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  1. Yeah I know its been bugged for a while. Just keeping heads up on it here hoping it will eventually get fixed.
  2. Uhh testing with relentless combination on Excal's Exalted blade (no not using chromatic blade), It seems to only proc the combo counter on the initial slash hit when it procs rather than during any of the remaining time the slash procs are ticking down with damage numbers.
  3. Baruuk & Revenant is what i use for lich missions, both cc the lich for long enough to proc the next mercy strikes.
  4. I have never seen this interaction, I've only seen the knockdowns on the ground slams from the heavy gunners, bombards, napalms and the shield bash from the shield lancers. Not the Aoe fire Field that doesnt have anything but damage, a stagger, and a Damage over time aoe.
  5. They kinda already do these, The Trample Precept does alot of damage and charges forward, and the strain set summons awhole bunch of maggots that cc quite well every like 30 seconds. I actually enjoy the strain set quite well.
  6. Its not anything special, if you use a frame with a decent health and armor pool by nature and arent doing 60+ content at all the kubrow wont be hit all too hard. Its just for frames that dont have the hardest defensive stats mag for example. kubrows will be relatively squishy. No, They arent bad builds that ive had. the Standard two link mods being health and armor, plus a packmaster for the lifesteal isnt hard for sustain. just kubrows are relatively low stats across the board without a supplimentive frame for stat boosting. That paired with the AI to sit still for extensive amounts of time doesnt help.
  7. An Idea for an Update to pets Kavats, Kubrows, Moas, and Setinels. Including Frames with Special Pets as well, Such as Khora. Kavats: Seen as the Buffer selection of Most Builds, from Flat crit gains to Double drops. Give them a more Stealthy approach to gameplay. Make them Bait enemies from around corners with a small chirp or sound that doesnt alert enemies but does attract them to that spot. You could make a damage multiplier for the enemies who are distracted by the noise for the kavat. (could all be apart of precept mod reworks or just as base mechanics) Still similar Hp shield and armor pool to what they have currently as they wouldnt change gameplay too much overall, just ideas being thrown out for reworking small things as a base. Venari: The kavat who is supposed to be the Apex of Kavat Genetics. How is Venari not able to use all the precepts for all kavats, As with any other pet that comes out tied to a warframe? Make them Able to use All Precepts, Give options to the player for a Pet designed to be stronger for bonding with a frame. Say Charm, Cat's Eye, and Draining Bite would be Good to be Able to add to the Selection Venari can choose from. Let alone actually being affected by Oberon's Passive since Venari is a companion. Obviously Don't Let Cat's Eye and Charm Stack, But give the option for one or the other at a time. Even atleast select mods from each pet, For instance I dont know who uses the Proboscis precept for the Helminth, and it wouldnt make sense thematically for a non infested kubrow to use. Trample on the other hand is really strong for damage output. If loyalty for kavats doesn't decay, why does kubrow loyalty? Kubrows: Make them the Damage Dealing Monsters of Companions. They are really close to being able to do alot of damage, But are super squishy if left alone for a moment or two in ~60+ content. With the exception of the Huras Kubrow Being the Awkward Stealthy boy. (or Girl). Kubrows should be intimidating and a Major threat for simple enemies to deal with. Most kubrows were bred for combat related assistance. Along the Line of Stat buffs for each of the companions above Kavats: Why not Add more Evasion to the game with them Specifically? 30% evasion base for all Kavats? Make them the Sleek and Evasive Companions as they should be. Kubrows: All base Armor Fit to 100 Minimal, (Not including the Collar Upgrade). Health 300 at rank 30 Minimal. Shields would Vary depending on the breed. Huras Shield - 400-450 at rank 30 Armor - 100 Health - 300 at rank 30 Raksa Shield - 450-500 at rank 30 - Designed to be the Tanky Shield Kubrow with the 'protect' precept. (possibly Buff the precept to be as strong as the base shield at rank 30) Armor - 250-300 Health - 350-400 at rank 30 Sahasa Shields - 300 at rank 30 Armor - 150 Health - 400 at rank 30 Sunika Shields - 300 at rank 30 Armor - 200 Health - 350 at rank 30 Chesa Shields - 300 at rank 30 Armor - 150 Health - 400 at rank 30 Helminth Charger Shields - 0 - Infested why does it have shielding? Armor - 250 Health - 500-550 at rank 30 (Not fully done with this) Open to input, I designed it this way to not scale the rediculous inaros scaling more from changing link mods, but just adding base stat.
