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  1. It would be weird IRL making a ship that is your face, freaking imagine an Elon Musk spaceship going to mars
  2. I'm not sure that's reportable, Block em both in game and Xbox Live and move on don't let it get to you
  3. I'd say blast is the worst, gas at least has use
  4. Idk how you thought that it worked that way it's pretty clear you're getting 1 ability out of the frame, there's some poop abilities there but the rest can work well depending on your build.
  5. Since you seem capable of doing it solo I suggest you do that, at least you'll have the crew to take care of the ship when you're gone.
  6. If you left the ability on then it wouldn't deactivate when you transfer to your mech
  7. That can be only explanation there's no way 2 thread same day same platform player probably using an alt account that they have
  8. Dude the 2nd time today, please dude I literally took 6 ish seconds to type "warframe cross play" and every information* on the topic is right there
  9. Makes sense they wouldn't want cross anything, they want people to buy their product so not allowing it forces people to join PlayStation if they want to play with friends. I love this
  10. We probably don't need to eat and other stuff because of the void energy we have, As long as the void exists we're set for life.
  11. No, wait for the announcement in the far future or maybe near future who knows
  12. It's inevitable that themes were going to run out eventually, unless they go for more out there ideas like succubus or shapeshifter which is unlikely to happen
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