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  1. The worst comes to mind for me, any opening that allows for vertical movement has some kind of 'lip' or ledge which blocks you from ascending or dropping. This applies to corpus tiles as well, just one of the gripes in map design which penalizes acrobatics.
  2. I agree about the choice of Art design, it's why I hate on the map design so much. Kuva Fortress is the coolest idea for space ninja espionage and it gets no love. In fact they even removed large portions of the Kuva Survival which were more open and even had random meteor crashes. Would be amazing if it were opened up a bit and allowed for Archwing travel. The tile suffers from pathing bugs, occlusion bugs, random tile placement glitches, waypoint bugs, enemy spawn bugs...just too many,
  3. Used to falling asleep while in 1-4 hour survival missions. Burn out could be an issue though, just not related to gameplay.
  4. The point was about horrid level design, not about challenge. Topic back on the rails now I hope.
  5. But the first forum post I come back to is related to the bug ridden Kuva Fortress... If they haven't even bothered to update one of the messiest maps in the game, then I've got little hopes for current content's potential fun. Could be wrong though, why should I come back to Warframe? I'll start with one positive: There's 2 people I know from my clan that haven't uninstalled yet.
  6. Bugs, Bad level design =/= Difficulty or Challenge.
  7. It's an asteroid in the middle of OPEN SPACE. You aren't keeping anyone/anything out >_< terrible logic to go with terrible map designs. Just imagine running out of Life Support and needing a magical tech tower to survive in open space. This game thrives on unhindered space ninja acrobatics, something that Kuva Fortress has the potential to maximize. I've been complaining about this bugged tile for years and years later, the same bugs exist. DE will never fix this map, they allegedly hate Kuva and Rivens.
  8. Summed up last 3-4 years of Warframe.
  9. And with that said, I'm not reinstalling anytime soon.
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