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  1. 1. Warframe already has a beacon system, checkpoint system, and tagged sharing. With some finangaling I think it could be implemented. Set a starting and end beacon, add checkpoints, then do a trial run to confirm it. 2. Our current K-Drive races are more like Time Trials. Would love to see an actual K-Drive race between party members. And I know there’s the randomized tileset racing coming soon. 😉 This would add some player made gameplay into the open worlds that’s not just another mission.
  2. Bumping for visibility. At this point I’m not sure I even want to level up further in Vox Solaris.
  3. Will there be any preview of updated vehicle archwing/railjack physics? Will we get more driveable vehicles in fortuna like the Plains? Any word on alive NPCs doing work and quests being on the landscapes?
  4. Sword alone blocking is bugged and interferes with other gear items; sometimes summoning gear instead of blocking. While blocking, you are permanently stuck in block until you swing again.
  5. Mixed on the incursions leaving. They made the world feel a little bit more alive. Fortuna is still a lot of in-and-out because nothing happens in the world until we interact with it.
  6. Melee: How will the weapon rebalance work with the melee rework? What’s happening with channeling, if there even is channeling? Will we be able to build our own stances? Conclave stances in PvE? Movement: Will we see turning animations anytime soon?
  7. Now that Warframe is on every major platform, what are the chances we will be able to see crossplay or centralized accounts?
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