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  1. So the download process started. Checked in "Drops". There was a progress bar running. I was listening to the stream and playing the game in parallel. Once the stream was close to finish I went to the Inventory to claim the forma. The download was nowhere to be seen. No forma to claim. Trying relogging, relinking, completing a mission ... etc. Waste of time. Terrible system. I am pissed off. Logging off for the weekend as this hassle killed my mood to play.
  2. Anything can helps testing SP levels is fine with me. At the moment you can't really test anything high end.
  3. The current "meta" favors Mellee over Primary weapons. Hence the Primed Fury would arguably give you more power for end game scenario. However, Primed Fury has Berserk to compete with and it's somewhat comparable. Primed Shred, while not so popular now due to available primaries on "high-end", might become valuable on a new weapon release. And considering you will be stuck with your choice for the next 400 logins (the 400 days is for sure Prime Sure Footed), that's plenty time for a good Primary to become available. Vigor is pretty irrelevant and pretty much any build has better /
  4. I'd rather have a cooldown instead. Otherwise the engineering will be busy with full time making flux only. Also, solo missions would be a pain. A cooldown or "heating" system would prevent mass spam. There are many solutions here. The best one may depend on what future content we get. I've also seen some "epic" layouts in the distance while doing AW missions. That triggered the idea in the first place. The boss fight is missing from the game. There is nothing that really poses a challenge for a maxed railjack. Or something that would require a good crew to complete.
  5. Sure, more customization is better. However, I know DE time is limited and I don't thing they will bother making a complex system for something like scraps. More slots is an "easy fix" and gives DE the opportunity to make platinum by selling those slots. I don't think it's viable to make the game compare loot and scrap it. Something like Engines have multiple stats. Best one could hope for, it's a filter to always auto-scrap a specific item. So after you max a specific item type, you could have the option selected as there is no need to have duplicates.
  6. According to who? New weapons can have comparable stats with older weapons. There is a train of examples. What makes you think a newer weapon will have superior stats than an older weapon? The % difference is the same. Sure 1% of a high stat is more than 1% of a low stat. Yes, it's not linear but that affects both edges (meta weapons and pure trash weapons). The enemies scale in % and not fixed values. Therefore % as damage indicator is a more accurate reference correlation to their use case. And even if we take your argument - which I disagree with but just to keep it simple - we sho
  7. It would have to be with a on/off option in settings. You want to support the game and don't mind the adds? Leave it ON. Does it destroy immersion or simply hate adds? Leave it OFF. I would probably leave it on if the add would fit the design environment. If I would see a BMW car advert on Deimos, I would simply disable the adds. If I would see Skateboard add on Rocky Orb Valis, I would leave it them.
  8. I disagree with your point. I want to riven to fill its exact purpose. I am not getting it for the new weapons. Unless the weapon is straight up comparable with a meta weapon (e.g. fully deserving 0.5 disposition), then the riven disposition is set incorrectly. From a statistical point of view, that's unlikely. Based on numerous examples, it might take a year for the weapon to reach to its "correct" disposition. With the old system however: If the weapon is average, I would be still comparable with a meta weapon with a good riven. If the weapon is above average, it would be
  9. Is there any post from DE saying that you get less sentients spawn on consoles? Sentient spawns depends on builds, players and maps. PC players are generally better at highscores because they can control the warframe/operator/mech better. Even assuming same skill, a PC player will do better on highscore. I have about 27 keybinds/shortcuts I can use within 3 seconds. You don't have that luxury on consoles. I don't think it has anything to do with spawns - unless DE for some obscure reason specifically reduced spawns.
  10. I wish there would be an option (same as ping option warning setting) to warn about entering a dojo with clan tax. Nothing wrong with having a bit of transparency. I don't care about credits but it's a principle thing. Clan contributions should be from clan members not luring and taxing random tennos.
  11. ^THIS Primed mods are not needed either. Or any prime warframe or weapon for that matter. Still, they are available in the game. Assuming you need like 10-12 formas for your common frames, you are still looking at 2 years. Let alone if you want to have them on non-common warframes. Let's not even discuss about using them on weapons. The release of new warframes is pretty much the same as new umbra forma available. This means that a player who was no here "from the beginning" can never catch up. Some changes: Having 1 / month would be more reasonable. Having th
  12. The easy solution would be to allow players to buy medallions with standing. Later they could convert those medallions back into standing (I would also be fine if there would be a penalty: e.g. pay 5500 rep for a 5000 medalion) If you max your standing nowadays, there is not much you can do it with. Sure, add another 3 relics to the few thousands pile. On the other hand, if you could convert to medallions, it will give you the option of buying a lot of relics on new releases.
  13. On a Steelpath long mission, you will reach considerably higher enemies than what you can test in simulacrum. Some people don't enjoy playing one hour just to test a weapon. Can we increase the level in simulacrum to let's say 30x MR level (900 for MR30) ?
  14. Due to "recent" nerfs to Steel Essence drops, SP seems dead content. And for a good reason: there isn't any incentive to do it. Outside of the umbra forma and maybe the 50k kuva reward, it's a waste of time. I did the starmap last week- due to boredrom mostly - and I couldn't find a single player joining a public mission in 6 planets. To extend existing content with not-so-huge effort I suggest: .1. Steelpath fisures The only difference: the number of relics that can be cracked in a mission. If we could crack, for example, 3 relics in a single mission, the player could choose
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