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  1. Wisp's alt helmet can't be bought with Wolf Cred - is this an oversight or will we have to get her alt helm through another way?
  2. See: It's not meant to have amazing rewards, just stuff to tide us over when they're busy making actual content.
  3. Will there be any preview of updated vehicle archwing/railjack physics? Will we get more driveable vehicles in fortuna like the Plains? Any word on alive NPCs doing work and quests being on the landscapes?
  4. Sword alone blocking is bugged and interferes with other gear items; sometimes summoning gear instead of blocking. While blocking, you are permanently stuck in block until you swing again.
  5. Mixed on the incursions leaving. They made the world feel a little bit more alive. Fortuna is still a lot of in-and-out because nothing happens in the world until we interact with it.
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