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  1. I don't agree here. There are some legacy rolls that are insanely good and no amount of nerf will change that. Until status mechanics are updated somehow, we know what is most effective and having the min/max isn't needed for casuals maybe, but no one expects a casual to buy 15k Riven, let alone care about rivens. Edit: Also from my own experiences with third party sites like Warframe Market, people tend to undercut one another quite competitively, if not to play the market then just to get rid of useless or dupe sets. Rivens though, so random that it's up to the buyer on what they're willing to pay...but I know some people who're into Kavat breeding and would pay absurd amounts of Plat to get a specific pattern and color. Point is, centralizing trade would be a boon to players. I'm not holding my breath though, much easier to neglect the subject, as they do.
  2. Their servers are trash and can't handle an 'auction house'. Would love to hear some more excuses like, "muh economy" though.
  3. You've discovered what an MMORPG is, I congratulate you! The grind experience isn't for everyone, I know this. Just as not all raids are my cup of tea. But let's put this into perspective here, you're saying thousands of hours spent playing? That would mean thousands of hours invested in NEW content, right? I mean, what digital retailer hoping to grow it's store, would just let itself become stale with old inventory for years on end? Resting on your laurels. Bethesda/Zenimax, EA, Blizzard and many other publishers have taken this attitude towards a growing market, do le$$ and earn more by replacing stories and real entertainment for themed digital storefronts, where they use most of development teams on making cosmetics and brewing new ways to take apart the game and sell it back, or even worse, intentionally hinder gameplay in order to sell the player a solution through the in-game store. This isn't just a matter of thousands of hours played, it's also an issue of thousands of hours worked, for both the developers and the registered losers. Unlike the devs however, many of us here don't want to work two jobs.
  4. This is called dereliction of duty. If you owned a store, would you throw up your hands and walk away from the register? On one hand, the integrity is refreshing but depressing. If you don't understand the meaning of his statements, I won't spoil it for you but instead I'll do some good ol' veteran "divination". Players leave for Destiny 2, come back for Empyrean and play for a week or two after discovering that it's all a copy of previous open area locations. Bounties to grind, NEW AND USELESS resources to grind, additional untested bugs ( old bugs still unfixed) and visual enhancements that nobody asked for and serve absolutely no increased value to gameplay. Tamu and other disruption modes still a mess and ignored. NO RAIDS. haha, yeah I'm not even trying to be negative here, just exposing the cycle since I've logged more hours, than most of the people here that have played since closed beta. So take a break, sure, I'm doing that. Doesn't mean I won't check the forums for any improvements or speak on behalf of my own experience. Though there comes a point when you become Bethesda or Blizzard and there's no returning, when your company just gives up and gains a new tier of entitlement, wanting praises for releasing trash. Nothing wrong with failing if a lesson can be learned though. Continually fail in the same manner however...
  5. Also not hard to have over 100 rivens to roll. Or only 16 hours in a day to farm Kuva, IF no burnout/ IF no other game offers more rewarding entertainment for time invested. Kuva needs serious rework, as well as the meaningless log-in rewards and Sortie pool. If DE would institute a new way to use old resources, like purchasing Rivens of a specific type, that would be neat. However, they'd still need to either vastly increase the amount of Kuva from missions or simply, lower the overall cost of rolling them. Bringing a Kavat for added RNG, should be a lootbox meme. Look, the only reasonable amount of Kuva you can obtain is when you're using a booster and even then, it's a terrible amount per roll made. I've got multi millions of Kuva spent and invested in Rivens, what do I know about this subject 😕
  6. Blue Potato and Riven are the only worthy 'rewards' on that entire list. Got Legendary Core myself for the first time in 3 years, but who needs that crap when every mode of 'end game' is literally an Endo farm. Should replace Anasa statue with at least 21000 Kuva, which is only 6 rolls but at least makes up for the time wasted in sortie missions, when you could be farming Kuva instead.
  7. Absolutely 0 monetization loss from an in-game trading system. Incorporating some kind of Corpus themed cashgrab of an Auction House, would be easy and likely reuse existing models and textures. Any excuses that don't include Chinese investment company pressure, is just horsecrap. Who's buying platinum for $200 US dollars? Who's giving out 4K Platinum(or more) a week and Prime Access packs for free? Not this guy. But would bringing basic common sense additions like Clan shops or "auction houses" get more people to log in, play Warframe and buy that plat? Not for people like me, who want a specific product from an online retailer of digital only goods, without digital currency buy-in scams.
  8. RIP Kuva Disruption fixes. If nothing else, could have doubled or even tripled the amount earned, considering the bugfest of a mission 😐 Ah well, back to Destiny 2 ( which is stupidly boring after only 4 days playtime, but it beats the insulting kuva grind)
  9. Ai/Pathing bugs are all the rage this season. You can see Disruption targets doing the same thing, they will run in circles 4-5 rooms away and unless you actively search, they'll remain there the entire playtime.
  10. Would like this issue to be fixed, as a Baruuk main (mostly anyway). Infested don't have weapons to be disarmed, so Desolate Hands shouldn't be lost to Infested 😐 Should act like any other disarmed Grineer or Corpus unit and ignore them completely. The parasitic drains plus the fact that Infested are melee class, means they're especially annoying to me.
  11. What, you don't like to spend 3 hours in a survival to finally get those level 5000 enemies to appear? I think the fear is "high lvl affinity too stronk". Maybe scared of people power leveling ever more than what's currently possible? Either way, this idea could have prevented my playing Destiny 2...for at least a couple weeks or so >_<
  12. Derpenstein lives! Did you know, every weapon at some point starts out.....NEW? Not always fun, but rivens bleeding value is just as ridiculous as it sounds. The weapon is either worthless MR fodder or it isn't. You didn't originally state anything about "powerful" weapons, besides that, fun is subjective at best. Hence my jokes...yet still I love my Akzani and cannot wait for it to go Prime.( lol never happening)
  13. Catchmoon and lucky shots with launchers are the only weapons aside from melee that can hit Drones consistently. Right tool for the most absurd of jobs. DE makes brigade of invulnerable enemies that require punchthrough. DE forgets that 10 out of 700 weapons have punchthrough...fails to explain how the mechanic works in the first place 😐 Can you blame us? I hate the catchmoon passionately but it's a must have for Arbitration.
  14. My Redeemer Prime Riven has 1.1 million Kuva invested so far. I've spent 14 million Kuva on Rivens in the last 2 years. These disposition changes don't affect me. Please keep making incompetent weapon stats and increase the Riven Capacity to match the overall weapon count (700?) Thanks.
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