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  1. When will the frames legs support IK? Tweet is relevant for comparing the strides the visuals have taken, juxtaposed with what it will look like when the frames are actually interacting with it (that sloping tileset). I can already see the slide anim breaking the intended tone.
  2. Just because the thread was not given anything to do, does not make it do nothing... That's rather obvious from even looking at task manager (the threads are clearly doing something). The fact that "other games are mostly not affected" implies that other games do have issues, and that this isn't a Warframe issue. This would make sense. Even servers don't spawn threads ad infinitum. There is overhead with threads, it's smaller than context switching, but its not free. At some point, any given thread frame any given process is going to be the 'thing' sitting on the processor stopping something else from running. Whether thats because the thread is doing something in particular, or if it's the OS's scheduler? who knows? I think this little excerpt seem appropriate given the case: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/microsoft_press/2011/03/25/jeffrey-richter-excerpt-4-from-clr-via-c-third-edition/
  3. Not what i was referencing. Uncharted is a good example since the ND devs tend to do a lot of GDC talks on this very subject (You can find them all the way back to UC1). But if ND want to animate a single arm, they can do so, irrespective of what the rest of the body does - read as: the entire body doesn't need to be updated, or interrupted. Currently, if Warframe wants to animate a single arm, the entire body needs to be animated to do so, interrupting whatever was animating before (as seen in the clip i quoted). Warframe is a million miles away from Uncharted (animation-wise), and while i wasn't implying parity with my comparison, it would be nice to see Warframe implement more modern animation methods. Where, in the case with the Trinity above, the "cast" animation does not override the principal animation being performed.
  4. Been trying to get my question asked on Devstream since ~2014 (I don't always make the thread), but it seems topical here given the above gif. The standing in the air looks kinda silly, any chance an IK update is in the pipeline, and by extension an animation overhaul (like splitting the torso and legs, à la Uncharted, so they animate independently - No reason Trinity can't keep her floating leg pose, while her torso animates the cast animation)? Good stuff though, sometimes it hurts when you are barely off the ground yet the cast wont go off.
  5. Question for Geoff (and highly likely Steve): The IK work on the giant spiders was superb! When will the Warframes get an "Animation redux" (if you will) where many of the industry norms, such as IK, are introduced into the core animation workflow (running, walking, jumping, idle ainims etc.)? The animations in Warframe, while great, and greatly composed, lack many of the subtleties of a system that is running in real-time - saying nothing for how warframe treats leg positions on uneven surfaces. Granted i understand its a very significant undertaking, it is the one area of warframe that feels severely dated, and lacking.
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