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  1. Fishing, Kuva, Traces, general gameplay for anyone who hasn't played a thousand hours, oxium, mining. I'm sure theres more things I'm not thinking about.
  2. Fishing is apparently much better with a drop chance boost.
  3. Sometimes mistakes happen. And it adds more challenge and risk to the mission. Isn't that what people wanted from arbitrations?
  4. Does conclave have any major reworks planned? I love PvP in most games but find it quite lacking in Warframe. Lunaro is great, but finding a game is hard, I believe because most people don't know the PvP is there (most of my friends didn't) and the fact that it's not the greatest in it's current state. I'd love to see a big rework to conclave.
  5. The first thing you need to consider is the layout you will stick with for the entirety of your clans existence. I spent weeks deleting rooms to place more because I'd reached the cap and basically had an incomplete dojo. It was a big hassle deleting 50+ rooms to then place them back 1 by 1 in the layout I now wanted. Did the best I could without having to delete decorations but I ended up 4 or so rooms above my preferred amount doing it. I have 1 spot left for upcoming building and space left elsewhere for when the build cap is increased. My only real recommendation is to just think about your layout before starting. Use one of the dojo planners online to help.
  6. I purchased the Shawzin and donated it to my dojo, will I still receive the emote for having purchased it?
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