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  1. No it's either not out yet or bugged, my clan mates also can't access it
  2. Hm, I can't see the new cutscene. Will it be available later or...
  3. It makes things feel less serious and bloated. It's like those people that overuse ellipsis
  4. The operator not being able to tickle Titania while she's in razorwing. Come on DE make it happen
  5. 1. Nidus Phryke 2. Titania Empress 3. Vauban Citadel I need a Valkyr deluxe, Germophobe or whatever it's called isn't deluxe worthy
  6. This is a new low, people really need to stop giving attention to these threads
  7. Do you have a video? Anything to back up that claim?
  8. The fact that you ask that is already proof that you don't know what you're talking about, everyone knows why Titania has it if they don't they never touched her.
  9. Because other frames already have companions with vacuum, when Titania enters archwing she loses the companion so they gave her vacuum like normal archwings.
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