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  1. I'd like to see AI in conclave because I never really get to play it. A lich/queenpin pvp mode would be cool too, and a lot more controllable balance wise with the limited amount of weapons. I personally always felt conclave should have a limited set of weapons that can be used because there's too many weapons to balance.
  2. Conclave. I love pvp games but just cant ever find a match in warframe. There's a lot that could be done to make it better and hopefully bring more people to it.
  3. I really hope they end up releasing a bundle for mirage deluxe. The main problem I see though would be for those who buy the skin now and then would have to buy the bundle with the skin to get the extras (If they come), double purchasing the skin. If DE intend on releasing a bundle for Mirage Deluxe after the standalone skin they should consider a system that discounts bundles if you own particular items in the bundle. It would be unfair to early adopters of the skin to pay for it twice just to get something that released after the skin but is included with it in a future bundle.
  4. I know this might be a long shot, but I've had a weird buzzing sound in Warframe when I have my headphones plugged into the back of my computer, plugging it into the front eliminated the buzzing entirely. Apparently when it's plugged into the back near the graphics card, when it's usage goes up the buzzing sound goes up with it, as if it's picking up some kind of interference from the graphics card. Not sure if it has anything to do with your issue, but if it does work it's a simple fix of plugging headphones/speakers further away from the graphics card.
  5. Is mirage deluxe skin going to get it's own bundle? Or is it just going to be the skin and animations? I'd hate to buy it just to find out a bundle with more goodies comes later.
  6. I feel your pain with my dojo. 1600 capacity isn't even enough for my open space rooms. +1 for orbiter capacity increase. As it would mostly be for the individual as others rarely join your orbiter, I don't see why it couldn't be increased unless there's some kind of technical limitation that I wouldn't know about.
  7. I personally think that since Cautious Shot is an exilus mod for weapons it should be less than primed sure footed. To get 100% knockback reduction you need to sacrifice an exlius mod on your warframe (arguably much more beneficial than exilus weapon mods), or for 90% on a single weapon you can put it in the exilus without really disrupting your weapons build. The lack of a secondary option I see as an issue however. I personally enjoy the knockback system (sonicor excluded). Awareness of where and how your bullets/projectiles are going to land is a valuable skill that rewards you (with no knockback) when properly accounted for.
  8. That's not how RNG works unfortunately. If you keep flipping a coin, while it is unlikely, you could technically keep flipping the same side until you stop.
  9. Khora - I love having an extra companion and her dome is super useful. Chroma - He stronk Hydroid - Just really like his theme. Nova - Very useful and really like the theme. Wisp - Don't like many healers in games, but Wisp is useful and fun. Lavos - I find his kit really interesting and fun.
  10. I believe most prime weapons are those that were released alongside the regular warframe's release. I'd love to see more prime weapons for some of the older ones though to be honest. But, I'd settle for prisma/ceti/other if a prime isn't gonna happen.
  11. I'm not saying it should be a priority, or that they need to do it. Just that it would be nice. That is all. A persistent list of online players recruiting/wanting to join would just be a lot less frustrating than a constantly moving chat that needs your constant attention to be used.
  12. I don't want to use discord for something like that. And if it were in Warframe then the list of people could always be people who are online, even those who don't use discord.
  13. No. I'd like something IN Warframe. Something that doesn't require me to find a discord group or rely on my own.
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