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  1. Best open world so far, and best additions from an open world. The Necramech alone makes it pretty worth (and will be usable in all missions with a future update) and the weapons that come with the update are quite strong. There's quite a bit of lore that comes with it that ties some previously introduced stuff together. Possibly hints at what's to come with the Duviri Paradox.
  2. A little disappointed they're skins and not weapons. At least one new weapon would've been nice.
  3. What progress is being made with Railjack and Squad Link to connect the content islands? I enjoy the landscapes but will there be a deeper reworking to make open worlds more immersive and engaging? Currently, open worlds suffer from hitting one bounty and entering/exiting it like a tileset. Where are the NPCs on the plains? The workers of Fortuna being forced into labour?
  4. Type: In-game, Vehicles Description: Redeploying a Necramech spawns it in with base Shield/Health filled in (Max values remain the same). Initial spawn grants Necramech appropriate health/shields in according to modded stats. Repro: Spawn Nmech, Destroy/Abandon Nmech, Redeploy Nmech. Expected Result: Modded health and shield values filled. Observed Result: Base health and shield values granted. Max amount remains at modded values. Repro rate: Very consistent all open worlds.
  5. I hope there’s an endless survival underground mission on Deimos one day, it’s the perfect environment for one and with the most interesting infested enemies. I also hope the toxin mechanic gets shared to Infested Survival missions outside of Deimos.
  6. You can already do it with weapons and frames. But the bigger issue is MR being a terrible representation of progress when most of it comes down to your mods.
  7. No offense to you OP, but please stop suggesting adding power creep to this game, we already have enough. Blanket solutions like this (and overnerfing) help nobody. Be specific about the exact things you want to buff/nerf and give detailed reasoning, or else we end up with even more of a balance mess than Warframe is already in. The game has gotten considerably easier from several years ago as we’ve become more powerful and damage has changed.
  8. Mods are such a huge representation of player power level it’s insane that they’re not included in Mastery. Weapons are utterly useless without it. If you have every weapon levelled but none of the real essential mods, you won’t be doing good damage. You won’t have access to good and/or unique builds; you don’t “Master” anything without proper modding. You can be MR14 and have a huge collection of ranked mods, or power level to MR29 with only the essentials ranked. Warframe needs a MR math refactor with mods included. Maybe they need some requirement to be “Mastered”, e.g. fully ranked
  9. Bandai has been making some really good model kits lately. I would love to see Warframes in gunpla. And Railjack in gunpla (!!!).
  10. Spawning in a miniboss-like squad of enemies together, that are resistant to certain types of damage/abilities/punchtrough/take-your-pick/etc. and do more damage until you "headshot" the squad by killing its commander or by killing all the underlings. They act like a single, big, unit until then. If you kill the Commander, the squad disbands and they act more like individual soldiers. This bypasses the need for enemies to get together and therefore be wiped out by warframe powers/weapons, and can tie in the lore.
  11. Grabs are too accurate. Scorpions and Ancients alike, have aimbot level aim on those. There should be some innate inaccuracy to it.
  12. 100% agreed. We need better AI, least of which is in combat ability. It's just janky and unsatisfying to play against and even less satisfying to play with. Acceptable for a few years ago when Warframe was still young, but now the game is 7 years old. Something has to be done about the AI so that not being able to cheese it is actually fun.
  13. Ribbed vaults are not exclusive to Chartres. They were used everywhere in Gothic architecture.
  14. I really want to see friendly settlements in the Plains that you can interact with and find stories in.
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