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  1. Probably just going to be a longer intermission bring some stuff from old nightwaves something to keep nightwave there because they don't have time to make a story for it when they're focusing on the New War
  2. "Now that you have freed yourself from Vor and his Ascaris, you have a new mission, one of your own making. Know that I am only your guide; you are your own warrior, you decide what battles to fight. Allow me to suggest a course of action: Seek out like-minded fighters. Tenno are more effective in groups. Execute missions and alerts on the Starchart to open new paths of exploration. Use the credits you earned in battle to buy blueprints in the Market, then hunt down resources and craft those items in your Foundry. Customize your weapons and Warframes using the mod bench. Different enemies are vulnerable to different combinations of mods; experiment to discover the most effective loadouts. Finally, stay alert. The Grineer and Corpus are tireless, and you are the only thing standing between them and total domination of the Origin System. I am counting on you, Tenno."
  3. Q&A is there for someone confused other than that maybe give a little update to the in-game guides on the codex. Mentor system can either make the person reliant on the mentor or the mentor ignores the student and just waits for prizes to come
  4. I searched and it's basically gacha system where you get the SSSS+ Ex character/item after a certain amount of pulls so that the gacha doesn't look too scummy. Don't see where exactly this could be applied in Warframe
  5. Syndicates could show up but liches are dependant on the Tenno to exist and if they're too busy with the war then there's not gonna be liches
  6. Except steel path doesn't affect the main game, you can completely ignore it
  7. War cry requires higher strength and some duration the augment makes it even better which is not something that can be applied to every Warframe. Helminth is more of an add on to your build, you remove something that doesn't work or you don't use and put something that will help your build not focus completely on the ability you just introduced might as well play the original warframe if you're doing that. She already kind of was before helminth
  8. Oh? Don't know if you're using Apple but on Android there's a ™ when you press on the keyboard ?123 then =\<
  9. It's kind of relaxing having the menu without the stuff on the bottom corner
  10. Well her Upcoming Deluxe will definitely bump my "from time to time" to "a lot"
  11. Well if her promised deluxe arrives one day then that's the opportunity to buff her. Kinda like Zephyr
  12. Can't tell if it's a joke but the correct term is Lich, Liches ya know an undead being that acquired immortality
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