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  1. As i said at the end of the CPU section, if your DX11 build isn't caching the compiled shaders, then you might have an issue with the driver. Update the drivers, or roll back. which ever applies. Observe. First load into the plains: High CPU usage even when loaded into the game world. After hopping out and loading back in (sans a helios as evidence that i have jumped out): You can observe in the second one that the frametimes from the load screen are still present. If you have issues, you'll need to be more specific then what you have been thus far.
  2. GPU's do what they're told. They're closer to an accelerator, then a CPU, since they don't really handle logic. It's not hard to fully use a GPU, it's what they're designed for. It's all of a single SIMD instruction, you just need the data to make it worth anything. Not maxing a GPU (when the environment permits) is a sign of spaghetti code because it means your underlying systems can't get the data you need to the gpu fast enough. As for the CPU, if you're using the new renderer with dx12, DE addressed this in the patch notes when they released the update for it. It does not cache shader
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