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  1. I'm at 120k for companions and the only possible companion I'm missing is Khoras Veneri.
  2. What about the two weapons retired from market? Snipetron and Machete? My profile doesn't show some of the exclusive weapons that I don't have in my profile, could it be doing that for those two weapons?
  3. I would assume the transition will be flawless as long as the game is released on the next generation. Sony and Microsoft accounts carry over to the next generation and your warframe account should be linked to that, right? It doesn't have to send any information across different companies so I'd expect it to be a pretty simple transition.
  4. There is a limit of 4 frames in a squad. With helminth a limit of 8 separate warframes abilities are available. Using two abilities on the one frame is not the same as two warframes working together. With Helminth you could potentially eliminate the need for an entire warframe in a squad by replacing an ability. And as a result freeing up the spot to have another warframe, with an extra ability to replace one you probably didn't use since you replaced it.
  5. What's the point in a unique boss if it dies before you can see what the boss can do. A lot of time and effort goes into game development and they want people to experience it. If a new boss comes and it's killable in a single hit because of high tier gear, it's not a worthwhile boss, it's just another enemy. I haven't tried this boss so can't speak on it specifically, and I do have issues with some bosses. But, phases and restrictions in boss fights makes sense when it's used to make you actually experience the boss.
  6. Are we ever going to get those dojo tweaks that were mentioned a while back?
  7. While I'm not against the idea of dual primaries, I don't like the idea of dual bows. It seems kinda silly considering how important using both hands on a bow is. Some kind of crossbow, sure. But nothing with a draw back mechanic. I also feel this idea is adding unnecessary complication to dual weapons and would be better suited for an entirely new weapon on it's own with a double loading arrow mechanic based around the weapon. And even then I feel it's still a little too overly complex.
  8. I think skill based matchmaking only really has a place when it comes to competitive PvP game modes. And warframe is a cooperative game. Limiting who you play with should not happen in matchmaking because I think it goes against the very core of the game being squad/cooperative based. If you have a problem with inexperienced players in matchmaking you are better off making a private squad. I get that there can be a substantial difference in a players output depending on their gear. But, I really don't think limiting matchmaking is a good idea. I can struggle to get a public fissure going som
  9. I regret buying the war pack for its cosmetics when I did. I don't regret owning it. But, I turned my broken war into war and then bought the pack with war and had 2 war and no broken war and kinda regret that. I regret buying the Frost Deluxe skin on it's own and not in the bundle because I like the sword skin. And I regret buying Saryns skin without the bundle as well for the same reason. There's no cosmetics I regret owning though.
  10. Not with that attitude it wont! We've been getting a fair bit of revised updates and have more to come apparently, so why should the amount of time it's been in place determine whether or not it needs change or additions? I'm sure they'd be at least a little open to the idea of a loadout forma to separate loadouts polarities or something like that if players at least showed that it's something they'd want. It doesn't replace the system or make it redundant. It would be an extension to the system that's been in place for so long.
  11. Or better yet: How about give us the ability to use multiple forma setups on a single weapon depending on the loadout?
  12. It seems to always spawn enemies in the room you're in just as you've finished killing the enemies around you preventing the next room's enemy waypoint from showing. I think a simple fix for making this smoother would be to show the waypoint for enemies in the next room regardless of if you have killed all that's in the room you're in. When I run crossfire ext on lua I tend to rush to find the next room rather than killing the last few enemies. Simply knowing where they are would help that.
  13. You might get lucky with newly released weapons overtaking the loss from missed event weapons so i'm sure it's still easily achievable in the near future. And yeah, those who have been here for everything would deserve to get this feature before anyone else who hasn't been here for the long haul. I agree, I feel like this adds a fresh new layer to the connection between players without needing any direct connection. The only problem I really see with MR as it is (and potentially what the OP is partly saying) is the lack of rewards between MR30 and the highest riven requirement (Not
  14. The vault changed recently with Ember and Frost replacing Nova and Trinity. It's the new upcoming Prime Access that hasn't happened yet.
  15. I think there are too many event specific weapons to get to MR30 in a few months. Even if they come to Baro, I'm pretty sure it'll take more than a few months to get it all. I personally think they need to avoid really special and unique rewards for MR30. I think what they've chosen to do is great. It gives things that are valued to a lot of end game players that are still obtainable to <MR30 players. Umbra forma, riven slots etc. Those in my opinion are great rewards for MR30. A unique emote and emoji makes perfect sense. It just gives you something to show off your acco
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