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  1. Oh ok I thought it was bugged and you couldn't remove the virus
  2. A female frame called 'hotfix' with Saryn's honkers and Wisp's assets? Sure why not
  3. Nerf her peacemakers to the ground then maybe people will start using her 1
  4. Who needs headshots when you can obliterate enemies hitting their arms
  5. You don't need to spend money to get platinum, also patience my friend
  6. The person is commenting on absurd complaints that some people make to abilities that "disrupt" the game
  7. Tennogen costs plat on consoles in case you didn't know. Consoles also get discount coupons for things that cost plat(helmets, animations, shawzins, deluxe skins) not the PC coupon that gives discount to plat purchases.
  8. It's not infinite duration unless it's stationary missions
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