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  1. Thread went from overall game difficulty to how crap Nyx has become over the years. To solve the OP's conflict, DE just needs to give the option for enemy level and difficulty of the missions on the starchart ( after completion of starchart ). Don't want to wait an hour for enemies to spawn in at lvl 200+ then choose Hard Mode. Nightmare should start with level 1000, because casuals think lvl 120 enemies are 'nightmare' lol. Nyx needs entire rework from ground up to be a telekinesis Warframe or some kind of night/void related concept, doubtful this will ever happen though.
  2. An issue that bothers me and no doubt any other long time Baruuk users, has been a restriction for energy pad working, while Serene Storm is active. I can fully understand why Elude doesn't, but Serene Storm has it's own resource pool and blocking Baruuk from gaining energy in order to maintain survivability in the form of Desolate Hands, just feels wrong. As an example to another Warframe who does not suffer this issue, Equinox can obtain energy from pads while Pacify & Provoke is active and I wish Baruuk's Serene Storm would allow the same.
  3. Someone called Ephemera RNG an achievement. More like whittling $1000 away at a slot machine and winning $500 on a single dollar, then claiming you hit it big. You know what's more of an accomplishment than heavy grind mechanics as consequence of RNG? Picking out ripe fruit in the grocery store.
  4. Yeah that's the game of chance. If there's a possibility of 0, then the potential for infinite 0 within your short life is still a probability.
  5. How is it people are still confused about the difference between a Lich, a Larva and Murmur farming? This is a rhetorical question, in case that was also confusing 😕
  6. If it takes me 3 days of grind for almost 12 hours a day in order to obtain a duplicate weapon ( Kuva Bramma ) to Valence transfer, that drop damn well better be a 60% roll....right? lol, 25% <---- Killed that Lich and did the accidental X on Larva without time to even see the image >_< ( was trying to replenish energy on mercy kills, a great mod btw). Turned out to be a 56% Radiation Shildeg.
  7. This is a simple idea, competent fix for a really annoying issue in regards to the Heavy attack keybind. Please force Heavy Attack into melee mode from Aim Glide, Idle or any other animation while primary/secondary is equipped.
  8. I smell what your cooking, but the Kuva and time costs are already doing this.
  9. Oro == Gold Kin == People This would make them Eldar Elves, the Chimer. Hmm...I'm not familiar with the specifics but weren't the 'dwarves' an offshoot of the Chimer as well? Perhaps the connection could also apply to the dwarves disappearance?
  10. I must be an elitist because it takes some people more time to get to the door, than it takes me to complete the entire mission. In these cases, I'll just abort and go solo mode, take my chances with only 1/4 relics 😆
  11. Here's my 3 cents: Rivens likely won't ever be non-tradable due to the fact that people will buy plat, in order to buy a specific Riven. The argument that Rivens would be "2 StRoNk" if we were able to keep stats or upgrade is just nonsense. Set all weapon disposition to neutral and rework the weapon stats, since it's the weapon's base stats and mechanics that make it OP, not the Riven.<----- Use Kuva weapons as an example here. Lastly, the current cost to roll rivens is absolutely stupid and makes no sense aside from trying to keep people from rolling. We go from 900 Kuva, which is still REALLY high ( mind you only get 200 from 5 Minutes of Taveuni...spare me you booster and kavat sales) up to 3500 Kuva per roll. The way things are now with 120 Riven Capacity and the terrible chances that we'll get anything decent per roll...might as well make it into another side game that detracts from the headliners of RNG, like Failjack.
  12. Good question! Yes it's optimal to obtain 100% status chance if you're using the shotgun portion of Redeemer. With a Weeping Wounds mod, this is done fairly quickly since the shots have punchtrough and I believe each pellet counts as a separate 'hit' when increasing the combo multi. The Crit chance is 92% and 144% with Sacrificial Steel.
  13. The ghouls kidnapped princess Konzu. Proceed to the Infested Castle and defeat their champion " Bauser". Be careful Tenno, King Bauser possesses Orokin technology that...
  14. Rivens aren't ruining the game, DE is doing that themselves.
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