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  1. Made me laugh a bit. Told myself i wouldn't respond to trolling but couldn't resist this one. It's not entitlement, it's called capitalism based on supply and demand. I won't accept ridiculous excuses. You do not speak for DE, I have not heard directly from them nor read any post related to their excuses about the cost of Riven Capacity either. We could argue all day about 'he said, she said' but the fact is nothing is stopping people from creating MORE accounts to store 90 MORE Rivens. Shouldn't have to do this however, which normally would raise some flags. Heading into Bethesda area of ethics now...🤑
  2. I don't work for DE in any form and as a customer, shouldn't be worried with costs of running their business. That is their choice, not mine and one that I can say a smaller team GGG has been dealing with for far longer and succeeding. I've got nearly 300 stash tabs of randomized gear in Path of Exile, that I've been forced to store over the years of new leagues. Where the save data is stored is not my concern, how it's saved is also none of my concern. Not here to debate the rumored technical difficulties involved in investing in networking on DE's end. Excuses are cheap 😐
  3. Good day! I'd like to begin by stating that, I'm no riven trader and don't have the patience to do such a thing. What I like is collecting rivens and trading them 1 for 1 with other players. So the problem myself and many others are facing now, is what to do with our precious god tier rivens, when sitting at 90/90 slots and Archwing Rivens will soon release...Sadly it was only until recent that I discovered the limit of 90 mods and became depressed, as my goal was to obtain a riven for every weapon in game. I haven't played much since and don't plan to purchase plat or prime access any longer, since it feels like I've hit a wall on my return of investment. These are the woes of a veteran and I don't expect many newer players to yet understand.Riven collection and stat rolling is my true end game, despite the disgusting amount of grind involved, it can bring joy to someone like me whom loves to test all the variables.Please consider a Riven capacity increase? Edit: This is MY feedback. If you have personal issues that need addressed, seek help elsewhere. I won't feed the Toll Troll.
  4. Watch my staticor vs lvl 145 corrupted video, for an extreme example of the fps drop. Used to be my favorite secondary until it bothered others too much.
  5. Plains of Exile is looking spectacular! I've discovered my favorite fishing hole now has a weeping willow, taking me back to the old days of MUD's and spending time with friends in a place I imagined to look very similar. One thing I find distracting however, is the ocean's reflective shader, which appears to me to be inverted. At night this becomes even more of an eyesore, as the daylight from the sky is reflected even at night. Hmmm, I guess you could also describe it as 'glowing' at night.
  6. These are currently the two best PC games and I've got a combined 12,000 hours spent as an Exile and Warframe Operator. Only yesterday I was joking that the build complexity in Warframe is nearing Path of Exile levels...Rolling Malkavian was the right choice.
  7. The one positive outcome from a host migration...
  8. Completed this twice because i thought it was a Host issue. On second completion I got another 5000 rep. No complaints. Going to try for a few more runs to make up for all the lame 'Friend/Clan" missions I didn't complete.
  9. Day Trader and the defense missions are repeatable atm. So, despite the lack of confirmation, you'll get 5k rep over and over for as many times as you complete 🙂
  10. Great Job! I'm still concerned however, about the overheat gauge getting locked to a certain point and not being able to move up or down. I've tested this several times ( 20+ ) and despite my tossing Thermia OR coolant drones tossing coolant, the meter will not rise or fall, sometimes for 5-8 minutes at a time. This usually occurs in stage 2 or 3, with the only dependent variable being Magus Lockdown.
  11. "Fixed ability to destroy the Exploiter Orb’s vents simultaneously. One vent at a time! " Well at least this is the only phase of the BOSS FIGHT, that isn't ON A TIMER. Second half of the boss fight bugs out way too often, the hours fly by and no progress made. Primed Sadness.
  12. "Widened a damaged bunker opening in the Kuva Survival tileset. You know the one." ❤️
  13. Simply amazing! Hildryn far exceeded my expectations 😄 She's so much fun to play due to her multi-role abilities. The new melee controls will take some getting used to but all in all, I really like the quick swap, especially in places like Kuva survival. I can't wait for my Wisp Mother Warframe ❤️ DE
  14. Want to let you know, that this is currently happening to me as well, albeit in Kuva Survival missions. I've lost nearly 100k Kuva to this bug so far and worse, a lot of my time. The issue starts when I seem to no longer be synced to the match. Not sure how/why this happens but afterwards I'm in mission but not receiving the rewards from Kuva harvesters, I haven't paid attention to the meaningless timed rewards though.
  15. I thought that's what the region selection was for? Distance is only one piece of the problem though and it's not even the worst cause of latency in this P2P game.
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