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  1. Melee simply needs to scale less/primary weapons need to scale more. I'd argue to dial down the multipliers and rebalance the distribution of enemy levels across the starmap.
  2. I’d like to see temporary buffs/“potions” for Railjack using the forge. Something to give Engineering more of an opt-in active role that can benefit the team. related to this, maybe dial the difficulty back up a bit. The difficulty pre and post nerf is night and day. Better effects on energy/aiming trails — it’s super obvious it’s a flat texture right now and it makes the game feel cheap. More greebling, obstacles, randomly generated points of interest like in the original demo. Make the space not just look, but play, more interestingly. The Venus spacefield was visual
  3. 1 hour seems a little short but I’m excited for the return of devstreams!
  4. Interior Railjack hazards. Right now support/omni-focused gameplay is even less engaging than before because what's even remotely difficult about having just one of each hazard?
  5. As someone who has a ton of trees in their main dojo hall, please add noclip and geometry culling/transparency to the camera when interacting with trees and bushes. It hurts to walk/bulletjump through it.
  6. Also Agreed. I actually don't mind a gear check if I'm actually challenged in other ways. It gives players a long, but clear, path to progression of power. But the problem with Steel Path and all of the other attempts Warframe has had at anything hard (let alone endgame) is that the challenge ends there. We need skill checks in addition to gear checks.
  7. I was glad it wasn't just another boss I could one shot. Would I liked to have to use weapons? Sure, but I liked being tested on anticipation and dodging instead of "how overkill can you build your weapon (because let's be honest, you're never using your secondary or melee)?" boss no. 2168504585. I'd love more bosses like the Jackal fight where you have to think, but different and more complex the higher the difficulty. I see some accessibility problems from other users which is a valid concern and something the fight could've accommodated for better.
  8. Nightwave has been pretty fun so far, with some misses in regards to the repetitive (yet random and unrelated between clues) investigation scenes, and the tedium of it. As far as investigations go, I hope DE looks into using some of the existing tech like Tracking, Scanning, Hacking, video screens/consoles, interactive levers, etc. to make it more engaging than annoying while telling a better story. Each scene has 5 clues which are all unrelated to each other, making the investigations feel artificial and not very immersive. Pacing of updates could be improved to be more consistent. Nora could
  9. What progress has there been on Railjack and its links to the rest of the game? Command intrinsics have been in the works for a year now.
  10. If he had a predictable move pattern and less destruction then the fight might as well be braindead easy. Harder than 95% of the bosses in this game once your equipment is modded, but easy. I had no problem responding to it and learning his attack patterns. Sure there’s some randomness but nothing that was debilitating to the boss fight. If you’re far away, he shoots. If you’re close he does highly telegraphed sweeps/slashes. Nihil isn’t a hard boss, but he does represent skill-based difficulty instead of being a pure gear check. The game needs more skill-based enemies not bec
  11. Okay, so you built out your gear and then what? The boss either becomes steamrolled or it's a bullet sponge aka a bore. You need real skill-based difficulty somewhere in the equation. This is one of the few times in Warframe your tactical skill and reflexes are tested, which is real difficulty. It doesn't matter how good your equipment is if you can't master the basics. The game has had strategic gear based difficulty in spades for years.
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