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  1. This is just a limitation of the engine - more specifically, the renderer. DE use pre-baked lights wherever they can (saves immensely on performance - basically no cost to user) . Since building is entirely dynamic, you can't pre-bake the lighting for it because you don't know where the user will put objects. It looks like what you might be seeing is their super cheap work around for 'dynamic' shadows, or an issue with AO (probs the former and not the latter). Good news and bad news though. Bad news: You kinda have to put up with it. Good news: DE are moving from a forward renderer (where many lights is very expensive) to a forward+ renderer (where many lights will be comparatively cheap). This should allow them to address lighting issues like this.
  2. msmpeng is related to windows defender, so perhaps install a third party suite, or see what it is doing? Windows Defender will shut down if a third party app is detected (note: WIn10 does more with WinDefender than Win7). There are really solid third party AV solutions. Bitdefender's free solution is solid, as is Kaspersky's if you aren't one to believe what people say about them. Other than that: Windows 10 has a bunch of junk it will run by default. It looks like it could be running with the automatic screen recorder on - Check in the Gaming section in the settings menu. High CPU could be because Windows can't use the hardware, so the recording is software based.
  3. paste %LocalAppData% into file explorer (including the %), then scroll down to warframe. There's two EE files - A config (CFG) file, and a txt file. The txt file contains the logging info. After the issue occurs you can quit out, find the file, and upload it. Can't say if you'll get a fix immediately, but it helps the developers narrow in on issues. Will reiterate what DE say: Don't post that here. Put it in a support ticket. It might also be beneficial to update the video drivers, or do an outright clean install with DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller).
  4. You are probably best submitting your EE.log in a support ticket after the issue happens. There's no real way to help on the forums because it could be any number of things - From some Driver issue (AMD's DX11 drivers are ok, but Nvidia's are superior), to the fact the particular APU in question only supports single channel memory only. Basically, no Dev studio currently has a ground up DX12 title. Almost every single "DX12" title has been a DX11 title with DX12 bolt-ons (for want of a better expression). You'll often see in reference to the use of DX11 that there is some kind of "magic". Basically, when you submit something through the API, it does the heavy lifting in getting what you gave it translated down to the myriad of different hardware configs (CPU/GPU/Mobo/RAM etc.) that exist (literally billions), where the actual work can start. This is great for devs (hence "magic") but introduces a lot of overhead (lost performance). DX12 does away with this, and removes that "magic" layer, requiring the devs to figure out how their work is going to be translated down to the many hardware configs they're going to run on (more or less). This is good because you get that performance back (and more!), but it means years of dev time building a framework that allows you to actually do this. This is why no Dev studio has a ground up DX12 title, and why DE does not have any plans for DX12 as of yet. They did say that once DX9 went, they could start to look at some of these API's, including Vulkan (for cross platform support MacOS, Linux etc.)
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