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  1. lvl 2 artillery perk says hi And I know this may sound harsh, but I personally don't even expect any person I'm matched with to have any level of competence even in normal mission regardless of their frames or MR. I saw MR27 people being able to die as inaros on arbitration survival on minute 2, I've seen loki not using invis and trying to melee lvl 90+ bombards with apparently unmodded weapons, I've seen eidolon chroma complaining trinity is preventing him from stacking his vex, I've seen a lot. That's for ancient content that people are familiar with, railjack is new. You yourself probably wasn't a god tier warframe player on your first day. Co-op means cooperation, talking to people, communicating ffs. I play with my clan and we are successfully doing missions with a crew of 2 or 3. That's what clans are supposedly are for - to connect people and play together, not for "join clan, need labs" and just bragging about how many people are in clan's roster. But I digress. Recruiting chat can help finding a perfectly stacked group with all the roles, use it, speak to people, do something other than "press the lfg button to get easy rewards" for a change.
  2. I'd add outdise squardmates' names on them for people inside the railjack, Cause this situation happened too much in our clan: - Where are you? - Here, near the big asteroid. - All 3 of you are near different asteroids. which one exactly? - I'm shooting at ya. - All of you are like 15km away, how the f*** am I supposed to see your bullets from here?!
  3. Tbh I don't know how I should even build any AW weapon to do damage to larger ships. Cause crew-ships and whatever that mine throwing bastard is called have ridiculous levels of armor and DR (everything else imo is classified as fighters => small ship). At least you can deal with mine guy by precise shooting at weak points. With crew ships only front artillery or boarding, former starting to be ineffective around the end of Saturn.
  4. You are kinda wrong here. Read the ability again. It gives you full invul when your energy is not at full and any incoming damage gives you energy. So with the amount of damage railjack enemies do you are pretty much guaranteed to have full bar in a single shot => invul turns off. It was like that for ages, you probably didn't notice cause nothing could put you into that position in regular missions.
  5. I haven't read all the topic, but I assume a lot of what I'm about to say was already mentioned at least 50 times over. And still I want to add these to the pile. 1) The usual problem of Warframe - explaining stuff. Or better say - NOT explaining stuff. Refining? Nah. Crew-ship destruction? Unless you were watching every piece of youtube/twitch media about railjack for the last 2 years... Nah. I saw a guy actually killing this thing with imperator (the regular one) the other day. The list goes. 2) This is more of an economy this, though I feel like complaining. Resource drop chances and refining. We never have enough stuff, ever. Cause we either have 3million cubics flying around with no pastrels in sight or exactly the opposite. Wanna craft things? Oh yeah, you hcae exactly 0 of one of the resources needed. Have fun. And refining... Ok, DE, I believe that you tested this internally, but as usual you have no idea how your players are doing things. Capacity of 200 can be filled in about 30 seconds. I've spent about 20 mins last mission (the whole mission basically) sitting in the forge, doing nothing but refining loot and waiting for cooldowns. And I'm not our team's engineer mind you, I'm a god damned pilot. 3) Oh, and while we are at it. I'm starting to really dislike whoever does UI for stuff. Like reeeeeeeeeeeally. I can appreciate a clean look, but why you feel the urge to hide every piece of information your players need? Having an indication of ship's forge resource count is not just nice to have, it is essential. I'll repeat this again (and I've been saying this for years since I came to Warframe from WoW and got used to addons there) give us the ability to make UI plugins/addons/whatever-you-call-this. I would be so happy to have the ability to show exactly what I need in game and make some characters not popping up on my screen, especially during eidolon hunts. 4) Archwing. Ok, I get that our weapons are at the level of a Death Star at this point => being more powerful than starting railjack guns => archwing is somehow the way to do damage. No problems here. Problems are starting when you see the damage of your enemies. So with 2k armor I can loose my railjack's 2k hp in about 5-10-ish seconds. We can all calculate the amount of DR on the ship and from there the amount of damage enemies can do in a single shot. Now what will this shot do to an archwing with only 200 armor? Yeeeeah. I don't like being instantly dead while exiting the ship. And this happens a lot. Yeah, I could exit from the side which is not under fire... if there was a way to tell which side that is from inside. Or if the ship wasn't constantly under fire from all directions. Also crew-ships' bs aoe invisible (like 50% of times) shots. At the very least can we have an invulnerability period of a couple of seconds when exiting the ship. 5) Intrinsics. Not themselves, I don't have any particular thing to say about those. Buuuuuuut why do I need to drag myself all the way back to the dock to check what they do and/or level them up? Makes no sence. 6) Avionics. They are essentially mods for railjack. So why if I want to move one to a different position I need to: unequip it unequip whatever is in the new position equip first avionic to the new slot equip whatever I unequipped in step 2 Archwing enhancements avionics. 60-90m radius, really? You need to practically hug the railjack to gain the benefits of those. Considering what I said about archwings earlier, those avionics are meh at best.
  6. which can be flushed in an instant cause basically even starting earth enemies can one-shot you from outside of your field of vision
  7. * plays Mag, presses 3, strips all the armor in the room + disabling all dem weapons in said room as well * Wait, what? Since when do you need to let the button go before blinking? At this point I seriously doubt you are older than me.
  8. My biggest issue with the dock is not it's size, though it took me like an hour in dojo planner to figure out where that thing should go. But since it has 3 floors in height, it would be reasonable to have entrances not only on lowest level. So I can access the dock from whatever floor of my dojo I want. And don't even mention fast travel, I like moving around by foot. They have cosmetic "rooms"/lounges on level 2 where Bob is waving to tenno down there, I don't see why those can't become actual accessible areas with own set of doors.
  9. I upvote this and also want to mention apparent lack of any lights in the lower part of the orbiter, where doors to nidus room and so on are. I can't see s*** in there. And I'm not going to recolor my orbiter white just to be able to tell where the walls are.
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