  8. Passive - Will to Live - Health Restores, Regenerates, and heals to Self are Increased by 33%. Also once you are healed for 100 or More health Recently (small window of like 3-5 Seconds) you gain 10% Armor, Shield, Health, or Damage Reduction (Based on Assimilate Defenses) stacking up to 30% at max. (Start with a Vazarin Aura Polarity) Assimilate Defenses - Target a nearby Corpse to take a Scaling % defense type depending on the unit taken from. Grineer is flat armor gains, Corpus Is Shield Gain, Infested is Health Gain, Sentient is Adaptation Gain(or %damage Reduction of 20 to 25%). (Ex, Taking from a Grineer Heavy Gunner, Gives more than Troopers and Lancers, And they give more than Butchers. Corpus Techs and Bursas give more than crewmen, ect.) Costs 25 Health. (Also Takes some Thematic 'Armor pieces' on what he assimilates) Purge - Target Area is Blasted with Void Energy. Dealing Either True Damage Or Void Damage, Damage could be anywhere from 100 to 250. (Pulling them in to the Center before exploding outwards 7-10m, maybe a 3-4m explosion sized area at Max Rank.) Explosion is Empowered by the Defense type you have assimilated to, Armor Does Extra Puncture, Shield does Extra Electric, Health Does Extra Heat, % damage reduction does Extra True/ Void Damage. Costs 50 Health. Void Siphon (Better name Pending) - One Tendril of Void Energy Lashes out to a Nearby Enemy. Dealing (1 to 3?)% Void damage to them Siphoning Health To yourself. Only the nearest Enemy will be Lashed to, Becoming Weaker and Weaker to Resist its Effects over Time. The enemy Will gradually become weaker, Unable to Defend Themself after a few moments. Dropping its Weapons (Begging for its Allies to End its Misery, Like Khora's Dome.) If an Enemy Is Killed by the Tendril, Void Particles Plague the area around you for a few seconds leaving enemies Blinded and Increasing your Evasion. (Void Particles Might be more Vibrant to Enemies than the Frames. as to not Blind Players or Block Vision.) Costs 75 Energy. Convert the Masses - Exalted Daggers (Looks Mis-shaped or In Pieces, a Tendril Keeping the floating Pieces together) - Does ~160 Base True/Void Damage, gains the same benefits from Assimilate Defenses as Purge does. Gain a Stacking Energy Regen Buff for nearby Allies for each enemy Killed Recently ~15 Seconds. (~.5 energy Per Enemy) Increases Health Orb Drop Chances maybe get one Per 5-6 enemies. Cost is intial Energy, Drain is Hp and Energy. 50 Initial, 5hp/S and 2.5Energy/S (Turns off both Health Regens from the Auras, and Energy Gains Like the Standard, Turns off Titanias passive, Khoras Venari Heal and Garuda's Heal.) Daggers are Aptly Named Adapt and Thrive. (Cant Mod The Exalted Daggers With Healing Return. Dagger stats 160 Base Damage Void/True Benefit from the Damage Bonus Of Assimilate Defenses Like Purge Does. 1.02 Attack speed 30% Crit Chance 2.4x Crit Multiplier 20% Status Chance Has its Own Stance with a Few new Combo's Augment Ideas Void Siphon Augment - You cast an Extra Tendril and They now slow by 20% Scaling With Strength (Min of 10%) Convert the Masses Augment - Equilibrium Effect for the Health Orbs for Allies and Applies Both Conversion Mods if Applicable.(Still Requires you to be Able to Pick up a Health Orb)
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