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  1. Because updates are cumulative. Helminth is a garbage tier grind until it gets balanced towards fun and customization.
  2. And yet it's still the worst update ever.
  3. No, DE wants instant gratification, I want a game with unhindered progression, not arbitrary lockouts designed to make new/lazy players spend money on platinum, to NOT play the game (which doesn't exist anymore because it's been replaced with grind/timegates.)
  4. Yeah, I explained the daily standing cap already. Fine example of second job, rather than fun game offering entertainment. Completely ignoring many RNG mechanics involved in this second job... I'm pointing out facts, not complaining. The only complaints I've seen in these forums come from people with stockholm syndrome who can't get screwed over enough, feeling the need to ruin the entire gaming industry with mobile game disease. Have you seen the amount of money this company makes? It's insane how much of it is wasted too but I won't get into their management is
  5. There's no reason to stay logged in. This is just another example of people being duped into more grind for the sake of retention, active player count and making it seem like there's more content than is truly available. Another example of this absurd system is used in marketing shenanigans like "The more you buy, the more you save." Spending 2 hours in Taevuni gets you more Kuva than 1 hour in Taevuni but there's no daily limit to Kuva. With faction standing, the daily cap doesn't care about time you spent doing bounties and other menial tasks. It devalues your time grinding with arbitrary
  6. I think that their business model relies on enticing new players to scam, rather than make credible content. DE is creating themed islands of grind, hyping it well beyond merit and rolling onto the next half-arsed project. I've waited 2-3 years in the past and I'm doing again now but chances of my reinstalling the game are much more slim since I've seen the direction they're taking the game. Really wish I could help somehow but with a mobile game business mentality and now Tencent funding, the passion feels long dead.
  7. Yeah, chalk it up to cynical humor. No investors were hurt in the making of that joke.
  8. Lost time and money is no problem of Warframe's design or it's design team. Just wait, you'll be able to purchase more mod capacity via Platinum eventually...that's a reasonable solution, right?
  9. Piss poor management or sadistic genius? Perhaps both. I've been seeing signs of company sale sign for at least a year now and with that comes the "milk the player base" mentality of management. Hype everything, do little to nothing == profit
  10. I won't be reinstalling Warframe until at the very least, Conservation targets are removed from ranking up the Entrati. But like ESO (Elder Scrolls Online), I'll return to check the forums with hope for the game.
  11. Warframe 'mafia' brought to you by DE's piss poor management. Don't forget it.
  12. I already uninstalled Warframe. The point made here likely won't be understood by new players or those with a chronic lack of self worth. But whatever, a fool and his money are soon parted.
  13. Worst update since Plains of Eidolon.
  14. All valid concerns here. I'm just glad so many people are seeing DE struggle with controlling the meta. If they can't balance basic numbers versus a Prime variant on a single weapon, I've no hopes for any logical balance in the meta they're trying to control. It's a slap fight...DE vs DE and I'm a confused spectator. BUT this is why I almost always carry Tysis with me, status procs and stopping power for even steel path. But when it's not enough? Crit based melee that doesn't rely on Condition Overload but still takes advantage of it when possible ( Baruuk's serene storm good example ).
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