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  1. A thousand I edited it. My grammar is terrible. Sorry for my stupidity
  2. After spending a thousand of hours playing this game. I have some ideas about how to improve warframe. I'm not good at English, sorry for that. Attract new players 1. No platinum purchase weapons and warframes in the in-game market. Please! we all thought your game was pay-to-win, which is not. 2. Make new players begin easily. Give them good starter item, enough for them to go through 2-3 planet and quests. The first warframe in the game (Excal, Mag, Volt) is already good the weapon is not. When I tried Warframe for a few hours, I gave up because I failed the mission. The weapon is too weak. Then I saw many weapons in the in-game market and I thought spending money is the only way. 3. More guide for new players. I know the quests already guide the players but they are not enough (ex. how to mod weapons correctly, how to get prime weapons). The players won't research in wiki or youtube if they are not interested in the game yet. Maintain old players 1. More Lvl = better rewards. Repeating the same mission is what we are tired of playing this game. It takes too much time and feel hopeless. I spent about 8 hours for farming the new weapons, Acceltra and Akarius and still haven't got it. Bring more options for high lvl missions and increase the drop rate or rarer items. Players won't complains about RNG and have the reason for modding our weapons. 2. Fewer but stronger enemies. This problem causes AoE weapons (Ignis W, Arcar Plasmor, Scoliac) to be the most popular. The enemy is one-hit but too many. Why don't we bring fewer but stronger enemies. Maybe players should fail the mission sometimes. So we can be more excited when seeing enemies. We could finish the mission faster and have the reason for modding our weapons.
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