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  1. Do we have proof of that? Screenshots, video, whatever? No? Then let me put an image that explains how most people would barely believe you:
  2. I'm pretty concerned about these three mods... Well, only about Blood Rush and Condition Overload, since i don't use Maiming Strike that much, but still. We don't know how much these mods would be either buffed or nerfed, and how they would affect people's builds.
  3. To be fair, the reason why i play less Warframe is because i started to play sandbox games like Starbound and Terraria more often. I also took some liberty to play the lego batman trilogy on EGS (because it was free). I also attempted to play Destiny 2, but it was difficult, due to the connection problems (and by that, i mean that i couldn't login at all).
  4. While it's reasonable, the problem is that the warframe i mentioned, Nidus, is able to infect other warframes as well. We might never know... True. However, said neck plate was infested, so i believe that both of them must co-exist, to create a controllable puppet. Sure, but let's think about it: What if the cyst belonged to a nidus that doesn't know that he carries the "cure"? Who would know if the Helminth hickey or the helminth charger would stop taking order from the owners, and turn their side on the pure infestation?
  5. You know... Considering that this nightwave's season is about to end, i started thinking about Arlo, and i'm starting to get a disturbing picture. Arlo and Kenga getting people to show a gift (being a bless), the infestation giving them said gift masked as a "false" bless , people turning into a cult willing to inflict terror, infiltration and terrorism across the origin system by weaponizing infested derelicts, infested actually using special tools to turn themself into undying flesh machines, and the Zealoid Prelate actually being able to speak, despite being an infested... You know what? It all makes sense now: The Infestation is more tricky and uncanny that it seems to be. First, it gives people a sort of "cure" that eats other diseases, so that it can give a false illusion of being cured, giving people a reason to get said gift, and creating a loop... Then, the same cure that healed you, starts to unwrap its true nature and makes you a fanatic with the desire to murder anyone in the process and deal the same infection. And last, give the infestation enchanted tools that makes the infested into immune monsters. Credits given to this plan, Kenga, Arlo and the infestation played a massive role, unleashing a scheme to create a legion of devotees that could wreck havoc upon the origin system by sending Infested Derelicts as crash course weapons, while the three (especially the infestation) could study them as an experiment to evolve and crush the planets on their flesh claws. And considering that the Sentients are ready to invade the entire origin system, that's a massive problem that the Tenno aren't probably realizing yet.. But now, it leads to two disturbing thoughts. Imagine if the infestation deployed its "cure" on unaware Nidus, making them their own parasite spreaders to infect everything (Corpus, Grineers and Tenno alike, or even other infested, sentients, and the corrupted from the void), and giving the other Warframes a seemingly harmless cyst with said "cure" that would be either used for an Helminth Charger or purged in their infested room. Imagine if Zealoid Bastions started to aid Lephantis, Phorid, Jordas Golem and the Plague Star, giving them the same "cure" to spread, and making them unkillable, unless the Arlo's Flame is used against them. Considering that both of them are disturbing, scary, eerie and frightening implications, and that neither of the two are good at all... I fear that the infestation, being an intelligent virus that we thought it wasn't, could even surpass Warframe themself, even at the point of creating their own Warframes with its "cure", for the sake of spreading it to everyone, and making them fight the operator-controlled ones.
  6. First, there's RNG. So that means it's not very easy to get the systems. Second, you're farming it wrong. Memphis has the lowest drop rate, with 7.52% chance. Caracol on Saturn and Yursa on Neptune, on the other hand, has 11.28% chance. You're making it too harder for yourself without realizing it. "Rare" I remember a time when i got at least more than 50 of Harrow's Chassis. RNG, i guess.
  7. -Alerts and Nightwave co-existing, with different rewards. -Void Keys and Relics co-existing, each one with differences (void keys on a specific prime warframe and its weaponry, relics on multiple warframes and weaponry) -Trials returning, and implemented with Nightwave as well. -Being able to hire Corpus and Grineer units to help us. -Being able to clone Sentients and Infested to help us.
  8. Except... Most of the things are optional. Like, i don't have fortuna's quest finished, yet i skip the challenges regarding orb vallis. I also skip the index one, despite having it unlocked. Also, going back to alerts would mean going back to being bored, waiting for an alert (that becomes useless after reaching something more worth) that may be on a planet that you didn't unlock, and waiting for vauban's parts to show, realizing that it's also timed. Sorry, i prefer Nightwave over the alerts. At least you can find Vauban's parts in the cred offerings of NW.
