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  1. Infested kavat breaks lore, kavat were bred to consume infested and are therefore immune to it. @Lored
  2. None of that worked. I uninstalled the game and am currently reinstalling. I'm very irate right now because I want to finish nightwave to get my umbra forma and armor. But I can't since the game continually either says login failed server etc or Xbox one tells me the game took too long to load and kicks me to home.
  3. It's not fixed, I'm getting Login Failed Server cannot connect errors.
  4. Except they dont even heed their own Code of Conduct. Many people who have uploaded YouTube videos of former moderators have proven the system to be flawed. Too many biased moderators and DE is too lazy to get to the real problem themselves. Hire an actual team of real people for the company. Not just temporary chat moderators from, quite literally, anywhere in the world. It only further feeds egos. Most mods I've seen have power tripping issues since they think they can kick and ban whomever they please. It's still an issue. Even with the new system. What I personally suggest DE do in regards to chat moderation: • Instead of implementing chat bot and just tossing certain words into the system that are commonly used and offensive, do research or submit a survey to players for feedback on what shouldn't be said in chat tabs. • DE should responsibly hire paid chat moderators, ones that are not CLOSE PERSONAL FRIENDS to the developer team themselves. • End the existence of the GotL Program as it is completely and utterly useless, it has caused nothing but drama in the past and will continue to do so if it remains. • Replace the GotL with something else that allows the community to feel a part of Warframe. Maybe a clan specifically with seasoned players that actually WANT to help others. None of these things are difficult. It's just the simple fact that DE doesn't want to be responsible for a great many things they're responsible for in the game.
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