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  1. Hello, i was trying to do the Nightwave Animator Act which asks you to fully socket 3 Ayatan teasures, not specifying which. However after socketing a few Ayatan treasures i found that it had no effect of the progress of the act. after a couple of tries and tried to stock manually, rather than the auto install, and still nothing.
  2. Sorry but the Shadow of War Nemesis system is severely different from the Kuva Lich King Pin system. While fundamentally similar Shadow of War lets you manipulate a hierarchy of enemies of different ranks, sometimes developing a personal relationship with them. Replacing commanders, and taking revenge on enemies that previously killed you. Warframe's King Pin system (as explained by the livestream) will randomly generate an enemy custom tailored to you, the player, and only you. One enemy, one Tenno. He will hunt you specifically, as so you develop a relationship with him/her as you relentlessly kill each other, while he/she gains stronger, the longer you neglect perusing them. Both great systems but highly different. Nothing was copied here.
  3. Thank you DE, but for the love of god and all that is sacred and holy, where in Nova’s name is Melee 3.0?
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