  9. Funny enough, it was the same for me for pherliac pods. Except that i got them from the Disruption version of the Juggernaut.
  10. Probably a defense mission. First, Napalms, Bombards, Noxes and Manics. Second, Techs, Isolator Bursas, Drover Bursas, Denial Bursas and Anti-Moas. Third, Toxic Ancients, Ancient Healers, Ancient Disruptors, Brood Mothers and Juggernauts. Fourth, Conculysts, Battalysts and Mimics. Fifth, Corrupted eximus units and corrupted Captain Vor.
  11. I gonna be honest: These infested's design are gorgeous and awesome. Also, the fact that the Undying Flyer can revive itself/himself, unless his pod is destroyed, is amazing. God, this is both amazing and nightmare fuel at its finest.
  12. Imagine if not only that would happen, but Alad V and Vay Hek decides to make a secret alliance (unlikely), leading to ramp up the nightmare fuel by mixing amalgams with ghouls.
  13. Get a Redeemer or a Redeemer Prime, and a Banshee or Banshee Prime. This combination is a nice life-saver for stealth, and will help you throught Mr 19 test.
  14. Actually, Infested Outbreaks are invasions from infested... Which were already there to begin with. Except that it makes now sense, because Arlo and his devotees are using the infested like that. Also, imagine if a player needed Fieldron, Mass Mutagens, Detonite Injectors for something. So you're saying that you are already at rank 32, YET you complain that the people are playing outdated missions rather than refreshing the content, because they are "Forced to play these"? I'm sorry, but is the word "optional" difficult to digest? Especially if you are at the final rank? So you mean that i got bribed into using the forma rather than stockpiling it, play other missions for the sake of stuff, opening relics, doing kuva survival to get kuva, managing to get medallions, doing syndicate missions, defeating bosses and/or doing bounty missions? With most of the challenges being optional? Wow, i guess that free content now means bribe... Sorry, but i don't believe that.
  15. Most of the people that complains are just about random stuff that has no sense (like "Why does this challenge exist", or "Why low rank players requires rank 5 to access Profit-Taker Orb?", or even the classy silly stuffs), and i'm pretty sure part of the reason is for either boredom (and waits for new content, mostly because they have nothing to do) or burnout (like for example, playing Warframe 5-9 hours a day). Yes, i can understand people saying "You should make the rewards more worthy of this node" or "Please reduce the requirement to build/the chance to find item X, it's difficult to get the materials/doing the mission to get it", but if most of the stuff is "Why nightwave exists, it burned me out, bring back alerts" (with no arguments of why that so, like "They were successful for 6 years")... Yeah i'm sorry, but people kinda feel legitimate to tell the OP to take a break. I play Warframe on a daily basis, but i had to stay out for two weeks because my laptop's battery was dead. I was bored? No, i had other games as well (like Empire Earth or Goldeneye 64). And even if i am bored to play Warframe... Roblox, Minecraft, Starbound, Enter the Gungeon, Megaman Maker, Freedom Planet, Don't Starve Together, Cortex Command, Terraria, Spiral Knights, Empire Earth, Relic Hunters Zero, Plague Inc. Evolved, Portal 2, Team Fortress 2, Killing Floor, Half-Life 2, Garry's Mod, M.U.G.E.N., etc... My god, there are at least plenty of choices i can play other than Warframe, if i feel burned out by that. Excuse me, but how in the heck is Archwing a chore? Most of the missions are ground-based, and the remaining one mostly involves extermination, mobile defense or sabotage. For god sake, it's even one of the main quest's item. Also... K-Drive being a chore? Really? Something that has a function on Orb Vallis is a chore? Because of a syndicate that only requires races and k-drive tricks as standing and that unlocks gears that mostly is optional to get? Just... Worst examples right there. I could understand Kuva Fortress Survival or Nightwave (and even then, most of the stuff is optional. Like, i tend to avoid Orb Vallis's nightwave challenges, because i'm not interested), but Archwings and K-Drives? Respectively a mandatory item for certain nodes (and uranus) and something useful for one syndicate? Also, how would Railjack even be a chore, if you said it's upcoming?
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