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  1. there barely any one using tetra or dera alredy, both of them are low rank weap for new player and they have to put up with this BS, new player experience of the year right there.
  2. i been using the Buzlok like an Auto shotgun, cuz every time i wasted 70% of my ammo on the wall while try to kill a Ballista 10m away from me.
  3. yes i noted a lot of Projectile Weapons did have this weird curve to them, i know it isn't the end of the world thing, but it been over 7 months, and even Boltor is still more usable then Buzlok, giving the weapon a buff in Accuracy wont be too much to ask.
  4. it been ever scene after U23.10 Buzlok has receive an atrocious Nerf to it accuracy causing the gun to spay like a paint can, but this Nerf didn't mention in any of DE Dev notes, even until now U25.4.0 and Buzlok still didn't get it fix, so pls DE is this code error? or you just dislike this weapon?. Not even using "heavy caliber".
  5. PLS DE fix Buzlok Accuracy! you broke it without telling us pls fix it back
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