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  1. Not gonna deny the opaqueness of Warframe’s storytelling but you’re really undervaluing the Codex when it comes to lore. Story quests are good for main plot points, but Codex is good for backstory (and there is a lot). Scan items, look through the Codex, read and listen to the vast amount of flavour text and hidden stories. If you’re really looking for Ordis’ backstory, it is found through the completing and hunting the clues in the Codex. On that note, you should build Helios to make that task a lot less tedious.
  2. They’re clones with little access to new tools, creative outlets, and probably have poor vocal chords because of the flaws in their genetics. Lots of cheap prosthetics. I’m going to guess a lot of loud percussion, non-lyrical vocal chanting, and maybe some throat singing. Like the old Tenno theme but rhythmically messier and louder.
  3. Didn't expect the board to live after it's been sleeping for centuries but better late than never!
  4. Suggestion: Make nodes' game modes unknown before travelling there to facilitate a feeling of exploration and to an extent create a sense of space in, well, space. People can easily find out about the nodes' gametypes through a simple search, but for those who just wish to find out themselves there'd always be a choice.
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