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  1. I'll have to disagree. Design-wise it's more visually appealing than the TG skins in my eyes simply because those ugly leg plates are gone. The visual effects from the lights are also intricate and glow in a very nice flowy manner. Her TG skins don't do her justice, not to knock the designers, but her deluxe is way better. Plus the animations she has are smooth. Bonus points there. She is a jester, her whole kit is based on trickery and illusion. I don't see why people who "hate" it, are coming in the forums to complain about how much they hate it.
  2. I never stated it was a fan concept. DE commissioned an artist for it. Don't put words in my mouth that I never said (metaphorically speaking). You were making generalized statements about it being a fan concept and implying as such. Maybe go back and read your own comments before pointing fingers.
  3. Might be an issue with DE not transferring animations separately? Who knows. Personally, I don't think the animations she uses would work with other frames very well. They'd look a bit out of place considering how she does acrobatic tricks with her idle animations.
  4. And yet, I am right, because I did do my research. I also own the skin, and I use mirage a lot now. I never liked her tennogen skins because they didn't feel "harlequin" enough to me. Again, if you don't like it, don't buy it. Why you're here still complaining about it, is beyond me.
  5. "Please do your research before blabbing" How condescending must one person be?
  6. By your logic every deluxe would be a fan concept. Get over it. Her deluxe is fine without the extra garbage like Zephyr's deluxe, or any other deluxe bundle with useless skins for companions/weapons/etc. Again, if you don't like it, you aren't obligated to buy it. This kind of complaining is why DE can't focus on actually mending the bugs in the game.
  7. Hall of Mirrors is still an Illusion regardless if the clones are capable of damage. They don't take damage and actually confuse the enemies into shooting at them. What do you know? That's called an Illusion.
  8. It's not a fan concept, they literally requested the design from an artist and it looks exactly like what the artist depicted.
  9. Your argument is broken and inconsistent. Her description from Ballas in her prime trailer literally calls her a trickster, she laughs at death in her own quest line. If you don't like the skin once it hits consoles, that's a you problem. A lot of people seem to really love this design. It may not be coming as a full bundle like many others, but I honestly don't think it needs a syandana or armor pieces or even matching skins for weapons. By itself it's amazing. Not to mention we're going to be getting some sweet looking animation sets for this specific deluxe.
  10. Harlequins are not "clowns," they were performers. They performed illusions and tricks for the entertainment of others. It is not the same as a clown.
  11. I see you're a man of exquisite taste. Cheers.
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