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  1. Looks like the relays are down...
  2. Any News Regarding Dark Sectors and Alliance wars?
  3. Well, it somehow got Wisps walking animation, kind‘a NSFW And I’ve forgot to mention the smallframe thing ^^
  4. Translation: The Steel Strike modification increases melee damage by 60%. It does not change any weapon parameters. When you wear a mod, the damage numbers do not change. Please see what the problem is.
  5. Changes stay, it will only fix itself if you are loading a mission
  6. If you use the Look link feature to share a look into the chat and then change to the operator mode, apply the frame look to your operator. Then open the operator customization and open and close your hood and frame and operator are merged. The operator is now using the walking animation of the frame. More Pictures
  7. isn't that some sort of railjack intro? (from vallis to spaceship because of orbital strikes?)
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