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  1. I've reset my router, reset the console, uninstall and reinstalled and I still can't seem to keep connected to the game. Anything I do ends up with the red box at the bottom saying Cannot Connect to Network and the game freezes. Its so bad that when I did my MR21 test and passed, I didn't rank up and now I have to wait 24hours because it didn't update my account. I don't have the fastest internet. I get 10.1 mbs a second download and 2.4mbs a second upload. But I'm able to play games like Cod, World War Z, Dead by Daylight with no lag. Warframes the only one giving me trouble
  2. For me, the first warframe I went all out to make them look good was Volt with his Zener skin. I think that's what it's called. But it gave me so much Zone of the Enders vibe I tried like hell to make it look like Jehuty. What about you?
  3. Either that or offer a different reward for it. Warframe skins, not deluxe ones, catalyst, or something useful to newer players that'd benefit them.
  4. Harrow. Chain enemies up and just knock em down.
  5. I'm not trying to be mean and say they shouldn't have access to it for no reason. I just started a new game on PS4 and did the night waves to get caught up, but at MR1 I can go and see Operator fashion. To me that's a huge spoiler for The Second Dream and later quests. It's like saying, free sneak peak here. I just don't like that little detail being so easily obtained. I mainly play on Xbox and wanted to restart to reenjoy the story and flow of things, see the new tutorial etc. Maybe for people that didn't do the Second Dream they should get different rewards rather then oper
  6. And just reminisce on your first year of Warframe? The first frame and weapons you used? I did today and oof, thinking back about choosing Volt, and thinking I made a mistake only to be proven wrong time and time again. Then getting his prime and then yeah, good times.
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