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  1. Morthal

    Sorry about the lag, enjoy the show!

    Maybe. From my limited experience, it's an unintentional outcome from the charge coding. I also noticed that if you're standing near an enemy while charging the Staticor, it will release the shot early without VFX, knocking down the enemy. This could be left over from when the Staticor did self damage, can't recall this happening before the first set of changes, who knows? It's one of the most fun weapons right now, despite the frame rate drops using Mirage.
  2. Morthal

    RTX... will it arrive to Warframe?

    Thanks, I was just about to rant about DXR. But this is what Nvidia does to the ignorant consumers who 'Just buy it!'.
  3. Morthal

    LGBT players being silenced?

    You reeled me back in, you just had to, right? I'm certain Reb is going to storm in here, save the day and take certain political keywords right off the blacklist. Any second now...3.....2.....1...
  4. Morthal

    LGBT players being silenced?

    Attitude =/= Sexual Attractions I need to stop here, this feels like a troll topic. Logic left the chat and is dragging my sanity along with it. My only advice left, if you're truly going to go about this endeavor, is to use Discord and build a clan there to join you in-game. For all the 6 years I've been playing Warframe these topics have never once been an issue, not until recently and I cannot understand it...the amount of 'wtf' is obfuscating. I mean, Warframe! Probably one of the best communities I've ever known--I play Path of Exile too and it's worlds apart in terms of aggression. Well I'm done but good luck @(NSW)guacxmole
  5. Morthal

    LGBT players being silenced?

    Those things you listed, sound an awful lot like they're relevant to playing Warframe at either a certain level of content, within a certain time of day/availability and using alternate means of communication, which has been fairly common in online games since the days of Teamspeak.
  6. Kuva is literally my end game content. I don't do much else in Warframe these days. I don't think it's worth the time without a booster+Smeeta and it would be neat if Kuva costs for rolling were just dropped to a fair amount...or how about just make some scaling rewards in Endless Kuva?
  7. Mirage and a Staticor, what could go wrong post-fix?
  8. Morthal

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.6

    Staticor has returned to being fun, but the visuals when Mirage and her illusions are firing a charged shot... My vision and framerate drop to 1%
  9. Morthal

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.5

  10. Morthal

    Fortuna slow updating

    Just noticed this as well on my office PC, same internet speeds and ISP, with speedofme rating, at advertised 10mb/s. Updating Fortuna on the office PC is between 200kb/s-2mb/s.
  11. Morthal

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    The accolade is really cool, too bad my profile says I joined in 2017? That isn't right. I started playing warframe beta just after Skyrim released. 😐
  12. Morthal

    Warframe is killing my internet connection

    I'd expect the latency to be affected, more than the download speeds. The packet size for P2P is not going to reach the 75mbps in bandwidth, that your test is showing. Could be your ISP throttling the service, when it connects to Warframe. COX cable does this every day at 4:50pm regardless of running applications, thanks to our loss of net neutrality laws.
  13. Morthal

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    I really appreciate the QoL changes coming for Titania but as many stated before, her support buffs, like reflect, just don't mix well with evasion...or really at all when you think about it. BUT! Titania is my second favorite Warframe and I can wait patiently for her Prime version and hopefully, a proper reevaluation of her niche abilities.
  14. Morthal

    Warframe Ability Bug: Orb Vallis

    Obtaining enemy alert rank 4 in Orb Vallis, summons enemies that disable abilities. The abilities locked cannot be used again until leaving Vallis and reloading the area.