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  1. Damn, was hoping new decorations would come before the contest started. Looks like I might have to get back into my dojo.
  2. Sometimes it kicks people for seemingly no reason. One of my clan mates regularly gets migrated away from the squad into solo.
  3. I know this isn't how to replicate the bug, but it is always fixed for me through a host migration (host has to abandon mission entirely but rest of squad can usually use the door as normal after the host migration loading screen). Hope this helps in some form. I always thought it was from a network issue while loading, nothing really indicated that it was going to happen, you just played as normal until finding out the door wouldn't open and wouldn't fix unless loaded again, which is a problem I've experienced with doorways in regular tilesets as a result of high ping or a laggy host. I
  4. Rotating lich planets between squad members.
  5. some tennogen weapons' are already available, i'd assume there's going to be more added in the future. But, more details would be great.
  6. If you'd like to add me on Warframe feel free to do so. I'm usually happy to chat to anyone.
  7. It's easier to appreciate something when you have contrast. I'm fully supportive of people taking breaks, I've had quite a few breaks over the years and always come back. And I have lenient rules for activity in my clan to allow people to take breaks so they don't burn out. I want to enjoy the games I play, and I want other people to enjoy what they play too and I find the quickest way to burning out is the expectation to do something. Once that expectation is gone, it's your decision entirely and I find it much easier to avoid burn out looking at games in this way.
  8. I just want to say thankyou (i know theres a good chance they wont see this but I want to give my thanks either way) for giving me the tools to express my creativity during some of the hardest times of my life. Decorating my dojo has helped me get through the last year during times when I physically struggled to do much of anything, it's allowed me to express my creativity in ways I didn't feel like I would ever be able to and it has kept my passion for creating alive to the point where I could start being productive with my creativity again. Without Warframe I would have felt far less fulfill
  9. I hate dealing with Leech Eximus. Purely because they steal energy from being in distance with you and don't seem to drop any guaranteed energy for killing them. But, if some kind of guaranteed energy drop came from killing an enemy that stole energy would make them completely fine for me. After this probably packs of rollers. They're easy to kill but they can stun lock you if you're not careful.
  10. You wont be able to get far on your own, but you should be able to get enough over the month for the exclusive rewards. Lavos, cedo and mech mods also drops from the event itself, in all tiers. You can farm them all in the lower level mission without spending the credits. And then use credits earned along the way to buy the event stuff you don't have. In regards to completing the event, you wont be able to get far on your own, but you should be able to get enough over the month for the exclusive rewards. And there's probably enough people in pub matchmaking to get some longer runs here an
  11. So does flipping a coin for heads or tails. But, you'll still get a repeat at some point. Hey, you might get lucky and get several repeats before it changes. That's just luck.
  12. I feel you. I've used like 1.5k morphics and maybe about the same gallium alone, but haven't even touched my 10,000 control module supply.
  13. Getting real excited now. Does this mean I'll finally have use for the 10,000 control modules I donated and haven't found a use for yet?! Definitely excited.
  14. I'm not personally into generally roleplaying, but I can appreciate it in some way. I have noticed some clans based around roleplay on PC, although I've never joined any and I don't see them often. But, they are there.
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