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  1. Stopwatch? Bruh... 6 seconds for most of them. Exceptions: Corrosive - 8 Radiation - 12 That's all, like not hard to remember. And that's coming from the guy with nearly 6k hours played...
  2. You know what? I read the post like completely wrong. Maybe. I thought you suggested to delete non-primes like right after leveling non primes. So the question was for the most part "why claim primes right after leveling non-primes" cause as @Uhkretor said - Helminth exists.
  3. ^ this I would love so much for her 2 to have "hold to always cast on self" function, but alas.
  4. Why though? Primes do not give that much of an advantage if any for a new player. Unless it's equinox, but that one is not in the OP's list.
  5. No option here. If it requires less work to achieve bigger numbers, everyone will use it and not use anything else.
  6. You say it like missions don't give you anything at all for doing them. Warframes? Weapons? Recourses? Mods? Platinum? Nah, the rep is where it's at. I fill my cap in about 15-ish minutes, and for some magical reason I play more than 15 minutes a day.
  7. It unlocks locker around a console, the one you hack to stop alarms and all that stuff.
  8. I upvote Lunaro room. Never played it myself, but having a stadium in the dojo seems to be a good idea. As krc said that's a system born from clan wars. Currently you can use it to have a clan for clans. E.g. you have ghost tier clan and want more people to talk sh*t in chat and to have more likeminded peopel to play with. You have 2 options: up your clan's tier and thus upping decoration/research/building costs or make/join an alliance with other clans in a similar situation
  9. This. One should at least try to do hunting with the amp given. Otherwise getting rep for better amp/arcanes will be so slow you'll see the release of half-life 3 before having anything better.
  10. I think it was mentioned somewhere in the thread, but the shieldgate is a countermeasure to being one-shot by some random ass bullet you haver had any opportunity to avoid. I remember seeing clips of people killed by a guy standing on the other side of the door even before said door was even half opened through like 5k ehp including shields with quick thinking on top of that. Yeah, DE need to rebalance a lot of things, but if we loose that "protection" just constant shield regen won't cut it for this one-shots.
  11. @(PSN)MambaTaIity @iPathos You 2 do realize you are answering a topic from 4 years go, right?
  12. But as far as game mechanics are concerned rocket launchers are snipers. They even use sniper ammo pickups
  13. You. It will go up. Unfortunately daily login decided I need Neural Sensors today, so I can't give you a screenshot.
  14. Yes, so? How did we survive in the dark times when you didn't get boosters in the daily reward? Or in the early days of the new login system when logging into the game in the morning before work gave you 3h booster? Looking at people claiming the game can't be played without a booster makes me laugh. If you think you absolutely have to play when you have booster cause it is wasted and it doesn't worth it when you are not... well, I think you chose the wrong game.
  15. Bonus grows with the amount of days you logged in. My boosters are 47-ish hours. Depending on rng I can run with a booster for like a week. So just continue playing and you'll get your 24 hours boost.
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