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  1. And while we are at it, why not show favorites first? It annoys me a lot to have to click the damn tab 8 times for every frame/weapon. Favorites are there cause I want to use those most of the time, not seeing whatever is default in my pallets.
  2. That doesn't work in all situations. So example (and backstory) time. I live in Russia and play in a clan that was created for me and my friends. So you guessed it: we are writing stuff in russian. But for a number of reasons I prefer playing on an english client. And here comes the most inconsistent thing ever. You can guess what alphabet those asterisks are supposed to represent. Yet my windows obviously has russian language installed, cause duh. And what's even more fun... The text actually works outside of menus. And just before anyone suggests, I have both game locales (ru and eng) installed. I remember the period where the game used to display all the locales everywhere regardless of what locale you were playing on (and what langs were in the system) without the need of trying some voodoo magic to make it work. No idea why this was dialed back, but I'd like to have that again.
  3. I would upvote the suggestion for entirely different reason. When I load into the game it defaults me to region for some reason and thus immediately flooding my chatbox. And I don't actually want to disable region, cause when I'm not feeling like killing stuff and chilling in the orbiter, I often participate in whatever shenanigans are happening there.
  4. This game is coop, if you didn't notice. Why punish coop then? Seems unwise to me.
  5. I support this request on the basis that I'm the guy that always forgets to remove dragon keys from his gear wheel.
  6. *Rocks "Seven Nation Army" near PoE entrance*
  7. Space drums anyone? 😄 On the serious note though, that feature will be great to have.
  8. WoW did that... now the item is trash unless it is the item you need + with socket + with the tertiary stat you want + titanforged for the max possible item level bonus. Which means for it to be not disenchanted you need either insane god level luck or run the dungeon that drops said item over and over and over again, probably 1k times per week and not actually getting what you want. Fun times. Not to mention that they increase max level cap you can get from titanforging each raid tier => you have to do it all over again to get that +5 ilvl version of an item you already have cause nothing in the new raid is statistically better than whatever you have but with that +5 increase. More fun times of running the dungeon you already saw basically 5 million times since this expack happened. So, noooooooooooooooooooope. F that s**t.
  9. Look no further that any mmo that has it. I play WoW and I constantly see 3 man teams just troll kicking people in a dungeon right before the last boss. Cause in open world missions there are such things as loading (as mentioned) aaaand speed difference. You would be probably surprised to know that you don't get fully modded itzal with launcher segment and the launcher itself mailed to you by DE the moment you finish tutorial.
  10. I would agree the captura scenes are not belonging to rotation reward pools for both regular and elite onslaught. Especially considering they are not sellable (I would probably rack up millions of credits if I sell my dupes), and no one in their right mind will be willing to pay plat for those so them being tradeable as they are now is pointless. Endo on the other hand is fine for rotation A, but not C. Like 700 endo as a wave 8 reward is actually insulting. Also as a side note the proposed "shop" will be a good way of moving the dreaded rng out on ephemera acquisition.
  11. Technically you want 5 dogs, 2 cants and 1... thing. Cause mastery. Yeah, you can consing unused breeds later, but still that's more than one egg. But in general I agree that we have too many things in the inventory that I'd like to throw away that it's not even funny
  12. That heavily depends. One can lack knowledge of shards or being not equipped to fight Terry. Same can apply to ESO farms. In case of OP it is weird to ask for increase, but in case of new players I would tend to agree focus gains can be increased a bit. Or at least make lenses acquisition a bit more reliable, you can run bounty for 100 times and see 0 lenses from it. Sell them for rep or something.
  13. What I guess he means is: make focus farm take less than 100 years. So I assume those augments are supposed to increase focus gain for a piece of equipment they are slotted in.
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