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  1. Hello, the Orbiter Scenes (Festive, Filigree Prime etc. ) are currently being inaccurate after the refresh of the cockpit. Can this be fixed? It's quite annoying when you want a Christmas Themed Cockpit but the decoration is clipping through the New Interior. This could (technically) be also an opportunity to extend the look to the rest of the orbiter.
  2. Steam and Discord are up to date, i'll decativate them, sec. Edit: it's Discords overlay, deactivating it causes normal behaviour WAR-2979714
  3. So, i got an issue: Warframe crashes in Dx 12 mode when entering the Login screen but my changes to the EE.cfg file are always reverted when i start the launcher therefore i can't provide a .bin file (the EE file gets deleted on launcher start and a new file is generated), the latest WAR number is WAR-2979714. The warframe process is definetly not active before i edit the file. Any Suggestions?
  4. So, the new War and Empyrean are approaching, on the occasion of these milestones, i came to the following Question: "Will there be a reissue of the current vinyl soundtrack and will the new songs like "Lift together" get a release on vinyl?". The reason is, that i missed out the first issue and still want to buy them (and maybe many other players too) What do you think about this, should there be a reissue + a release of the new songs? It would be also great, if someone of the DE staff could/would answer my question.
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