), i still find the game acceptable for me. I enjoyed the combat, how the enemies and areas look like, the weapons, etc... And even if some parts are frustrating, i still find the game acceptable.
  4. Interesting. What did cause the respawn of Profit-Taker? Because that's some weird bug that could potentially be abused. Also, did you check if the respawned Profit-Taker could use its self-destruction?
  5. I have some. STUG: A reason why the Stug is pointless, is because, even despite the updates, it's still bad. It's not useful as a crit weapon due to 5% (and not even its crit multiplier of 1.5x is any help). It's not useful as a status weapon due to its 10% status chance (and normal shots don't do any status, which you have to go for explosions). Its concept is cool, but badly implemented. Shooting on blobs is just a waste of ammo, and much much more. For god sake, i would rather pick the Seer over the Stug: at least despite the high zoom, Seer does actually work well with damage. Stug, on the other hand... WARM COAT: I really don't understand the utility of this mod (as there's many mods that are better)... Especially considering it's for a specific condition. The point of that mod is to increase the shield's resistance against ice levels by 12% at max... Except, the description is a complete lie. What it actually does is reduce the shield's reduction during cryogenic leakage, and nothing else. Not only it's a mod that is specific for a certain hazard, but it also useless on Corpus Ice Planets like Europa or Neptune. FOCUSED DEFENSE: Does anyone remember about the mod? It was useless when it had the effect to give armor when channeling, and its still useless, even with the +20 parry angle effect. Like, what purpose does it have? RIFLE APTITUDE/MELEE PROWESS/SURE SHOT: So. Status chance mods. I didn't include Shotgun Savvy, Sudden Impact and Modified Munition, since their respective 30/60/60% status chance can be handy. But Rifle Aptitude, Melee Prowess and Sure Shot? What does their 15% status chance even do? Especially considering that the dual stats mods such as Malignant Force, Jolt and Volcanic Edge exists (with their 60% sc)?
  6. So you're basically giving up because "Why this test exist? It's too hard"? I'm sorry, but saying to stop playing and pretending that the test is removed, simply because you're doing the test improperly is just pointless. CanoLathra was actually smart enough to give you solution to that problem of yours: Banshee + Gunblade combo, the Skiajati, Wisp and her ability to become invisible when airbone, and Zaws with Exodia Contagion. Credit to AlfredDean and BloodrainXL as well for suggesting to you to use respectively a long range weapon with reach and slam attack, and practicing the test on the relay. And btw, the Mastery Rank system is to prevent inexperienced players to get weapons that are out of the league. Like, why should a new player have a Ninkondi Prime without a MR of 14?
  7. Oh, so that's what was when i used the Staticor.
  8. Thank you for the hotfix. It is possible to address a problem that is still there, regarding status weapon not applying procs, despite being at 100% status chance?
  9. I am not gonna lie, she looks gorgeous. Also, Aksomati Prime? Considering that we have Akstiletto Prime, Akvasto Prime, Akbolto Prime, Akjagara Prime and Aklex Prime, it was kinda predictable. Probably Akmagnus Prime will come in future.
  10. Weapons that can reach 100% with dual stats mods, like the Redeemer Prime and the Caustacyst.
  11. Thanks for the update. Will you fix the issue where weapons that has 100% status chance with mods doesn't seem to deal guaranteed procs on enemies?
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