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  1. I can't say for orphic but between Scarlet and Plague I like Scarlet spear more. Plague Star bores me
  2. People quitting isn't an Ambulas fight problem it's on the people that quit, if someone truly hates this fight skip it. If you encountered a bug report it, I personally never encountered bugs on that fight. I'm not a fan of the fight since it's too long for a boss, making the boss fight drag with a forced timer isn't enjoyable that's and my only problem with it
  3. No nothing mentioning that in game, they probably make them in labs and the corpus add the bill to their debt
  4. Surrogacy or take both gametes and do it some other way, it is the future there's probably a way to do it
  5. A lot of them still have legs with their reproductive organs
  6. Didn't see any bar, I got the Jad Teran noggle though
  7. Practice spy without ciphers learn the shortcuts before doing the sortie ones(solo recommended cause public can be...risky)
  8. Have you played only when it began? Parking the railjack isn't a good strategy anymore. They give you a minute to fix a single hole, removing boarding parties and failure will make the mode even more of a joke.
  9. I just jump into a public mission with a rad relic and see what I get. If I get a rare part at least others will have it as well if I don't maybe someone else will have one
  10. Everyone talking about Lavos and Eso but he could be talking about Enraged. That mod is supposed to be a boost for a drawback don't use it if that's what you're referring to
  11. Only from PC to console in a limited time frame and one way trip as well
  12. Even outnumbered a single Tenno is worth thousands of sentients so we're fine in that front
  13. No she's not out, it's either her or Gara the next prime
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